2. You're First Kiss

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HARRY:  You’ve just arrived on your doorstep after enjoying your second date with Harry.  You two went out to dinner before walking around a local park licking ice cream cones and flirting like crazy.  “I had a really great time tonight,” you say.  “Me too,” Harry agrees, reaching for your hand and holding it lightly between the two of you.  He looks into your eyes and you feel your breath catch in your throat in anticipation of what you know is coming.  Harry smiles and begins to lean in.  Automatically, you start closing the gap between you.  Before you know it, your lips are meeting in the most wonderful kiss.  You both pull away smiling.  “Have a good night, [Y/N],” he whispers.  You just bite your lower lip shyly in response and he slowly lets your hand slip from his as he turns to make his way back down the walkway.  Just before getting into his car, he gives you a little wave.  You wave back and watch him drive off, mindlessly touching a finger to your lips where the electrical buzz is still tingling.

ZAYN:  “I had a wonderful time tonight,” you tell Zayn as the two of you walk hand-in-hand back to your house.  You’ve just spent the evening playing mini-golf in the moonlight at a place a couple blocks away from your house.  “Ehh, it was alright,” he jokes.  “You’re only saying that because you lost,” you accuse equally playfully, giving him a light shove to the shoulder with your free hand.  Zayn just smiles.  As you approach your house, you feel his pace slow down, trying to prolong the evening even just a few seconds more.  You both pause when you reach the door.  “Thanks again,” you say, trying to stall for a little time in the hopes that he’ll kiss you before you go inside.  “I had fun,” he confirms.  You both stand there for a couple of awkward moments before you turn for the door.  “Well, goodnight then.”  Just as you begin to step through the threshold, Zayn lightly grabs you by the elbow to stop you.  You turn around and are met by his lips pressing gently but firmly against your own.  You’re both smiling as you pull away.  “Goodnight, [Y/N],” he whispers.  “Goodnight,” you whisper back before retreating into your house for the night, closing the door slowly behind you.

LOUIS:  You’ve been talking to Louis all night at this party you’re at.  You find yourselves heading outside to escape the noise for a while.  You and Louis hadn’t been seeing each other for that long, but things had been going well so far.  He’d invited you to this party, and at first you’d been reluctant to agree to go because you weren’t going to know anybody, but Louis had convinced you to tag along.  “I gotta say, I’m having a good time tonight afterall,” you admit happily as you and Louis sit out on the back porch overlooking the sprawling backyard with perfectly manicured paddy green grass.  “I’m glad you came.  It wouldn’t have been the same without you here.”  You turn to him, watching him for a moment as he looks across the lawn and the moon casts shadows over his well-defined features.  He turns to look at you, his eyes happy and his mouth curved into a smile.  His features slowly turn more serious and he’s beginning to close in the gap between the two of you.  You meet him halfway, your lips attaching themselves to his as his hand reaches up to cup your face.  Suddenly, you can’t remember why you were ever hesitant to come to this party.

NIALL:  You and Niall have been dating for a while, and you’re beginning to get frustrated that all he’s done is hold your hand.  You’ve been dying to kiss him for weeks now, but he hadn’t even attempted that yet.  On your one month anniversary, the two of you get Nandos and then plant yourselves in front of the TV for a movie to celebrate a whole month together.  Part way through the movie, you pause it and look at him.  “Something wrong?” he asks.  “Actually yeah,” you admit.  “What is it?” Niall asks you, tucking a piece of hair behind your ear.  You answer by leaning forward - well, more like lunging forward - in an eager effort to kiss him before you lose your nerve or he can protest.  Your lips meet and he’s kissing you back.  You pull away to see an ear-to-ear smile on Niall’s face.  “Well, if I had known that’s all you wanted, I would’ve saved the money on the food,” he says with a chuckle.  You eye him suspiciously, cocking an eyebrow.  “Yeah, you’re right.  Who am I kidding?  I wouldn’t ever pass up food.”  He smiles again before leaning in to give you another kiss, this one even better than the first.

LIAM:  After seeing each other for a couple weeks, Liam takes you out to a fancy dinner.  You’re having a wonderful time, but can’t help but notice Liam fidgeting a little bit more than usual.  “Everything ok?” you ask, placing your hand over his on the table.  Liam stares into your eyes for a lingering moment before leaning across the little table and pressing his lips to yours.  “You look beautiful, as always,” Liam says sweetly with a smile as he pulls back.  You smile broadly, a light blush creeping to your cheeks.  The rest of the evening is incredible, and you make a mental note that he isn’t fidgeting anymore, his nerves finally calmed after giving you the kiss he’d been thinking about since the moment he’d seen you in the dress you’re wearing.

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