39. He Gets Cheeky On A Double Date

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LOUIS: “Sometimes I wonder who the couples are on these double dates with Harry and his girlfriend,” you mention goodnaturedly as you and Louis drive to the pizza place you’re meant to be meeting them at. “What’s that supposed to mean?” Louis presses. “It just means that you and Harry always end up doing whatever it is you two do, leaving Harry’s girlfriend and I to just talk amongst ourselves. Which is fine, I really enjoy talking to her, but isn’t the point of a double date for the four of us to talk? Together?” Louis remains silent, not saying anything until he pulls into the parking lot and spots Harry and his girlfriend sitting in his car. He greets the two of them warmly, giving no indication of you just upsetting him. You play along and pretend that nothing’s wrong too. Things progress as usual, obviously everything you had said to Louis just going in one ear and right out the other. About halfway through the meal, things take a turn. Suddenly, Louis leans in close and begins nuzzling at your neck, placing tender kisses to your collarbone. “What are you doing?” you hiss, pulling away as best you can. “You said you wanted more attention from me when we go out like this, so now you’re getting it,” he tells you casually, continuing to press kisses along your neck and jawline. You push him away, eyeing him warningly. He smirks at you smugly. “Save it for later,” you whisper flirtatiously, nearly causing Louis’ eyes to bug out of his head and Harry and his girlfriend to laugh.

HARRY: “Does anyone else see the irony of Niall choosing an all-you-can-eat buffet?” Harry questions, receiving a playful shove from Niall, as both couples meet outside and begin the walk into the restaurant. The evening starts off as normal, both couples enjoying each others’ company and making jokes and telling stories. You can tell Harry’s mind is wandering a bit, however. He’d been tracing his fingers along your knee all evening – something he only does when he’s trying to hint at what he wants later on at home. “I’m going for round three, you joining me, babe?” Niall asks his girlfriend, who nods and stands to accompany him. As soon as they are by the buffet line, Harry pounces. His hand starts trailing up your thigh as he leans in to kiss you in a way that you are uncomfortable with in public. “Harry, stop,” you whisper to him, pulling away enough to give him the hint that this behavior is currently unwelcomed. “Let’s go home,” he states bluntly, lust evident in his eyes. “Are you kidding me? No. We’re here for dinner and we’ll leave when dinner is over.” You can tell he’s disappointed, but you know him well enough to know that your reprimand won’t falter his attempts. You also know that once you get home, you’ll have no trouble giving in to his desires.

NIALL: “This was a great idea,” you compliment Niall, referring to the pizza and s’mores he’d suggested doing with Liam and his girlfriend. Niall nods, unable to speak through his mouthful of gooey marshmallow. You’d been outside around the fire for a few hours already, but no one seems to have any desire to head inside anytime soon. Niall had been playing the guitar while you all sang various songs, and you’d been talking about your and Niall’s recent engagement and what sorts of little things you’d already been busy planning. “Looks like the fire’s getting low. We’ll go get some more wood,” Liam offers as he and girlfriend go off in search of some branches from the woods lining your backyard. Niall finishes his s’more and watches you as you put yours together. You take a big bite, smiling as you chew. He chuckles. “You got a little something there, babe,” he informs you, gesturing to your upper lip. You laugh and go to wipe it away, but he stops you before you have the chance. He leans in towards you to kiss the marshmallow and chocolate off your lip for you. He pulls away at first, but quickly leans back in for another, more passionate kiss. Before you know it, you’re liplocked in a steamy situation. “Ahem!” Liam mockingly clears his throat upon their return. This does the trick and causes you and Niall to break away from one another. You both smile shyly, a light blush creeping into your cheeks that is luckily undetectable by the others in the darkness of the night. Before leaning back into his own chair, Niall is sure to snag your s’more out of your hands and devour it before you really even have a chance to react.

LIAM: You’d gone out with Zayn and his girlfriend to the park for the afternoon. The four of you hadn’t spent much time together lately and had been having a great time all afternoon playing Frisbee and kicking around a soccer ball. You’d stopped for ice cream and just lazily walked the paths of the park, people watching and enjoying the warm, fresh spring air. You pause your stroll momentarily when Zayn’s girlfriend runs into someone she knows and stops to chat with them for a bit. Liam intertwines his fingers with yours and gives your hand a light squeeze. You think nothing of it and return the gesture. Liam then tugs lightly on your arm. You look at him and he nods in the direction of a small clearing a few paces away that’s almost fully surrounded by trees. You crinkle your brow in confusion and he sneaks off, heading towards the clearing, pulling you along with him. You oblige, mostly just because you are so curious as to what he’s up to. When you reach the clearing and he checks to make sure no one can see you, he leans in and traps your lips in his own. Baffled, you abruptly pull away. “What has gotten into you?” you ask. Liam just smirks. “I just thought it would be fun to be a little daring for a change,” he informs you, leaning in again without giving you a chance to respond. You place your hands on his chest to halt him. “This is so unlike you, Liam…but I kind of like it,” you utter through a grin. You bite your lower lip, a signal to him that it’s ok to proceed. After taking a few moments to get a little lost in the taste of each others’ lips, you both pull away and silently agree that you’ve had enough excitement for one afternoon, and retreat from the clearing to rejoin your friends.

ZAYN: You’re supposed to be meeting Louis and his girlfriend at the movie theater, but when you get into the lobby, Louis is nowhere to be seen and instead you spot Harry milling about by the snack bar. “Hmm, that’s weird. Louis texted me saying they were here already,” Zayn mutters. “Maybe Harry’s seen him,” you suggest as you make your way over to your other friend. “Hey, mate! What are you doing here?” Zayn asks Harry. “I’m here on a date,” he informs you. “So are we. We are actually supposed to be doubling with Louis and his girlfriend – you haven’t seen them anywhere, have you?” you ask him. “Louis is in the bathroom,” Harry states just as Louis appears from around the corner. “The little lady came down with something, so I brought Harry here as a replacement,” Louis enlightens you, hooking an arm around his friend’s neck as he does. You and Zayn exchange looks but remain silent. The four of you get yourselves situated with soda and popcorn before making your way into the theater. As soon as the movie starts, Zayn slips his arm around your shoulders. After several more minutes, you notice his hand beginning to creep lower and lower towards your chest. You slap at his hand. He just laughs and whispers, “What? It’s just Louis and Harry; they’ll understand. You said I had to behave myself for Louis and his girlfriend, but I don’t see her, do you?” he interrogates cheekily. “You and I both know that Harry is just as much his girlfriend as his actual girlfriend is, so the rule still applies,” you respond forcefully. His face sinks and he brings his hand back up to your shoulder, defeat written all over his features.

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