128. BMS You Think He Likes Your Twin More part 2

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Harry, HIS POV: “Well? Go after her, you idiot!” (Y/T/N) scolded me. I ran after her, and she looked unaware of things, and I could feel a pain in my chest rising when the car smashed in to her, tossing her up in the air, and back down again. “(Y/N)!” I screamed, rushing towards her. “Call an ambulance!” I yelled out at the people and paparazzi now surrounding us. (Y/T/N) ran towards us, and I began hyperventilating, panicking, and everything someone does when they’re nervous and scared. “It’s all my fault,” I numbly whispered while (Y/N) laid there, pale. Someone had called an ambulance, and said they were rushing over. I sat there beside her, and (Y/T/N) on the other. The ambulance was finally here, and they’re wheeled her in. “Everyone step back! Any relatives here?” The man inside the ambulance asked, and I nodded. “Here! Me and my sister!” I shouted through the loud crowd, and we were stuffed inside the ambulance, I held (Y/N)’s hand the whole way, caressing it gently, and I could feel myself crying. We were taken in to the hospital, and we were told to sit in the waiting room, near her room. “We let your mum know that (Y/N) Styles is in the hospital and she said she’d be right over, do you want to come to the visitors room?” The doctor explained, and I nodded. After a while, mum arrived and I sat there crying it all out. “But— If I had remembered, and been a better brother to her, she wouldn’t be here right now!” I sobbed, and my mum patted my back. “(Y/N) (Y/M/N) Styles?” The doctor waved us over. “She’s in a very compromising state right now. She’s got a broken arm, two broken ribs, and a broken leg. Luckily, no head injuries, so she escaped a coma by just a few. You can go in and see her, she’s awake now,” he finished, and we nodded, understanding. He walked away, holding his clipboard and going to do whatever he needed to do. “Can I have a moment with her?” I asked my sister, and mum who nodded. “Take as long as you need, honey.” My mum sighed, and she walked back to her seat. I pushed (Y/N)’s room door open, and there she laid, wires and injections stuck in her. I winced at the scene. “Hi love,” I smiled sadly, sitting on the empty seat next to her. “I’m so sorry,” I sobbed, but continued. “I feel like the worst brother now. I beg you’ll never forgive me. I know I wouldn’t either.” I sniffed. “I do though. I forgive you Harry,” she croaked. “I love you so much, you know?” “I love you too Haz,” she coughed, and I kissed her forehead, telling her I was going to get mum and (Y/T/N), and I was determined as to after she left the hospital, she would get the best brother ever, the one she’s been missing out on.

Niall, HIS POV: I started to feel guilty when I watched (Y/N) step out of the door, so I decided to follow her. I couldn’t see her for a while, but something that caught my eye was a man hassling a girl, dragging her down an alley. I ran towards them, and when I saw the girl the man had beaten, my heart dropped down to my stomach. My little sister, the one I hadn’t even wished a ‘Happy-Birthday’ to, the one who thinks I don’t notice her, just being mugged, and God knows what that man could have done next. I started beating him, until he was out cold, and ran towards my sister. I called the police and told what happened, and they said an ambulance was on the way, along with a police force. She stirred a little, and I picked up her hand, kissing it lightly. “I’m so sorry princess,” I whispered, crying. How could I have not noticed? I was ignoring my own little sister! I picked her up and laid her on my lap, the police were quick to come. “Sir, are you coming with us?” The man inside the ambulance asked, a face full of pity on him. “Yes, is it possible I ring my mum to let her know that I’m here?” I murmured. He nodded, and shut the ambulance doors, and we made our way to the hospital. (Y/N) was taken into a room, were they examined her. “Mum?” I spoke in to the phone, as my mum picked up. “Yes love? What’s wrong? You sound so.. Down? You’re usually so cheery!” My mum chuckled, and I sighed. “I know mum it’s just.. I left (Y/T/N) home alone, because I’m at the hospital with (Y/N).” “You’re at the what with who?!” My mum yelled through the phone, and I repeated what I’d said. “My god Niall. And on their birthdays? I’m coming down to see what happened, and I’ll pick (Y/T/N) up on the way.” She sighed. “Mr. Horan?” The doctor came down the hall, and waved. “Yes?” I replied, walking toward him. “She’s okay, nothing but some bruises and unluckily a black eye. Nothing too serious, and he didn’t go as far as you think.” The doctor smiled, my suspicions being cleared. “You may go an see her if you want.” And he walked off, and I exasperatedly ran my hands down my face, when my mums familiar voice rang through the halls. “Is she here? Niall?!” She yelled, and many hushes came soon after. “I’m here.” I waved, her and (Y/T/N) came running. “Is she okay?!” (Y/T/N) panicked, and I nodded, explaining everything to mum and (Y/T/N). “I’m gonna go see her, you can come-with,” I smiled, and they followed me to her room. Pushing her door open, there she sat, a badly bruised eye but nothing worse, and I ran to hug her. “My princess! You’re okay, oh god!” I sighed in content, pulling away from the hug. “I’m so sorry,” she managed to croak out. “Why are you sorry? I’m the one that should be sorry! I barely wished you happy birthday and I let you go out by yourself! I’m the worst brother ever.” I cried, and she patted my shoulder. “You’re not to me.” “I’ll prove it to you, I promise, you’re never going to face this again. Specially not with me around,”

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