53.He Finds Out You Have Faked An Orgasm Or Two

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Zayn: "Babe, can we talk for a moment," Zayn grabs your wrist and pulls you out of the kitchen so Niall can’t hear what he is about to say. "What’s wrong Zayn?" you studied his face, his forehead was crinkled in frustration. "Well, it’s just that, the other night," you knew where he was going with this conversation. "It didn’t seem that you really enjoyed yourself, you seemed diff-" you cut him off. "Zayn, it’s okay. I was just really tired that night. I just wanted to be done," his head falls in disappointment from your words. You cup his chin in both of your hands and look him in the eyes, "But, I’m wide awake right now," you tell him as you bit your lower lip and give him the look. Zayn lets out a little growl of excitement. He hoists you over his should and runs to the bedroom.

Harry: You, Harry, Louis, and Liam were all hanging out in Louis’ flat one night. You were playing ‘Never Have I Ever’ and it was Liam’s turn to ask a question. “Um, never have I ever… faked having an orgasm!” Eyes darted around the room to see if anyone had to take a finger down. You quickly closed you finger into your fist, hoping nobody saw you doing it. “[y/n]!?” Louis shouted out. “You sneaky little girl!” he gave you a wink as you flipped him off with the remaining finger on your right hand. Harry chimed in, “[y/n], are you serious?” His eyebrows were raised in surprise. “Ha ha, Harry can’t please a girl in the sack!” Liam yelled, laughing uncontrollably after he did so. Harry looked as if he was five years old who just got his ice cream away. “Sorry babe,” you say to Harry as you pat him on the back. “Better luck next time.” Louis and Liam fell onto the floor because they were laughing so hard.

Niall: "How was the day at Harry’s, babe?" you questioned Niall as you gave him a warm hug. You and Harry were really close, and you wished that you could have went with Niall, but you had to work earlier in the day. "It was fine. We just talked a lot, bro stuff ya know?" "Oh, right. Well, that’s nice you guys got to catch up. It’s been a while since it was just you two…" you drift off, you could feel some kind of tension in the air. "[y/n], is it true that I can’t get you to, well, um… Climax?" he cleared his throat, a bit nervous from confronting you. "Oh, Niall. I’m sorry, I should have told you about that," you apologized and rubbed his back. "I wanted to tell you, but I decided to talk to Harry about it instead. To get his input on it, you know?" "You could have just told me. It’s embarrassing that you went and told Harry." his oceany eyes were full of disappointment. "Babe, you know Harry doesn’t mind. I tell him everything about our relationship. Besides, we can work on it. I don’t mind," you give Niall a cheeky wink as you spank his bum.

Louis: “Come on! Take me there, Lou!” you scream as Louis pounds the headboard against the wall. You drag your nails down his back as he howls out in pain. This turns you on, but you can’t seem to reach the top. It was taking too long and you were growing impatient. “Oh, Louis,” you whimper. “I-I’m. Ahh!” you tried to let out a convincing moan. “I’m finished,” you finally end your sentence. He then grabs a hold of your breasts as you feel him finish off inside you. Both of you were panting, sweaty. He flops down beside you on the bed, out of breath. “You. You didn’t really finish. Did you?” Louis asked you between breaths. “Nope.” you replied, making your lips pop on the ‘p.’ “Sorry, love. At least I got my end of the deal,” he chuckles. “You little twat,” you say. You giggled and grab a pillow to throw at him. 

Liam: "[y/n], come to bed! Please?" Liam yelled through the hallway. "It’s not even ten yet, Liam. I don’t want to go to bed!" you yell back. "But, babe we aren’t going to sleep. Not yet, at least. Com on, please, please, please?" You could hear the pleading in Liam’s voice. You didn’t really want to have sex with him again. You never got much out of it. But, you figured that you had nothing better to do. "Fine, I’m coming," you drag your feet down the hallway towards the master bedroom. Candles were lit and music was playing soft and low. "Wow Li, this is, it’s so romantic!" you wrap your arms around his neck and give him a long kiss on his warm lips. "Well, I thought we could try a few different things tonight," his puppy dog eyes looking down on your [y/eye colour] eyes. "Cos, I can tell you haven’t been really enjoying yourself the past few times. I want to make it up to you"

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