103. You're Plus-Sized

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Harry - he loves being able to hold you. Huge hands taking you by your hips and tugging you towards him, little option but to let him roll you onto the bed, limbs entangling as the kissing intensifies. He hugs you and watches you, eyes wandering to places he loves. You don’t mind your weight, and neither does he. “You still have to squeeze into your jeans,” he’ll always sing you to sleep, “but you’re perfect to me.” His voice is quiet, tender and raw, eyes brightly shining over the bare skin you let him see.

Liam - he hugs you from behind, whispering sweet nothings into your ear. He wraps his arms around your middle, and hugs you, simply. Hands find your waist and play with the weight there, proudly gripping with fingertips after the mounds of your hips. You giggle beneath him, as he eases up on tippy-toes and trails after you. “Love you,” he coos when you throw him off, proud hands finding each other somewhere down a jagged line in the middle of the street. 

Louis - he gives you piggy-back rides, taking you all the way around the house and dropping you to peck your lips every time you joke about being too heavy. He’ll cup your face in his hands, and brush in lines across your plump cheeks, revealing the red that lays beneath the surface. “You’re beautiful to me,” he’ll whisper quietly, and you’ll believe it. His warm hands around your thighs as he picks you up again is a comfort you’ll never understand, and always be afraid to lose. 

Zayn - he’ll help you into your dresses, when you fall in a heap on the bedroom floor and laugh at the hurt and the stretching of hems. He’ll take your hands and heave you up, finding your lips before he finds your back, and tugs at the zip until it budges. “God, you look perfect,” he’ll say every time, and mean it like a pinkie promise, or an oath. He’ll always have his hand on the small of your back, proud to have you take the first step when you’re out together, proud to be the centrepiece, shining bright like he knows you deserve to. 

Niall - he’ll let you lay on him, when you’re bunched on the couch together, watching bad TV at an hour of the morning you’re almost ashamed of. You’ll tell yourselves that midnight snacks are a good idea, and eat without guilt. You’re proud of your weight, content with the confidence you walk with every day. “You know I love you, right?” He’ll say every now and again, watching you with adoring eyes as you change in front of the mirror, wobbling to the side as you struggle out of your shorts. 

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