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101. He's Marrying Someone Else Part 6

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Harry - you slipped your body from the bed and fumbled into clothes down the hallway, “Harry?” You called out again but he didn’t answer. You searched the house, stomach dropping when you realised he was gone. You shuffled back to your bedroom, scanning around. He’d taken his soaking clothes with him, and hung the towel back up in the bathroom. You stifled down from sobbing, bending to your knees and holding your stomach in your hands, “what the hell?”

You trained your gaze up, standing again. You thought enough to reach for your phone, a missed call from Harry flashing the screen. You wiped your eyes to call him back, like he’d know you were crying. 

"(Y/N)?" He sounded rushed when he answered. 

"Harry, where the hell did you go?"

"(Y/N), I’m so sorry, I… I’m so sorry I left you, but I… just give me a second, I…" his voice was cracking up over the phone, static fiddling it’s way through. 

"Harry, I… I can’t hear you," you tried, "you’re breaking up…"

"(Y/N)," his voice came through again, "I love you, okay? I… sh… last night, I should’ve but I didn’t, and… sorry…"

"Harry…" you paced the floor, "where the hell did you go? What’s going on?"

"Need… Emily…" his voice came through as some warped crackle for a minute, but you heard her name, palming your forehead to streak back fingers through your hair. 

"What? Harry?" You tried again. 

"I’ll… hang on…" he managed the murmur, before the line went dead. Phone a little limp in your hand, you weren’t too sure which second it fell in, hitting the floor with a loud enough crack to make you snap back. You looked down, bending to retrieve it. 

"He’s marrying her…" you shook your head, trying to figure it out, "he’s marrying her… he’s marrying her… he’s gone back to her. He realised it was a mistake and he’s gone back to her…" you sank down on the bed, burying your face, "God, I’m such an idiot…" you groaned. You felt the dewy drop of tears in your palms, and you had to wipe them again, silly little steps to standing again, walking to your dresser and yanking out clothes to pack a bag. You stuffed them in, two at a time, changing into something else, not the same clothes Harry had stripped off you last night. Something there felt wrong. You flipped your hair inside the hood of a jacket and tugged along all of your things. You traced a line down the hallway as you tugged the heavy bag outside. Slung into the boot, you fixed it all down and turned back to lock your front door. When you moved again, you caught Harry as he pulled up, stumbling out of his car to jog towards you, "(Y/N)," he stopped in front of you, "wait, where are you going?"

You scowled and pushed past him, knocking his chest with your shoulder, “to my parents…” you snarled, “I don’t when I’ll be back, but I won’t be back in time for your wedding…” you spat the last word. 

"(Y/N), wait!" Harry called out after you. 

"Save it," you snapped back, tugging open the drivers side door. Harry followed you around and slammed it back shut. A peddling smirk made it’s way across his face. 

"You’re not going anywhere," he stepped closer, making it a smile. You furrowed breath in an exhale under him, "what the hell does that mean?"

"I left Emily," he told you, "this morning, when I left. I hated what I’d done because I’m not that guy, but I knew I had to end it, (Y/N), I… it’s always been you, it was always going to be you… you were," he took your cheek in one warm palm, "you were the one that got away…" he leant down, enough to kiss you softly and you let him, "but you came back…" he murmured over your lips. 

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