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101. He's Marrying Someone Else Part 2

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Harry - you watched him, party winding down, from the other side of the room, half-listening to Louis talking in your ear, “and you wouldn’t believe it, (Y/N), it’s the craziest thing, but I mean, it happens, I guess. I guess that’s just the… just the… hey, (Y/N), you okay?” You turned suddenly, snapped back to him talking. 

"What? Oh, yeah, yeah, I’m fine," you finished the rest of your drink. You swallowed and worried about the fact that you’d been staring again, thinking again, "how are you?" You waggled your eyebrows at Louis, still too drunk. 

"I’m fine," he grinned, "jus-just celebrating for Haz, you know?"

"Yeah," you leant back against the wall, sighing, "just… for Haz…" you palmed your empty glass, searching the room for some kind of refill. All you found was Harry, again, with his arms around Emily, holding her body tightly from behind. When you could blink, you found yourself stuck in the same loop, that night, one year ago, when he’d asked you for your heart and you didn’t give it to him. 

"Well," Louis grinned, tugging you back to the reality, to the room you were in again, "I’m gonna get another drink. You up for one?"

"Yeah, yeah, sure," you smiled, handing him your glass. He lifted himself through the crowd of people that hadn’t yet gone home, and you watched him make it to the kitchen, almost bumping four people on the way. You scanned the room again, finding Harry, again. He pressed his lips to Emily’s cheek, and she turned into him, her lips finding his. You scoffed to yourself, and turned, around to look at the wall or a pot plant or anything that didn’t break your heart, "hey, here we go…" you turned back when Louis slid up, holding a drink out to you. 

"Actually, I’m not thirsty," you shook your head and stepped away from him, "I… I think I better head home…"

Liam - you spun around at the sound of his voice, “(Y/N), is that you?” You bit your lip, turning awkwardly in the dress store. 

"Hi," you waved your hand oddly, to Liam walking over, "and Bec, hi," you smiled at her eyes flashing in front of you. 

"Hey, (Y/N)," she said, a little stiffly, "just shopping?"

"Um, yeah… for your wedding, actually," you grimaced, "thought I’d, um, get it out of the way. Date is getting close."

"Yeah, it is," Liam swung his hand with Bec’s, "so you, um, find anything yet?"

"No, not yet," you glanced around the store, slinging one hand along the rack of dresses you were next to, "just kinda browsing right now…" you bowed down from looking at Bec, her eyes a little odd when she looked at you. You shuffled your feet, scuffing the ends of your shoes into the slick floors. 

"Well, we better let you get back to it," Bec piped up, squeezing Liam’s hand. He peered down to her eyes, and smiled. She leant up to kissing him once, and you hastened to look away, focusing eyes on a mannequin in the far corner of the room. Liam cleared his throat and you chanced a glance back. 

"Yeah, we’ll, um, we’ll see you at the wedding?" Liam offered a hand forwards, and you smiled in reply. 

"Definitely," you murmured, wanting to leave, "see you… see you then, guys… enjoy your day…"

"Bye, (Y/N)," Bec smiled a little, walking past. 

"Bye, Bec," you murmured, hands making fists for a moment until they were gone, and you could breath again.

Louis - ”That was a little awkward back there,” Louis spun the straw in his milkshake, leaning on elbows across from you over the table, “sorry about it…”

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