120. Your Mum Is Putting To Much Pressure On You To Be Like Him Part 2

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Harry: When you were finally there, you banged on the door as hard as you could. “I’m coming!” Louis familiar and loud voice yelled out, and for sure the Doncaster lad was surprised to find his best mate’s sister at his door. “What’re you doing here babe?” Lou asked you and you started to cry. He simply retrieved no words and let you in, where you told him everything, and near the end of your explanation, another loud bang erupted from the door. “It’s probably your brother.” Lou chimed, getting up to open the door, before you could stop him. “(YN)!” Harry called out, dragging you mum behind him. “Harry, mum.” You simply stated, a bitter expression on your face. “(YN), honey. I came here to apologise.” Your mother came forward, laying a gentle hand on your shoulder. At this point Louis had left, and Harry was awaiting your mother to make peace with you. “I’m probably the worst mother ever! No mum should compare her two children, they’re both perfect, and I’m so sorry sweetheart,” the sincere look on Anne’s face was enough for you to crush her into a hug, just that display of affection was enough for her to know she was forgiven. “It’s okay mum, but, why did you do it in the first place?” You asked, dreading the answer. “I guess I wasn’t thinking. I wanted you to grow up too quickly and that’s not happening, Harry’s away all the time so I need my little one.” She giggled and you smiled, hugging her again. “Big happy family! Woo!” Harry shouted, “You had to ruin the moment?” You chuckled.

Niall, HIS POV: “Ye made her cry, mum. What the fuck?” I gritted my teeth at her, my heart dropping every time I heard a sob. “I didn’t mean to!” “Well ye sure as hell did!” I yelled. My sister means the world to me, and it surprised me to find out that my own mother was basically, verbally abusing her. “Ye can’t just compare me and her, mum. People make mistakes, did ye even see if she was okay?” I slammed my hand down on the counter, watching as my mum flinched at the sound. “I’m sorry Niall, I am.” “Then say that to her,” I countered, making her follow me. I led my mum to where (YN) was with the boys, and asked them for a bit of personal space for a while, making them check up on the dinner she was making earlier. “(YN), princess?” I sat her on my lap, drying her tears. “Mum wants to apologise, don’t ye mum?” I told her, motioning over to my mum. “I’m sorry princess, I am. You’re not worthless. Ye can do so much stuff, I’m just taking you for granted. I should have noticed, you’re much like Niall when he was younger, and I’m a terrible mother. Forgive me, sweetie?” My mum looked over to (YN), hoping she would nod. (YN) looked up at my mum, and nodded. “Thank ye,” she hugged my sister, and all was well.

Louis, HIS POV: “Open up please, baby.” I knocked once again, hoping she would at least let me in, and not mum. Again no reply, I had started to think she’s asleep. Getting up, I walked over to where my mum was, shaking her head and just being plain upset at what she’d said. “Look, mum. I know you’re pregnant and you’ve got hormones flying around and stuff, but that doesn’t mean you should say that about her.” I told Jay, patting her back. “I know Lou. I feel terrible. I’m always constantly comparing her to you. I need to apologise,” my mum got up, walking to (YN)’s room. “I think she’s asleep and the door is locked, hold on mum,” I gently took a bobby pin from my mum’s hair, sticking it in the the long and jiggling it. The door opened and we stepped inside, only to find a groggy (YN) sat behind the door. “Oh god, mum’s so sorry.” Jay immediately leaned down to apologise, kissing my baby sister everywhere. “You’re a super smart girl, and you’ve even gotten a job. In so proud of you, I shouldn’t be discouraging you at all.” My mum weeped. I could tell she was stepping carefully— (YN) was a bomb. One wrong move and she blows. “It’s okay mum. But please, don’t do this again, I really just want a normal, mummy daughter relationship with you.” “I will be a better mum. I’m sorry babes.” She kissed my sister’s forehead, and I knew they would be fine for the while, so I slipped out of the room.

Zayn: Zayn was drunk off his ass, but had quickly sobered up when he noticed you were crying and had rushed upstairs. “What the fuck?!” Zayn shouted at your mum, something he never imagined doing. Especially for the reason given. “Zayn, bud, calm down.” Louis calmly spoke, holding my shoulder. “Why would you do that?! She’s amazing! And you made her bloody cry!” You could hear Zayn yelling downstairs, the boys trying to settle him down. “I’m sorry,” Trisha cowered, and Zayn shook his head in disappointment. “I’m not the one who has to hear that.” He seethed, leading your mum upstairs. “(YN) babe? Open up for Zaynie.” Zayn knocked on your door carefully. “Hold on.” You quickly wiped away some of the mascara streaks off your face, and opening the door. “Mum wants to talk to you.” He let your mum past him, and she kneeled down and softly smiled at you. “I’m so sorry, beautiful. You have a gorgeous voice. I’m such a bad mum- I’ve been doing this for a while, and I shouldn’t have. You’re an amazing daughter and I’m proud of you. Please forgive me.” She pleaded and you nodded happily, accepting your mum’s apology. “Thank you mum. And Zayn.”

Liam, HIS POV: “What the fuck was that?” I hissed at my mum, cussing was very unusual for me, so she widened her eyes at me. “Why would you say that to her?” I seethed, actually wondering why. “She’s too loud and-” I cut my mum off rudely, but with a point. “So? That’s her personality.” I snapped and she let her head hang. I could hear (YN) crying upstairs, making my heart ache. “Mum, I love you, I do, but you need to apologise.” I reasoned. She nodded, agreeing. “And dad, why didn’t you say anything?” I asked him and he shrugged. I huffed telling my mum to go upstairs and apologise. Knocking on the door to her room, I cooed sadly. “Babygirl? Open up, it’s Li.” I frowned, watching as she opened the door with her eyes puffy and red. “Oh darling, I’m sorry.” My mum ran up to her and hugged her. “I’m a horrible mum. I shouldn’t ask you to change. You’re an amazing daughter and, and, you complete our family. You are responsible, but just funny and childish, but that’s perfectly normal. I’m sorry and I love you.” My mum lectured and (YN) nodded as I smiled. “I forgive you.”

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