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110. You're Marrying Someone Else part 4

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Harry - he stumbled back, “p-pregant?” His hands found a path through his hair and he tugged every knot he caught, fumbling back from the bottom step to the pavement. You shook when you tried to follow him down, shaking the way you still tasted him on your lips, the way you still tasted what you’d just said out loud, “wha…” he exhaled as he composed himself, “what do you mean y-you think?”

"I haven’t taken a test yet," you lowered your eyes, "I’m just… late…"

"Late…" he echoed the word, quiet the way it came past his pink lips. He fixed his jacket, nodding his head down to looking at his feet, "(Y/N), we… should I… am I…" he cleared his throat, tensing his shoulders before he met your gaze, "is it mine?"

You swallowed, a hollow breath shaking every syllable, “I don’t know…” you sniffed and looked around at how alone you were with Harry. You hugged your arms to your chest before you chanced looking at him, “I…” you swallowed again, “I haven’t told Sean about that… that night…”

"I figured," Harry chuckled without humour, looking over his shoulder.

"It was a mistake," you almost snarled, too sudden for it to mean any less than it should’ve. 

"Yeah, you said that," Harry bit back, lowering his voice when he heard himself speak, "about a dozen times before you left, how could I forget? God, and here I was, thinking I was the idiot all this time. Hanging on some pathetic hope. You know, I actually thought that night meant something, and I tried, okay? I tried! But you act like it didn’t even happen."

"Harry," you hissed at him, struggling to keep your voice down, glancing around, "I am very, very aware that it happened! I feel awful, okay? I feel so damn awful every time I think of what I did, but I’m trying to move on and forget it. That is what I’m doing here. What are you doing?"

"Move on?" Harry scoffed, "forget it? Sure, because that’ll be so easy, you…" he started, fisting the air when he raised one hand, but he stopped himself. He pressed his lips together and exhaled slowly, figuring himself out, "look," he measured his voice, "this… none of this matters, okay? If you’re… if you’re pregnant, (Y/N), I want to…"

"Hey," the door swung wide when a few guests spilled out, "where’s the party at, guys?" You bit your lip, wiping your eyes for effort as you smiled at them. Harry stepped back from you, turning around to make it to his car.

Liam - you looked up when Liam stood in his seat, lacing one hand over Sarah’s shoulder as he steadied himself. He pushed his chair out and moved back from the table. Sarah held her hand over his, and squeezed, “where you going, babe?”

"Toilet," Liam smiled down. You looked over when he kissed her forehead, her eyes closing and a hum sounding as it happened. You squeezed Ben’s thigh before you stood up as well. 

"I need to go to, actually," you smiled down at Ben. You leant down to kiss his cheek and graze your lips along the skin. You moved out from your chair, and followed where Liam was walking, through the restaurant to the hallway off to one side. 

"Hey," you called ahead, when you knew Ben and Sarah were out of earshot, "hey, Liam!"

He turned slowly, confusion glossing his features, “(Y/N)?”

"Yeah," you stopped in front of him, outside the toilets, "what the hell were you doing back there?"

"(Y/N), I…" Liam started. 

"Playing footsie under the table? What the hell? You can’t just do something like that…" you pushed his chest, but it didn’t do much, "what the hell was that about? You know you’ve got a girlfriend to do that crap with, and you know that guy at the table with us? Yeah? My fiance, ring a bell? Seriously, Liam."

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