74. His Hands Accidentally Touches Somewhere

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arry: “Oh no you don’t!” You yell at him as he tired to pin you on the ground. You and your best friend Harry were as your parents put it ‘playing rough’ like always. You weren’t just going to let him pin you down on the ground and win. You were good at wrestling considering you grew up with two older brothers. Suddenly, you felt your butt grabbed and you jumped. You were caught off guard and now was pinned to the ground with a smiling Harry on top of you. “I did not mean to do that, but it worked to my advantage, huh?” He said giving you a cocky smirk.

Niall: He was trying to get back the Nando’s you stole from him. Everyone knows not to mess with Niall’s food, but you being his best friend gave you the advantage. He kept reaching for the bag when suddenly one of his hands accidentally touched your boob. You turn your head towards him and raised an eyebrow. He didn’t even take notice to it, so you grudgingly gave him the bag back so it wouldn’t happen again.

Zayn: You two were just walking around when out of no where you felt something hit your butt. You look back at Zayn who was walking behind you. He smiled awkwardly at you. “I did not mean to do that!” He said raising his hands in defence. “Why don’t you walk beside me so it doesn’t happen again.” You suggested.

Louis: You had hid his favorite suspenders and were not giving up the hiding place. He then decided to pick you up. You were spread out on the couch watching his frantic searching. The way he picked you up was odd. He used one arm to wrap around your upper half and the other went between your legs. You jumped when you felt him graze your area on accident. You glared at him. “Hey, that wouldn’t have just happened if you just told me where my suspenders were.” He said in his defence. 

Liam: He was helping you move your stuff into your new flat. There was only a few boxes left. You currently had one in your hand. “I’ll take that from you.” You heard Liam say. The then grabbed the box and in the process skimming your boob. You looked up at his flushed face. “I did not mean to-” He began but you interupted. “Just move on Liam.” You motioned him to go.

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