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123. BSM You're Dating One Of The Boys And He Cheats PART 1

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Louis, Harry, age 19: To find out that your boyfriend, Harry, was cheating on you through fans and paparazzi was the worst thing. And to top that, when you went past your daily café, you spotted him and HER snogging. Oh boy you weren’t coming back here again. So now, here you were lying in bed, crying it all out. Your phone began to rang, now for the millionth time, the name ‘my baby<3’ plastered of the top just made you start crying even more. Ignoring the call, you set the phone beside you, but it rang again. Although, this time it read, ‘Lou-bear, the better sibling:p’ of course, he had to add the extra part. “It’s true, isn’t it?” He hushed you over the phone, hearing your cries. “Yes Lou. I-I thought he was the one, honestly! I’m never dating again!” You yelled in frustration. “Now, as much as I wish that would happen, I still want to be an uncle in the future!” He reasoned, and you chuckled a bit. “I’m coming over okay? Grab your stuff, do you still have your old apartment?” He asked you. “Yup, I’ll start packing.” you sighed, and he said bye, as you hung up. You began packing, when someone walked into the room. “(Y/N)?! What are you doing?!” A desperate Harry came through the door, and you hissed at him. “Some thing I should have done a long time ago.” You walked up to him, slapping him roughly across his face, and taking your bags outside where Louis was waiting for you, and surprisingly enough, he saw the whole thing. Just as you left, Harry ran outside, giving you a pleading look while Louis gave him a stern one! before mouthing ‘I’ll be back later to deal with you.’ Before leaving.

Harry, Niall, age 20: You decided to visit your brother, and of course your boyfriend on tour. “So where are you now?!” A giddy Harry shrieked through the phone. “Just outside the hotel. And Harry? Shriek any louder and I’ll go deaf.” You chuckled, and you could feel him smile through the phone. “I’m in room 405 and Niall’s in room 407, you wanna drop your bags of here before you go see him?” He smirked through the phone. “Yes Harry, I’m on my way up.” You agreed, and hung up. Hopping on to the elevator, you pressed the button that took you up to the 4th floor. Finally, you thought. You were here, and you were missing your brother and boyfriend madly, and you could FINALLY see them. You knocked on Harry’s door, where the door struck open and he pulled you in for a tight hug. “Harry, I-I can’t breathe.” You struggled, laughing as he let go of you. “I missed you! So, you gonna go see-” he stopped halfway and made kissy noises. “Shut up. And yes.” You smiled, and he nodded. “Be back soon. Don’t enjoy yourself too much now, I don’t want to be an uncle so soon!” He teased, and you stuck your tongue out at him. As you made your way into Niall’s room with the spear card key, you heard moaning, ‘please, tell me he’s just watching..’ You thought. Why would you even doubt yourself? Niall was an amazing boyfriend, why would he do that? “Fuck!” You heard a high pitched, female, might I add, scream. You followed the moans and screams. “So, Niall. The day I come visit you I come and find this?” You yelled, and he looked at you in shock, “No, princess! No it’s not- it was an accident!” “Yes Niall, and I’m so sure you can get your dick in someone’s vagina by fucking accident!” You screamed, running out of the door desperately, ignoring his screams and running straight into Harry, who took you to his room to let you vent and explain everything.

Zayn, Liam, age 19: You thought that your innocent, puppy dog faced Liam wouldn’t do such a thing, but when Zayn told you he found him and some slut in bed hooking up, you were broken to say the least. So now, here you were, lying in bed and crying into Zayn’s chest. “I l-loved h-him Zayn!” You hiccuped, and he stroked your back comfortingly, soothing you. “I know babes, I know.” He comforted, and you sniffled and looked up at Zayn. “Was I not good enough? Is that it?” You croaked out and Zayn gave you a stern look. “Don’t ever say that about yourself. You will always be good enough.” “I don’t deserve him.” “(Y/N)! He cheated on you! Not the other way round!” He defended, and you nodded. “Was it because I decided to wait till marriage? Wasn’t I pleasing him enough?” You decided yet again. “Stop beating yourself up about it. None of this is your fault, so please, stop.” “Okay Zaynie,” you yawned. “Stay here baby. I’ll be back, okay? Get some rest.” You nodded, and he placed you back on the bed, getting up and putting his shoes on. “Where are you going?” You confusingly asked and he looked at you tensely. “Don’t worry, but I’ll be back.” And you nodded yet again, falling onto the pillow and settling off into a deep sleep. That is until Zayn came back with bloody knuckles and in pain, accompanied by Niall, whom explained that he went to go ‘see’ Liam. “My god Zayn. C’ere lemme clean your knuckles..” You muttered dragging him to the bathroom, wondering what was going to happen next, when you hadn’t even broken up with Liam yet.

Niall, Louis, age 20: Being Niall’s twin came with its ups and downs, but one of your definite ups was the fact that you were dating one of his best mates, Louis. Though today wasn’t looking good for you, bad luck throughout everything, and top it all off, your boyfriend butt-dialled you, while he was fucking none than other, Eleanor Calder. “Niall?” You hoarsely spoke I got the phone, tears streaming down like a waterfall, quite literally speaking. “Yes, (Y/N)? What’s wrong princess?” He worried, and you told him. You let everything flow free, “He-he cheated Nialler..” You hiccuped, sobs taking up all the noise. “My god, that fucking ass- don’t worry princess, I’ll take cafe of him!” He cussed into the phone, making you flinch. You knew he was at a recording session meaning he was probably there with Louis and when Niall was mad, you don’t want to be around him. Quickly hopping up out of bed, you changed, running to the recording studio, where you could possibly say you witnessed the worst scene ever. Your brother beating the shit out of Louis, while the boys held him back.

Liam, Zayn, age 19: You were planning to surprise Zayn on tour backstage, and you couldn’t wait. Everyone but him knew,a nd you were super excited, since today was the day. Skipping the whole flights and luggage, you were now making your way to the arena where there were staying, and paying the taxi driver, skipping inside with your luggage. “(Y/N)!” Harry, you best friend whisper-yelled, and you chuckled, the boys following behind him and hugging you tightly. “How are you guys?” You smiled. “Skip that shit love, we know who you really want to see. He’s right through there, in the dressing room.” Louis laughed, the rest of the boys joining him, and you squealed happily. “Thanks Lou, see you boys later for a movie night?” You proposed and they nodded, and you left your luggage there, being as quiet, but as quick as you could to go see Zayn. “Won’t we get caught?” A female voice came from the other side of the door, quite familiar, and Zayn’s deep accented voice followed. “No, trust me.” He moaned, and you for sure now knew what was happening. You pushed open the door, and stared deeply at Zayn, as he stared at you back in shock. “Perrie?! Really?” You hissed, as you shook your head. “I can’t believe you Zayn.” “No baby, please!” “Don’t call me that, you fucking twat.” “But-” “Keep the whore, and keep the ring. Forget the marriage Zayn.” You yelled, throwing the ring at his naked body, and storming out, where you were immediately welcomed by an angry Liam into his arms. “Don’t worry babe, I’m here.”

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