79. He Makes A Bet To Sleep With You And You Find Out (Part II)

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Liam: A knock on your door made you pick yourself up from the couch, and open the door. Seeing a smiling Liam made you throw the door in his face, but his foot was quick enough to catch it. “Y/N, please can we just talk?” he asks, sending sadness through you again. All you wanted was to forgive him, anything to talk to him again, but really there was a part of you that wanted him to go set himself on fire. “Please.” he begs again catching your glance a fatal mistake on your part. Those eyes made you melt and nod quietly. “Alright, let’s talk.” you say flatly. He fights his grin, a small victory over you, then sighs “Look, I know it was stupid, the reason I did it for, but I swear that I had a great time.” he takes a step closer to you, and you hesitate before backing away from him.  ”Come on, you can’t tell me that you didn’t have a good time.” he pleads cockily. You frown, and snap “Fine, but do you know how embarrassed I was?! How terrible I felt just feeling used?!” and he nods quietly. “Look, it was a one time thing, and- and I don’t think that I would ever be comfortable being with you if that’s how things turned out.” “I’m sorry, please can we jus-” you shake your head “No Liam, I can’t I can’t do it.” He sighs, pressing a long kiss to your forehead, and leaves, regretting the stupid bet he made.

Louis: “Hello?” you ask sleepily, one hand draped over the side of the bed. “Y/N?” you recognize Louis’s gruff voice. You sigh looking at the clock realizing that he thought you were already awake. “Hey, uhm, would you like to have breakfast?” Biting hard onto your lip, you sigh “I don’t know babe, I’m actually kind of busy.” lying to him again. A long pause, followed by a sad sigh, has him murmuring.   “Look, I know that you’re hurt. I’m not stupid.” You sigh, bringing the blanket up higher covering most of your face for a sense of safeness. Like if no one could see you then this would all just go away. but his voice finds you in your sanctuary and speaks again. “Please can we just forget about this, and start all over again? With a proper date, and nothing has to happen, just a kiss goodnight.” You shake your head, silent tears falling. “I- I can’t Louis.” He sighs as you grip the bed sheets  “Are you sure? Are you 100% sure that you want me out of your life? Forever and always?” he asks, and you lay there, contemplating. “Y- yes.” you stumble on the one word syllable. He remains silent and you can hear tears hitting the speaker. “Alright, I’m gone. forever. Goodbye Y/N, goodbye.” he chokes out, and you pinch your nose “Goodbye.” is all you say before throwing your phone to the floor, returning back to your sanctuary.

Harry:You finally turn your phone on, afraid to see what the damage was. How many missed calls, and how many unread texts you had from Harry apologizing  But if he was having regrets, why would he even do it in the first place? Taking a deep breath, you see 130 texts, and 45 missed calls from him. You sigh reading the messages, each saying the same thing. 

“Babe, come on it was a joke, can we please just forget this thing ever happened?”

You sigh, locking your phone just as he calls you again. “Hello?” you answer, and he doesn’t answer right away, pure shock of you answering overwhelming him. “Hello?” you ask again, not sure as why you were still holding the phone, why you were still going to talk to him. Was it his memory that made you answer, or his determination you weren’t sure, but he finally spoke. A tired voice said “Y/N, oh thank God you answered me, I was getting so worried.” you sigh stopping him. “Are you sure, or are you just saying that to get your fifty bucks from Zayn.” “No, no baby, please, I just wanted to make sure you were alright, and I wanted to finish our date.” You shake your head, and sigh. “I can’t do it. It made me so angry, and now every time I look at you, I- I just feel terrible, about myself and you.” “We can’t just try it once?” “No. Not once, not tomorrow, not the next week, not ever Harry, you’ve missed your chance.” He stays silent, until the phone goes dead, leaving you sitting there, in wonder of what he was thinking.

Niall: Knocking on the door continued for the next hour, before Niall finally opened the door, despite your angry growls of aggression. “I said not to come in Niall.” you spit and he sighs, sitting on the edge of the bed. “Sweetie, he was drunk, he didn’t know what he was saying.” “Bullshit Niall, it’s true, I know it is. The way you didn’t even try to deny it, just proved it to me, and it really makes me wonder if you really love me at all.” you choke out, before realizing how upset you were. “Y/N,” he sighs “You know there is nothing more I love more than you.” he says, grabbing your hand, but you pull it away. “Our relatioship was based on a lie Niall, everything I had thought i knew, is a lie.” you say, the ring on your finger getting closer and closer to the tip of your left ring finger. “What, you’re not really going to break up with me for this?” he asks, mortified, seeing it inching closer. “I- I just need some time Niall, some time to think things out.” You say, the ring finally slipping off your finger. He sighs as you set it on your pillow, giving you your space, which you were thankful for. “Goodbye Niall.” you whisper, kissing his cheek, as you grab a bag full of clothes, then leave him, rethinking your whole relationship.

Zayn: Knee bobbing, you bit your lip as you waited in the doctor’s office. Waiting for you friend to show up to go to this sonogram with you. You hear the office door click, and you look up finding her, but just behind her Zayn. You hadn’t seen him in months, ever since you found out about your baby, he had wanted nothing to do with it. You glare at him, as he walks over, scratching the back of his head. “H- hey Y/N, you look uhm…” he hesitates, trying to find the right word. “Pregnant.” you snap, using your friend to lift yourself up from the chair you were in. “Look, you didn’t want to be part of this four months ago, and I don’t want you part of it now.” you hiss, already heading for the door to lead you to the technician’s room. “Babe, look, I can explain.” he pleas and you turn, almost falling. “Explain what?! How you were such an asshole, how you denied this child, and how you were so disgusted by it. Please explain to me why all that is.” he sighs, bending to one knee. “Look, we’ve known each other forever, and I want to be here for you and my, our baby. Please, marry me?” you shake you head. “That’s no reason to get married Zayn. That’s not going to make up for any of this. Now I have an appointment to go to. I’ll see you around.” you say, tears brimming in your eyes. He kneels there sadly,and watches as you walk away, watching the only girl he ever loved walk away, and take with you the child he never gave a chance. It wating him constantly, the pain he caused you, he only wishes he could go back in time, and change what had happened for the better.

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