104. How He Is With Your Siblings

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Harry - there, picking them up and carrying your little sister over his shoulder, laughter outward as he runs around the backyard with her, before putting her down and letting her knock him to the grass, “oh, you’re too strong for me! I can’t fight you, sweetie…” he crows to her, surrendering and standing up when she giggles out loud and hurries him over to the swing set or her doll house. He makes his way to you, whispering, “she really is strong, I wasn’t kidding,” in your ear once via a sly smirk, kissing your forehead before he hastens back, present the entire time.

Liam - nervous, jostling shoulders with your big brothers in the living room whilst you mix batter in the kitchen with your mother. He swallows thickly, setting on couch cushions with them, “so… you guys all live around here?” He peers around at them, feet firm, laughing when they roll out a joke he’ll never understand, because you’re worth jumping an extra step, even if it means rough housing in front of the TV or playing contact football in the backyard before you hurry out and rescue him by saying dinner is ready. “You did good, babe,” you take him under your arm, sighing when he winces his way to a smile, “but they already like you. You don’t have to get yourself killed out there…”

Louis - charming, the one who pours the best air at tea parties and chats with your sister about courses she wants to study after high school. The one who kisses your mothers hand before he enters the kitchen and nods over at your sister, strolling by and asking gently, “hey you, how’re going with your homework? I was pretty bad at math too…” he tells her softly, smiling if he’s already given her a nickname, excusing himself when he has to slide over and steal you from the others, sneak you into the other room and kiss you once. “Sorry, had to do that,” he smiles into pressing lips to yours, “I just… love you.”

Zayn - sweet, holding your sisters in his lap almost the way he’d hold his as you watch TV together, settled close, one by one, your sister jostling a little when he knocks his knee up to rock her. She coos and smiles, finding his chest and he lets her have it, steady hand on her back as you smile across and mouth how sweet he is with her. “What can I say?” He murmurs back, careful not to bump her as he leans, lips caressing your cheek for a moment, “she’s so adorable, and she’s your sister. So I’m duty bound to love her, because I love you.”

Niall - goofy, around your older brother when he tries to talk about sports and keep his cool at the same time. He goes outside with your brother at the offer of a beer, and you smile at him before he’s gone, turning when your mother laughs, “he is so adorable, (Y/N). Such a sweetie, I’m really glad you brought him home to meet your brother, they seem to be getting along well…” she tucks the words almost as neatly as the pastry she’s fixing for lunch. You duck outside to see the two of them, arguing over which soccer team is better, laughing even though they’re on opposite sides. “You’re alright, Niall,” your brother pats his back, grinning, “(Y/N) picked a good one…”

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