111. First Time Together After The Baby

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Harry - “Just…” he swallowed thickly, lain naked on his side next to you, “just tell me if it hurts at all…” he pressed his lips together, and you balled one hand up to run your knuckles down his bare chest, glistening a little from the sweat of almost too much foreplay, his lips pink and swollen already, the way you loved them.  "I’m okay," you blew out a deep breath, chuckling, "just don’t go too hard, babe?"  "I promise," he kissed your forehead and stamped a smile there, "I won’t, but just tell me if it’s too rough anyway, babe, and I’ll stop or I’ll slow down even more… just tell me, okay?" You smiled a little, enough to make him chuckle as he eased himself over you, resting weight as barely as he could. He brushed a few fingertips down the side of your cheek, before he kissed the skin he touched.  "I love you," you looked up when you could, to see him and his eyes as they found you, "I love you too, (Y/N)."

Liam - he cradled your face in his hands and it felt right, the way he rocked his hips on top of you slowly, enough that you’d forget if it stung a little, for a few seconds or longer, until his lips found you again, “how are we doing, babe?” "We’re okay," you glanced up, smiling, "we’re okay…" His forehead knotted anyway, the way you knew it would. You looked down at the way his chest was, gliding against you with each roll of his hips down, “are you sure, love? I mean, the doctor said it might be a little sore…” "Please," you groaned, but your smile gave you away, "don’t mention our doctor right now, Li… otherwise all I’ll be able to think about is his eyebrows…" "Sorry," he chuckled at first, before he kissed the side of your face, then the other side, warm breath washing over your skin, "you can think about me instead…"

Louis - you tiptoed into the study, wrapping his waist when you reached him. His gasp lasted a second before he smiled down, holding your hands the way you held him, squeezing tightly, “hey, you…” "Hey," you smiled into his back muscles, kissing through the warm material, "so…" you stepped slowly to the front of him, "just got off the phone with our doctor…" Louis raised an eyebrow, “yeah, babe?” "He gave us the all clear," you smirked, alighting eyes at the way he did as well, knowing exactly what you meant, "and since the little guy’s with your parents right now… I was thinking…" "Bedroom," he half-growled the word, and his arms trapped you before you could run far, lifting you up to carry you the rest of the way. He nipped at your ear and your neck, biting down on whatever skin he could find to leave marks, "God, I’ve been waiting to do this again…"

Zayn - his hands squeezed your shoulders as he stood in front of you, the way he held himself, gazing down at you with lips not quite ready to smile. He moved to the side of you and shuffled up the bed covers a little, extending his hand for you when he looked back, “are you sure you still wanna do this?” "Yeah," you smiled at first, moving to the bed, "just…" you chuckled nervously, "just don’t look at me until I’m under the covers…" "Babe…" Zayn warned, the corners of his mouth almost smirking as he stood on the other end of the bed, "don’t say that…" You didn’t reply, but your eyes told him, that you were insecure enough about your body to want to hide it. You tugged on the covers but he tugged them back, kneeling up onto the bed and crawling across it to find you, “you know you’re sexiest girl I’ve ever seen, right? You know you’re the most beautiful thing, and you have the most amazing body, always… and I love you, and I’m gonna make love to you…” he held your chin in between two fingers until he could feel your smile and nodding, “okay?”

Niall - his fingers skimmed your thighs and all you heard was him chuckle when you tried to wriggle away from him, “don’t look,” you groaned, closing your eyes, “I’m all wobbly at the moment…”"No, you’re not," Niall laughed, shaking his head, "you’re perfect…" he kissed a line along your belly, from one hip to the other. He looked up to meet your eyes as he worked, smiling at the way you cringed, "you’re also very adorable, babe…""Ni," you stretched your arms out for him, and he took them. He moved up your body to meet your gaze. You wrapped your arms around his neck when you could, "why are you such a perfect husband?" "And father," he nodded, smirking, "can’t forget that one." "I could never forget," you giggled breathily under him, "God, I just wanna love you again…" "Then allow me," he winked once, lips perching across your right cheek where he kissed before he wriggled down your middle again, holding your thighs to keep you, his lips working skin.

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