110. You're Marrying Someone Else part 6

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Harry - you kept dodging his calls. Every text message, every attempt. You brushed it off, and a part of you knew what kind of panic you were setting around him but you couldn’t think enough to ebb it away. You wriggled a little in your seat when Sean set down the floral arrangements in front of you, “well, babe, what do you think?”

"I don’t know," you chewed on the inside of your cheek for a moment, "I’ve never been too much of a tulip fan, you know."

"Yeah," Sean smiled when he sat down opposite you, "I’ve always been more of a roses guy anyway."

"Yeah, although I do like the-" you stopped when the doorbell rang, shifting up before Sean did the same. 

"I’ll get it, babe," he shrugged one shoulder. You waved a hand anyway and made it to your feet, "no, it’s okay," you smiled him back, "I’ve got it, you…" you chuckled, "figure out this…"

You stepped away, and moved to the front door, stopping when you opened it to Harry. 

"Please," he croaked at first, before you pushed him back a little and stepped out, closing the front door behind you. 

"Harry," you lowered your voice, "what are you doing here?"

"The baby…" Harry groaned, almost, but his voice loosened and rose a little to a normal tone, "(Y/N), you have no idea, I’ve been out of my mind. You just… you just dropped that and then you pushed me out and ignored me and didn’t give me anything else and all I’ve been able to do is think about it and…" he swallowed, "please…"

"It’s Sean’s," you crossed your arms, swiftly passing his eyes when you murmured.

"Oh," Harry fell back on his heels with a changing face. He swallowed and cleared his throat, "oh, okay… um, okay… guess that’s it then…" he left it open like a question he wanted you to answer. You shifted from one foot to the other because you didn’t know how to. The space between your bodies felt like dead electricity, something you couldn’t put your finger on and, even in the open space near the driveway, you’d never felt wedged closer to him. 

"I’m sorry," you murmured in the end, and his eyes flickered over to meet the way you looked at him. 

"Me too," he said, and then he left.

Liam - you sat and waited for Liam to do the same. You wriggled into Ben and smiled at him, kissing his cheek with your lips pressing when you could. Liam made his way over a few moments later, nestling into Sarah with eyes cast downward. 

"Sarah was just saying," Ben cleared his throat at you, "that, um, we should all go to the movies next week or something. There’s a few good films out right now, could be fun," he finished it with a shrug, and you smiled amiably. 

"That sounds like fun," you nodded at Sarah, at the way her eyes seemed a little smaller when she smiled wider, her arm moving like her hand was rubbing Liam’s thigh under the table. You shifted your feet and you didn’t feel Liam doing the same. He looked guilty when you looked over, and a part of you felt sorry for the way his eyes skirted the edge of the table, always on their way down.

"Liam’s got really good taste in movies," you cleared your throat, hoping you were helping by saying. He looked up a little surprised, "what do you think we should see?"

Louis - ”Whoa, there we go,” Stephen chuckled when he held Louis up by his shoulders, helping him to the front door, “let’s get you in here and upstairs, alright? Then you’re on your own.”

"Wh-why…" Louis hiccuped, following how Stephen led him blindly, "why are you doing this? You know (Y/N) a-and I… have history…"

Stephen skipped a few seconds before he answer, stopping where he and Louis stood in the hallway, “it’s the right thing to do,” he answered quietly when he figured it out. 

"G-good man," Louis chuckled as Stephen helped him take the stairs, "and the… the thing I said about you n-not knowing (Y/N), I… I say stuff when I’m… happy…"

"Happy," Stephen laughed, "next step, Lou, just put your foot on that one there, yep, there we go."

"Yeah, happy," Louis sang a little, reaching the landing, darting ahead of Stephen, "you know, happy for you and (Y/N), in love, happy…" he groaned when he hit the bedroom door, turning and tensing one shoulder, "I guess I can give her to you, Stephen…"

It made him stop. Stephen’s eyes glistened for a moment before he nodded his head and swallowed what he’d heard, a part of him thinking Louis didn’t mean it, the rest knowing he did. 

"You know," he took a step closer to Louis before he thought twice about it, "she was never your’s to give…" he finished, and left the same way he came in.

Zayn - you were smiling oddly when you made it downstairs to Damien, his hand outstretched and you took it before you left from the open front door. You could feel Zayn on your lips and a part of it lingered because you weren’t ready to let it go, the taste like nostalgia and knowing it’s okay, fitting into your skin like it were meant to. You grinned a little when you lay back in the passenger seat of the car, Damien hooking his seat belt before he looked over at you, “babe, everything okay?”

"Yeah," you sighed, looking over, "I… sorry," you shook your head down, laughing, "I probably look like an idiot right now, I don’t know, I’m just… I’m good, you know. I’m actually really glad we came tonight."

Damien chuckled, starting the car, “seriously, babe? Even with all that awkwardness?”

"Yeah," you defended your words, laughing when he did because it did seem a little odd at first, the way you were so okay all of a sudden, but Zayn had settled you, "yeah," you said it again, feeling like, if anyone in the world could make you feel good about the decisions you make, it was Zayn. You reached up and pressed a finger to your bottom lip, grazing along the skin like Zayn’s lips had so briefly. It almost scared you when, as Damien turned the corner, after the direction of home, you missed it.

Niall - you woke up on the wrong side of a lot of things, reaching over the bed to catch James before you did anything else. Your hand ran down the tangled sheets but you couldn’t find him, so you turned over to an empty side of the bed. You looked around the room, shaking your head before you pushed the covers back. “Shit,” you flustered yourself, hurrying out of bed to rush downstairs. You flung around the corner into the kitchen, Niall hunched over the countertop with messy hair and no shirt, James by the fridge with crossed arms. 

"I can…" you started slowly, eyeing James. 

He shifted his arms tighter still, “explain?” He raised one eyebrow, “yeah, please do, (Y/N), what the hell is going on?”

"Hey," Niall groaned, setting down a mug of coffee, "don’t yell at her, my fault, I…"

"(Y/N)," James eyes flashed, annoyed, as you walked towards him. 

"He was drunk," you whispered when you reached him, taking one of his hands, "I couldn’t just kick him out, "I’ll call one of the guys, get them to pick him up…"

"Yeah, and then he’s gone," James said it louder than he should’ve. You heard, with your back to him, Niall scoffing before the mug scraping the counter. 

"You know what," he ran one hand through his hair, "I’m just gonna go now."

You turned, a little exasperated the way it came out, “where? How, Niall?”

"I’ll just figure it out," he glared at James before softening eyes to you, "you really gonna do this?"

"Niall," you softened your voice to match his. 

"Just say yes," he tried to say, groaning a little, before his eyes were pleading and then they weren’t, James watching him, "just say the right yes, (Y/N), come on."

"You’re right," you whispered, not wanting to deal with it, or him, James wrapping one hand around your arm, "you should just go now."

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