7. You Cook Him For The First Time

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NIALL:  “Mother fu-” you cut yourself off, as you slam the knife and fork down on the counter.  Niall hears the commotion and comes into the kitchen to check on you.  “Everything ok in here, babe?” he asks you.  Tears prick at your eyes and threaten to run down your cheeks.  “No, everything is not ok.  Everything is ruined.”  Niall looks to the half-burnt lasagna you’d just pulled out of the oven.  A slice mark in the middle of the dish reveals a decent-looking center.  “Well, maybe it’s not completely ruined.  Maybe it’s just the edges and top,” Niall tries to cheer you up.  A tear escapes your eye.  You’d wanted nothing more than to impress him; you’re usually such a great cook, and you’d made lasagna a thousand times before!  You’d never once burned it before.  You’re embarrassed, and no amount of Niall’s positivity is going to cheer you up right now.  “Hey, hey, don’t cry.  Come on, I’m sure it still tastes great!” he comforts, wrapping an arm around you.  To prove his point, he picks up the dsicarded fork and dives into the pan.  He takes a bite and is pleasantly surprised that it actually tastes wonderful.  “Baby, this is delicious!”  “You’re just saying that…”  “No, really!  The middle part is perfect!  See?  We can still have a fantastic dinner cooked by you.”  He kisses your cheek before grabbing two plates and piling some lasagna on each.

HARRY:  You hear Harry’s car pull into your driveway just as you’re pulling the chicken out of the oven.  “Perfect timing,” you whisper to yourself, cutting into the chicken breast to make sure it’s been cooked all the way through.  Harry lets himself into your house, as he does every time he visits.  He breathes in deeply, filling his nostrils with the delicious aromas floating around your kitchen.  “Something smells good,” he compliments, taking a seat at the table.  You serve up two dishes of your chicken alfredo with a side salad and sit down to enjoy the meal with your boyfriend.  Once he’s finished, he leans back in his chair, smiling contentedly.  “That was brilliant, babe.  Who knew you could cook like that!” he teases.  You toss your balled-up napkin at him in response.

LIAM:  You’d insisted Liam stay out of the kitchen while you cook him dinner one night.  A clattering noise comes echoing out of the kitchen, promptly followed by your grumbling, “Oh my God, stupid piece of sh-“  “Need some help in there?” Liam asks, cutting you off.  “No, no, everything’s just dandy!” comes your overly-pleasant response.  Liam huffs out a small, amused laugh.  You’d never been much of a cook, but for whatever reason, you’d been posessed to cook him a fancy dinner that night. You get everything all set up before calling Liam into the kitchen for dinner.  He’s smiling as he comes into the room, but his smile quickly fades.  “Oh…”  “Ta-da!” you exclaim proudly, complete with wide arm gesture.  Liam plasters a forced smile back on his face.  “Looks great, baby.  Can’t wait to dive in.”  You smile, pleased.  Liam grimaces a bit at the sight of the chicken and pasta dish, which looks like it’s been through the blender a few times, before bravely taking a bite of the concoction.

LOUIS:  Louis is appreciatively chowing down on the fancy spaghetti and meatballs dish you’d made him.  “This is really much better than I was expecting it to be,” he admits, shoving another forkful of pasta into his mouth.  You laugh.  “Gee, thanks.”  You’re about to take another bite when a meatball comes flying at you, hitting you in the shoudler.  “Hey!” you shout.  You look up to see Louis at the ready, holding his fork like a slingshot with some noodles sitting on it.  Before you have the chance to react, he’s letting the macaroni fly across the table at you.  You retaliate by picking up a fistful of your own dinner and throwing it at him.  Soon, a full-on food fight breaks out and you’re both laughing and trying to out-do the other, making a disaster of the kitchen in the meantime.

ZAYN:  You’d been so excited to cook for Zayn for the first time and he’d been just as excited to see what you make him.  He gets to your house just as your setting the food down on the table.  He stops short in the doorway after laying eyes on the meal he’d been waiting to have for almost a week now.  “Grilled cheese and soup?” he questions.  “Well, it was either that or cereal…”  Zayn laughs and gives you a kiss to your forehead.  “Looks great, love,” he tells you, taking a seat and digging right in before it gets cold.

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