79. He Makes A Bet To Sleep With You And You Find Out (Part I)

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Liam: Falling back to the bed, panting heavily, he spoons his body to yours. “That was amazing.” he breaths and you nod, kissing his palm. He chuckles and murmurs “Can’t believe that was all just a bet.” Your once closed eyes opened widely, and you sit up, taking the sheet to cover your bare chest. “What?! This was all just a fucking bet Liam?!” you shout, and his eyes widen in realization of what he had just said. “N- no, I. I uhm, I said can’t believe that took so long. For me to build up the nerve to make the first move. You roll your eyes, and pulls your clothes on quickly, despite his desperate pleas to make amends. “No, you don’t even have the right to talk to me, if you were just doing this because someone told you to.” you spit venomously. Grabbing your phone, and keys, you leave his flat angrier than hell, and more than anything embarrassed.

Louis: “Are you kidding me?” you ask mortified as he told you. Letting four words slip from his mouth after you asked why he wanted to have sex with you. “It was a bet.” You frown, looking at your fingers, not knowing what to say next. “So it meant nothing?” you question, hands shaking a little. You had had an amazing time with him, and to think that it was just a fluke made you sad and shake. He shakes his head wildly, and sighs “Of course it did babe, but you asked why and I couldn’t lie ot you.” You nod, grabbing your clothes receiving a questioning look from him. “Where are you going?” he asks. With a small sigh, you slip your last shoe on and bite your lip. “Early day tomorrow.” you lie easily. He nods, and kisses your cheek. “I’ll call you.” you nod, and leave, going home, waiting for a call you were sure was not going to come.

Harry: Coming back to the restaurant table, you saw Zayn whispering in Harry’s ear, Harry, deep in thought. You walk up behind them, listening quietly. “Come on. I bet you fifty bucks that you couldn’t have sex with her.” Harry laughs and nods “Ok, fifty says that I’ll be going home with her tonight. ” Rage filled your body, as you slap both of their heads. Harry turns around slowly, praying that it wasn’t your hand that had messed up his curls. “You better pay up Harry, cause that’s a bet you just lost.” you growl, grabbing your small clutch from the table next to him, and storming out of the restaurant. Immediately, your phone start to go off, with texts from Harry apologizing After a while you turn it off, not even wanting to look at his name, disgusted at the fact he could treat you like that. Not as someone he cared for, but as a profit.

Niall: “Congratulations!” The boys shouted, holding up their beers in a tight circle, clanking glass filling the flat again for the hundredth time. “I can’t believe that Y/N and Niall are getting married. Seemed just like yesterday i set them up.” Louis chuckles, slurring a bit, sipping his beer. You frown, biting your lip. “You didn’t set us up Louis, Niall and I met in the park.” He chuckles and shakes his head. “No, but he never would have gone to you in the park if I hadn’t bet him that he couldn’t score with you.” he chuckles, effects of the alcohol setting in.” You look to Niall, face growing hot. “Niall really?” you ask disappointed. He rubs the back of his neck, trying to find a way to explain what had actually started your relationship. After a few moments, you roll your eyes, and go to the bedroom, not wanting to see anyone. You lay there, playing with the ring on your finger, pondering whether on not he really did love you.

Zayn: “Shit!” you swear under your breath, looking at the positive pregnancy test in your hands. Zayn, who’d you’d known for a few years had to be the father. You had slept with him a few months back, and you hadn’t had your period since. Driving to his flat, you were a mess. You weren’t ready for a baby, and he sure as hell wasn’t either. Knocking on his door, he opens it, hair a mess, wearing nothing but boxer briefs. “Oh sorry, I… ” you sigh ” I can come back.” he shakes his head happy to see you. “No come on in, what’s up?” You bite your lip, sitting in his love seat, and sigh “Zayn, I’m pregnant.” making his closing eyes open again. ”Are- are you sure it’s…” you nod. “It’s yours Zayn.” He sighs, burying his face in his hands. “Listen, it was a stupid mistake ” you begin and he snaps “Yeah, stupid of me to take that bet.” “Bet?” you question, and he glares at you. “Niall bet me to sleep with you, and I get this a baby.” You bite your lip trying not to cry, and get up running from the flat, shouting “Well fine then Zayn, don’t be involved, but you didn’t have to make it into something evil.” you get to your car in tears, now with a serious choice; to keep your baby, or not, Zayn obviously not caring if you did or not.

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