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66. Fans See You With Lux

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Harry: There’s been a lot of talk lately, about the state of seriousness regarding your relationship with Harry. You would have thought that after a year, people would assume you were both serious about one another but that wasn’t the case. His fans were constantly bashing you or flooding your mentions with rude comments about their opinions of you. Most of the time, they just assumed neither one of you were serious about the other and they over analyzed ever photo and every tweet sent between or about the two of you. If it had one of you in it, they over analyzed it to a T to fit whatever warped perception they had on the situation. “Here, I’m sorry to just leave like this but… duty calls” Lou says hurriedly, packing up her things while you hold Lux. “Are you sure you’ll be alright with her?” Lou asks again, trying to reassure herself that you were fine with keeping the baby until Tom came. “Yes, we’re fine right Luxy… now go, before you’re late” you shoo with a smile, nuzzling Lux’s cheeks before Lou hurried away. You notice a few girls gathering around, staring at you as you hold Lux on your lap on the patio of the restaurant and they start snapping photos almost immediately. “Hey… what are you doing here?” Harry questions, leaning over Lux to press a kiss to your forehead before lifting the giggling girl into his arms. “Waiting for Tom… what are you doing here?” you ask, watching as he takes a seat across from you and a few more girls have gathered. “Picking Lux up… Lou told me to be here at noon to get her” Harry answers and you stare at him for a moment before taking Lux back into your arms once she reached for you. “She set us up” you tell him with a smile and Harry shrugs. “She’s smart like that, did you eat yet?” he asks and just like that, the bubble that seems to always surround you when you’re with Harry appears and you enjoy the rest of you day with your boyfriend and the happy little toddler going back and forth between the two of you.

Liam: “So… why aren’t any of you playing?” you question, standing off on the sidelines with Liam for Louis’ charity football match. “Well, for one, we suck compared to these guys and two, he didn’t really ask us” Liam answers, tugging the zipper of your jacket up when you start to shiver. “It’s cold” you chatter, leaning into his warm side and Liam chuckles. “This is nothing” he assures you because growing up in London meant he was mostly immune to the night chills but you weren’t. “Whatever” you mumble, chuckling as Liam tugged your beanie over your ears. “Hi Lux” you coo softly when the little girl waddled over to the two of you, tugging on your jeans to garner your attention. “She’s so freaking cute” you coo, nuzzling the little girls cheek as Liam starts making faces. “We should steal her” he says seriously, taking her from your arms to try and hide her in his jacket. “Can you see her?” he asks, jacket zipped up over Lux’s giggling form. “Of course not” you tease, oblivious to the snapping photos and videos being recorded by the fans. “Where’s Lux?” Tom asked, playing along with the joke when Liam started to toe away slowly. “No clue” you smile, shrugging while following Liam before breaking out into a run. “So since you guys are stealing her, you can change her diaper,” Lou says with a cheeky smile, passing you the diaper bag before jetting off before you hand Lux over. Liam doesn’t protest, just carries Lux through the tunnel towards the bathrooms before he turns to you. “Yeah yeah, I got it” you groan with a laugh, trudging into the bathroom to change the wet diaper. A few girls are in there and they watch you silently but you can tell, this is going to be all over the internet the minute they walk out.

Niall: “I hate traveling… have I ever told you that?” you question, leaning against an equally tired Niall as you wait inside the terminal for the rest of your entourage to exit the plane. “Just about every time we get on or off a plane” he chuckles, rubbing his sleepy eyes and you shrug. “Well… I don’t want you to forget” you mumble against his neck, groaning when you have to start walking to the exit where your cars are waiting. “Could you hold Lux for a tick?” Lou questions, looking flustered and you nod while extending your tired arms to take the alert girl into them. “Why are you so awake?” you question, cuddling the girl into your chest as the group continues towards the doors and out onto the concrete. There are fans across the way, waiting eagerly and chanting for the boys. “Too tired” Niall groans, ducking behind a van while leaving you out in the open with Lux. “I’ll take her” Louis says, reaching for the little girl to give you a break and you smile. But, Lux has other ideas and starts to fuss when you’re no longer holding her. Louis raises and eyebrow at you, watching as you lean against the pillar behind you and reach a finger out for the little girl to hold in hopes it’ll appease her. “I spend everyday with her on these things… she gets attached” you explain, eyes shut until there’s wet kisses splashing across your face. “Lux” you giggle, nuzzling your nose against her chubby cheeks before pressing a few nosey kisses to them while the fans snap pictures. “Time to go love” Niall tells you, leading you towards your car while Lux waves from her spot with Louis.

Louis: “Look at all of those crazy people Lux,” you say, as the both of you look out of the studio window. Lou had dropped the toddler off at your house for the day, but seeing as though you would have been at home by yourself you decided to take her to the studio to see her favorite boys. She beats her tiny palms on the window as the girls outside of the studio ‘awe’ and start taking pictures. “What are you two doing?” Louis asks, walking up behind you, wrapping his arms around your waist. The crowed of girls go mad. They scream and take continuous pictures as Louis presents himself in front of the window. “Just observing, right babe?” You acknowledge. Lux turns away from the window and giggles as she recognizes Louis’s face. Holding her arms out in his direction, she climbs into his grasp as he takes her from you. The screams get louder and you are unsure as to why the sight of a guy holding a baby was so scream worthy. “I don’t know how you can rehearse with all of these people outside,” you say, turning back to the window, as the girls continue to scream at the sight of Louis holding Lux. “Just used to it I guess.” He hands Lux back to you after leaving a kiss on her head and gets back to rehearsing. She waves to him as he walks away and then concentrates back on you. “Look Lux, they’re still taking pictures,” you show her, turning so she can see all of the fans cameras. She giggles and waves as the flashes continue. “I think that’s enough superstar.” You walk away from the window, leaving the fans obviously disappointed as a loud “NOO” shoots through the walls. “What now Miss Lux?” You inquire of the little girl. She holds her hand out in the direction of the boys rehearsal area. “I don’t think we are welcomed over there, try something else,” you explain to her. It’s then that she wiggles down out of your arms and begins to run across the room. She reaches the center of the boy’s rehearsal, starring directly up at Louis. “…just like the first time, push your….yes, ma’am?” She giggles, knowing she had interrupted his solo, and reaches her arms up at him. He shakes his head at her intelligence, and lifts her from the ground. “Now who put you up to this?” He asks her with a cheeky smile. She immediately turns and points in your direction. “Absolutely not!” You shout from the couch across the room, holding your hands up. “So you’re calling this small childlike angel a liar?” He questions. “Yes,” you answer simply, a laugh following. “Lux I think you’re going to have to stay over here, and away from the mean lady,” Louis explains to the little girl, playfully shaking his head at you to make her laugh. She wiggles around in agreement as she joins the rest of the rehearsal.  

Zayn: This was absolutely not your idea because you knew what the outcome would be, rumors, and hate. Zayn had suggested that since Lou had dropped Lux off with the two of you that a shopping trip was in order. Now it wasn’t that you didn’t like shopping, or spending time with Lux and your boyfriend at the same time, it was just that being out in public with him and the toddler attracted way more attention than you wanted. But here you were, heading into Primark, already being noticed by the people around you. You push the stroller into the shop and Zayn is by your side. Eyes turn to the three of you as you make your way through the store. “I thought we could surprise Lou by getting some things for her,” Zayn explains, seeming to be very proud of his idea. You nod, agreeing with his suggestion and head to the children’s section of the store. “Hi,” you hear behind you, as your look through some of the clothing racks. You ignore the voice, knowing that it wasn’t meant for you. “I can’t believe you all are out with Lux,” one of them says. You push the stroller over to the next few racks while he continues to talk with them. As you pull out a few colorful dresses asking Lux what she thought, the girls catch Zayn starring at you. “She’s good at that isn’t she?” One of them asks. He nods and smiles, still watching you pick out more clothes. Once he had finished talking and taking pictures with the girls he returns to your side, placing a kiss on your cheek. “What was that for?” You question. “You’re going to be a great mum,” he answers, ignoring your question. “Oh, well thank you,” you counter with a smile. “They were nice you know,” he continues. “Well we will see how nice they actually are when the pictures come out,” you reply. Of course they were going to be nice to his face; it was behind the computer screen where they decided to act like idiots.  “You worry too much,” he points out, grabbing your waist tightly as the two of you continue to browse for more children’s clothes. “It’s not worry. I just know what is going to end up happening,” you explain. Sure enough, once you had returned from your shopping trip which included a few more run in’s with multiple fans, what you had thought would happen did. The fans were discussing on every sort of social media outlet the fact that you were apparently pushing getting pregnant on Zayn and that the only reason you were out shopping for children’s clothes was to somehow manipulate Zayn into wanting to have a child with you. You roll your eyes at the computer screen as you continue to rock Lux to sleep. People and their drastic imaginations. 

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