88. He Helps You Sleep When You're Pregnant

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Liam: “If I could just comfortable” you groaned, turning your body. Your belly was huge after being pregnant for six months, and sleeping was becoming practically impossible. “Here, come here” Liam groaned, pulling you close. He rested a pillow under your belly. “Can I lean my legs over your legs?” you asked, and Liam sighed. “Pretty please” you asked, and Liam nodded. You threw your legs over Liam and smiled. “Thanks babe” you said, and Liam mumbled a ‘you’re welcome’ before going to sleep.

Niall: You were seven months pregnant and not adjusting well to sleeping with a big belly. Niall, being the sweet husband that he is, always tried to help you. “How about this” Niall said, turning your body. “No, no” you said, rolling back. “Princess, you have to shift somewhere” Niall smirked. You looked down at your sprawled out body on the bed. “Wouldn’t you like to sleep in the spare room?” you asked. “If you want me too, I can” Niall offered. “Really?” you asked, and Niall nodded. “I love you” you said, and Niall gave you a kiss before going to the spare room, leaving you in comfort.

Zayn: “I bought you a surprise!” Zayn called as you walked down the hall to greet him. “What?” you asked, kissing his cheek. He was holding a big box, and he pointed to the couch, and you waddled over to the couch to sit down. You were pregnant and it was starting to show. Zayn told you you were never more beautiful, but you never felt more exhausted. He handed you the box and you opened it and smiled. “A pregnancy pillow?!” you asked excitedly, and Zayn nodded as you pulled out the long snake pillow. “I won’t touch you for another couple months” Zayn laughed. “Thank you baby” you said, pressing a kiss to his lips before bringing the huge pillow into your bedroom.

Louis: “Can you lay still?” Louis asked bitterly. “Sorry” you whispered, and Louis turned to give you a sympathetic look. “My back is killing me” you said, turning to look at the clock. It was right in the middle of the night, but there was no down time for pregnancy pains. “Here” Louis said, massaging your back. Instantly the pain wiped away, your body relaxing. Before you knew it, you were out like a light. You woke up and turned to Louis and gave him a kiss. He woke up and smiled. “I adore you” you smiled, and Louis sleepily smiled.

Harry: “If I could just get an hour of sleep” you said, and Harry frowned. You were struggling big time to sleep during your pregnancy, and you were getting grumpy. “Come, lets go lay down” Harry said, and you nodded. You got in bed, and Harry cuddled you in close. He rubbed your hair and scratched your back. He sang in your ear and made it absolutely impossible for you to not relax and go to sleep. Right before you went to sleep, you kissed his cheek before going to sleep. 

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