114. Squishing Into A Single Bed

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Harry - he palmed your thighs at first, to hold you where you were, chuckling when he leant his lips across your skin, shifting your body like taking a breath, settling you on top of him, over his chest. He rubbed your arms and pressed a palm to the small of your back, keeping you in between the covers with his six-foot frame, “good, babe?” "Think so," you giggled, "maybe if you weren’t so freakishly big…" "You love it," he breathed against your skin, stilled in time with you in the small bed, "don’t pretend you don’t," he finished, smiling into your shoulder, chuckling when you did, his breath warm as it washed over you. 

Liam - he dropped his arms and let you wriggle into them, keeping you from falling over the side, “don’t want to lose you over the edge,” he groaned, wriggling himself into fitting with you, fitting the right way, his body aligned by yours until you were spooning, his arms around your middle tightly, “comfy?” "Definitely," you smiled down, at his lips in your hair, inhaling, kissing near the curve of your ear, down the back. "Good," you felt him smile, warmly, a little over the sound of his voice as he said it. He kissed against you, snuggling tighter to you, with eyes closing when you closed yours.

Louis - he groaned, “now, this is ridiculous,” he smirked when he tried to lean up, knocking your body before he settled his elbows, “why doesn’t Niall just buy a double bed for the guest room? It makes no bloody sense…” "I don’t know," you shrugged, smiling at the annoyed crinkles by his eyes when he looked down and caught you in the light from the window and a full moon, "it’s not so bad." He relaxed when you did against his chest, feeling the side of your cheek flush against his bare chest, a smile spreading for the night and your eyes across his lips.

Zayn - he held your skin and kissed along your collarbone, chuckling every time you wriggled away from his stubble grazing you. He looked up into your eyes and held you the only way he could in the tiny bed, “looks like we’ll have to sleep pretty close together,” he nuzzled into your skin with the tip of his nose.  "I think," you chuckled, holding his cheeks, "I can manage that… can you?""You know I can," he dropped smiling to kiss you, your palms feeling his jaw work as he leant into it a little more, laying on top of you and staying that way for as long as it worked.

Niall - he chuckled under the covers with you, burrowing a single path down because there wasn’t room for any more, “last time we sleep over here, okay?”"Deal," you shuffled your body closer to his, letting his arms wrap you into warm skin a little sweaty from the heat, "I miss our bed," you finished, kissing near his shoulder. "Me too," he sighed, looking down the best way he could to your eyes, smiling, "hey, do you think we’d be able to…" "Not in this bed," you shook your head, laughing, "no way."

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