6. He See You Without Makeup For The First Time

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LIAM:  Your doorbell rings, signaling Liam’s arrival to pick you up for your date.  You trot down the stairs to open the door and let him in.  As he steps across the threshold, you duck away and cover your face with your hands.  “I’m sorry, I’m running a little late and not quite ready yet.  Give me fifteen more minutes,” you rush out as you try to make a break for the stairs, still hiding your face.  “Is everything ok?” Liam  asks you as you bounce up the first couple of steps.  “Yeah, fine, fine,” you brush off, darting your way up the rest of the stairs.  Liam follows behind you, catching up to you just as you go to shut your bathroom door.  He puts a palm to the door, stopping it from closing.  “Look at me,” Liam commands gently.  “No, I haven’t put my makeup on yet!”  “Let me see your face,” Liam says more firmly but still gently.  You sigh and pull the door further open to reveal your fresh-faced look.  A smile spreads across his face.  “You’re beautiful,” he whispers.  “Shut up, no I’m not.”  “I mean it.  You look better without makeup, honestly.”  You smile and blush a little under Liam’s gaze, leaning up to give him a quick kiss.

LOUIS:  You wake up one morning after spending the night at Louis’ for the first time.  You open your eyes to find Louis smiling down at you.  You smile back for a second before the thought occurs to you that you must look like a mess, having not taken off your makeup the night before.  You gasp and cover your face with your hands.  “Oh my God, don’t look at me.  My makeup must me smeared all over my face.”  “Well yeah, it kinda is, but you still look cute,” he tells you, trying to pry your palms away from your face.  You groan and beeline it for the bathroom to wipe your face clean.  Louis joins you in the bathroom a moment later as you have your head bent over the sink, splashing water on your face to rinse it.  You pat it dry with a towel before turning to face him.  “Whoa!  What the heck happened to your face?!” Louis asks, feigning shock.  “Screw you…” you mutter, your feelings hurt.  “No, no, it’s just that I didn’t think you could get any more beautiful than you are, but you just did,” he tells you lovingly and your heart swells in appreciation at his words.

HARRY:  A knock on your door interrupts your one-woman-movie-marathon party.  You pause the DVD as you get up to see who it is.  You peek out the peephole and see Harry standing on your front step.  You swing the door open, a wide grin on your face at the sight of your new boyfriend surprising you.  “Harry!  What are you doing here?”  “I saw your tweet about watching movies by yourself - it’s a Friday night, you should be out doing something!  So come on, let’s go!”  He takes you by the hand and starts pulling you away.  You look down at your sweatpants and mustard-stained t-shirt.  “Uhh…gimme like half an hour to fix myself up a bit?” you ask him.  “On one condition: you keep your face simple and gorgeous like it is now.”  You crinkle your eyebrows at him.  “But I’m not even wearing any makeup…”  “Exactly,” he states with a warm smile.

ZAYN:  You’d agreed to go on a camping trip with Zayn one weekend, forgetting about not having access to mirrors and the like.  Zayn had never seen you without makeup and you’re very self-conscious at the thought of that happening.  Your first morning there, you avoid eye contact with him at all costs.  He finally can’t take it anymore and asks about your foolish behavior.  “Did I do something wrong last night?  Did I dutch oven you in that tent and not even realize it?” he asks.  You laugh a bit.  “No, of course not!  I just don’t really want you to see me without my makeup on.”  “Well, I hate to be the one to break this to you, but just because you aren’t looking at my face doesn’t mean I can’t see yours.”  You blush at your own silly logic.  “And for the record, I haven’t stopped staring at you all morning.”  Your blush deepens out of self-conscious embarrassment.  “I like what I see,” he concludes.  Your face cracks into a smile as you finally bring your eyes up to meet his for the first time all day.

NIALL:  “You’re joking, right?” Niall asks you when you appear on the back deck.  “What?” you ask innocently.  “Did you seriously put makeup on to go swimming??”  You shrug.  “Yeah, so what?  It’s waterproof.”  “We’re going swimming, [Y/N].  You don’t wear makeup to swim.”  “Whatever,” you say stubbornly, jumping right into the pool to shut him up.  He joins you in the water, chuckling at you when your “waterproof” makeup starts to streak down your face.  You grumble and just wipe it away after a little while.  “Much better,” Niall tells you, pulling you into his arms, floating with you in the water.  “I look terrible,” you argue.  “You look perfect, like always,” Niall tells you, kissing your lips softly

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