68.Your First Time

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Harry: You were waiting in Harry and Louis' flat for Harry to come home. Tonight you planned something special. Tonight you were going to loose your virginity to your beautiful boyfriend Harry. Harry was in no rush for you too to have sex. But you couldn't resist any longer. Harry had already lost his virginity. But you didn't mind. You were waiting eagerly for Harry to come home. Louis promised he would be out with Eleanor so Harry and you could have your magical moment. You are waiting on the lounge staring at the clock while drinking some Twining's English Breakfast Tea, knowing when Harry was going to be home. You stand up and walk over to the window and look out for him. You see a familiar black Range Rover drive through the complex gates. Harry is home! You smile out the window as you see Harry pull up. You go back and sit on the lounge. Harry unlocks the door and walks in with a smile on his face. "Harry!" you happily say while running up towards him. You give Harry a huge hug. "I made you tea. Come sit" you say to him. You and Harry walk over to the lounge. You both sit down and just stare at each other. Harry leans in and begins to kiss you slowly. Locking lips with you. You're loving it. You lean back still kissing Harry. Harry is leaning over your body kissing you so passionately. He lifts you up bridal style and carries you off to the bedroom. You lays you down gently on the bed. He looks down at you with sweet but lustful eyes. "Are you sure you want to do this!? If you're still not ready we can do this another time" Harry asks concerned. "No, I want to do this" you say. Harry slides his fingers inbetween the waistband and kisses your belly. You twitch with pure pleasure. Harry slides your pants all the way off. He straddles over you. You sit up and begin to kiss Harry again. While you too were kissing, he takes your top off and unhooks the bra in one motion. You begin to undo Harry's pants and slide them off him. Harry slips his shirt off them continues to kiss you. Clothes flying across the room. You begin to slip your undies off and throw them across the room. Harry strips his boxers off. You looks into your eyes and lays a soft kiss on you. "Are you positive you want to do this (Y/N)!? We do not have to do it tonight". "Harry, believe me when I say that I am ready". Harry kisses your forehead and lays you down. "I won't hurt you. I promise" Harry says. Harry bent your knees up and spread them apart. You took a deep breath. Your heart was pounding into your chest. "Ready!?" Harry says. You nodded. "Just say the word and I'll stop. Don't let me hurt you" Harry says. Harry positioned himself and slowly entered inside you. You bit down on your bottom lip because at first it was painful. Harry looks up at you to make sure you were alright. "You okay!?" "Yep" you reassure him. Harry is slowly gliding into you making sure he kept his promise and didn't hurt you. You're legs were wrapped around Harry's body. You are feeling intense pleasure and wanted more. "I'm going to go alittle deeper. Are you okay with that!?" Harry asks. "Please! Go right ahead!" you insisted. Harry gently pressed his forehead on yours going deeper and harder. "Oh! Oh! Oh my god! Uh. Oh Harry!" you moan. "I'm going to get abit faster okay!?" Harry says. "Okay" you respond. Now you're getting somewhere. Harry was resting his head on your collarbone. His curls tickling your neck. Groans both coming out of each others mouths. You're both about to climax. "H-Harry! I think It's going to happen!" you say. "I'm close too Sweetheart" Harry says. Before you knew it, you both climaxed together. You had a tingling vibrating feeling all over your body. Harry pulls out and flops beside you. You curl into him and cuddle him. Harry puts his arm around you and brings you closer. "Thank you Harry. That was amazing. I love you so much". "I love you too (Y/N)" Harry says kissing you softly on the lips.

Louis: You and Louis are passionately making out on the lounge. Attacking your lips with such force. You haven't told Louis you were a Virgin. You didn't really need to. Things were getting very heated between you and Louis. If it was going to turn into sex, then, you would have to tell him. Just how!? When you feel ready you'll tell him. Louis' hands are sliding down yours. You let out a whimper. "My, my aren't we excited" Louis says. "Oh stop it Lou" you say. Louis goes back to kissing you passionately. Louis slides his hand down your pants. Your foot twitches. Louis looks at you abit concerned. "Are you sure you want to do this (Y/N)!?" he asks. "Yeah, but" you say. Louis cuts in and says "But what!? Whats wrong!?" "I better let you know now. I've never actually, had sex before". Louis looks at you abit confused. "Someone as pretty as sure would of surely had sex" he says. "I haven't" you say back. "Look, we don't have to do this now." Louis says. "No Louis. I'm ready. It's time" you say to him. "I'll be extra gentle for you" Louis says. "Thank you Louis. You're the best". Louis takes your hand and walks off to the bedroom. Louis kisses you while taking your top off. "No bra!?" he asks. "Didn't feel like wearing one today" you say back. "Frisky" Louis says. You take Louis' top off. Louis kisses your chest making you tingle. "My my!" you say. You take your panties off and throw them to the side and stand there with your arms around your tummy. Louis is taking his pants off, slowly but surely. Louis looks over at you. "My word, you have a superb body" he says. You blush and smile at the ground. Louis has already had sex before, so he knows what hes doing. "We will do a position everyone first starts off with. Lay down for me please on your back" Louis says. You lay down on your back. Louis bends your knees up and and spreads them apart. "Just leave them like this for now and when we actually do it you can decide where you're comfortable" he explains. You lay still and let out a sigh. Louis is leaning ontop of you now. He kisses your forehead. You clench your hands and your heart is pounding. "Ready babe!?" Louis asks. "Yes. Proceed". Louis is at your entrance. "But before I go in. Let me know if it hurts too much cause then I'll pull out" he says. "Okay" you say back. You gripped tight on the sheets. Louis looks at you with lustful but worried eyes. "Ready!?" he asks. You bite your bottom lip and nod. Louis slowly enters you. You open your mouth in pain letting out a small whimper. Louis looks back at you, "Are you okay!? Am I hurting you!?" he asks. "No no! Well, a little bit but please keep going" you say to him. Louis wants to go faster, but hes going a pace he wouldn't hurt you. You didn't want to disappoint Louis. "You can start going abit faster" you tell him. "Only if you're sure" he says back. "Positive". Louis starts picking up the pace. Pain turning into absolute pleasure. You grip your hands on the bed. "Uh! Uh! Oh my god!" you moan. Louis looks at you and smiles. He rests his head on your check and thrusts deep, and moderately fast. "Okay Lou. I'm ready. Full speed" you say. Louis looks at you and you give him a smile "As you wish" he tells you. Louis is now giving you his all. Your hands trying to grip on the slippery sheets. "Oh! Louis! I-I I think I'm gonna!" you say to him. "Hang on babe" Louis says. "Lou I can't hold it in any longer!" you cry. You and Louis both climaxed together. Perfect timing. "Thank you Lou. You were so gentle. I love you" you say. "I love you too babe" he tells you. Louis flops off you and lays beside you. Louis rolls over to spoon you. Both still panting. "Best day ever".

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