41. He Picks You Up From School

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LOUIS:  You’re sitting in class, listening to your teacher drone on and on about something you’ll probably never need to know in the real world.  You’re trying to focus on taking notes, but it’s a Friday afternoon and your brain is already in weekend-mode.  A small commotion starts to rise from the opposite side of the room as some of your classmates are gazing at the door and seemingly trying to keep from hyperventilating.  You’re in a row of desks right near the wall and can’t see out the door’s small window.  Confused, your teacher walks over to the door and opens it, letting the person causing the chaos to step through.  Your jaw slacks a bit and your cheeks go slightly pink when Louis enters the room.  You quickly snatch up your books and push Louis back into the hallway, profusely muttering apologies to your teacher as you go.  “What are you doing here?” you hiss as the door shuts behind you.  “Picking you up from school, silly!” he chirps.  “One: I’m still in class.  Two: Normal people just wait in the parking lot.”  “One: I didn’t know that.  Two: When have you ever known me to be normal?” he asks, flashing you a teasing smirk.  You let out a small giggle in amusement as you and Louis leave the building to head home.  You never did find out what happened in those last few minutes of class.

HARRY:  You exit your class and make your way outside to the parking lot, knowing that Harry is waiting for you.  After making your way out of the building, you’re greeted by the sight of a swarm of girls surrounding a car that you recognize as Harry’s.  Upon further speculation, you’re able to make out Harry’s curls in the middle of the throng.  He looks up and spots you making your way over.  His face brightens up and he waves, causing some of the girls to turn their attention in the direction he’s looking.  A couple of them shoot you hateful glares, but most of them smile at you.  Harry breaks through the crowd and approaches you, welcoming you into his arms for a hug and pressing a kiss to your head.  “Ready to go, love?” he asks and you nod.  Many of the girls get dreamy looks in their eyes as they back away from the car enough for you and Harry to get in a drive off.

NIALL:  Niall had stayed in the car, trying to avoid causing a disturbance.  He’s wearing a baseball cap and sunglasses on this sunny day, and so far, that’s served as enough of a disguise that no one had recognized him.  It isn’t until you stupidly call out, “Hey, baby!” in your excitement as you bound down the steps that people begin to realize who is in the car.  As soon as the first couple of girls look to the car with huge grins on their faces, you immediately regret opening your mouth.  Niall tries to smile and nod and wave at the girls who have now approached the windows, and you can’t help but laugh a bit as you push your way through and manage to get in the car.  “Thanks for that.  I was doing just fine flying under the radar until you blew my cover,” he muses.  You lean over to kiss him on the cheek.  “You know you love me,” you tease as he gently pulls out of the small mob that is still trying to paw at the windows.

ZAYN:  You hear your phone buzz in your backpack in the middle of class.  You check the message the first chance you get while your teacher has her back turned.  It’s from Zayn telling you to meet him outside the building.  You consider it for a second before ignoring his request and slipping your phone away, trying to return your attention to the lecture.  Out of the corner of your eye, you see movement coming from the other side of the window.  When you glance over, you see Zayn peeking his head in the corner, flashing you a smile and giving you a quick wave.  Your eyes nearly bug out of your head as you shake your head back and forth to indicate to him to get lost.  “Everything alright?” your teacher directs towards you, causing your attention to snap back.  “Oh, yeah.  Just fine,” you spit out.  Your teacher gives you a skeptical look before returning to her speech.  Zayn taps on the window, gaining the attention of the whole class.  Your face turns beet red as you stammer, “Excuse me, I have to go,” gathering up your things and leaving as quickly as possible.  Once you reach Zayn outside, you smack him on the shoulder.  “Why do you have to be such a trouble-maker?  You couldn’t wait ten more minutes unitl my class let out?” you scold.  Zayn just laughs, planting a kiss on your lips which, despite your irritation, you gladly return.

LIAM:  “Ready to go, babe?” you’re greeted with as you pass through the door of the building and make your way outside.  You jump, startled at first, but immediately melt into a smile when you realize it’s only Liam.  “What are you doing here?” you ask happily.  “My afternoon is wide open and I knew that your last class got out now, so I thought I’d surprise you.”  You give him a sweet kiss just before he pulls your books out of your arms and carries them for you.  “You are the best, you know that?” you ask as Liam drapes his free arm across your shoulders.  You chat lazily as he leads you back to the car.  You’re stopped several times on your walk to the parking lot, and each time, Liam greets his fans cheerfully.  Finally you’re able to get into the car and Liam pulls out of the parking lot, taking you to get ice cream and then go for a walk in a nearby park.

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