20. He Tells You He Want A Baby

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ZAYN: You get the phone call you had been waiting to get for the last week – your cousin had had her baby and everyone was heading down the hospital to go see him!  Zayn is at the studio, recording with the boys, so you jot down a quick message telling him what is going on.  You spend the next couple of hours at the hospital visiting with family and oogling the newest member of your clan before finally getting up the nerve to hold the tiny bundle.  “You’ll be fine,” your aunt coaxes.  She gently hands you the sleeping baby boy, and your hesitation quickly melts away.  “See, you’re a natural,” your aunt encourages.  You smile.  “Don’t tell Zayn that,” you joke.  “Don’t tell Zayn, what?” you hear Zayn’s voice come from behind you.  “That you have a natural knack for mummyhood?” he asks, coming over to where you are standing with your new cousin.  “I just wouldn’t want to scare you off with the idea; we haven’t been married for all that long,” you explain.  “That doesn’t mean I don’t want to have children with you.  And soon,” he adds.  “Really?” you ask.  He smiles and nods, wrapping one arm around your waist, and using his free hand to swipe a gentle finger across the baby’s cheek.  You can’t help but savor the moment and imagine the two of you like that holding your own baby one day.

HARRY: You stand at the kitchen counter, preparing dinner for that evening when Harry comes up behind you, wrapping his arms around your waist and burying his face in the crook of your neck.  “Hello, beautiful,” he speaks softly into your hair.  You giggle.  “I’m making your favorite,” you say.  Harry smiles, propping his chin onto your shoulder and flattening his hands across your belly. “I’ve been thinking…” he starts slowly, carefully.  “The house seems a bit empty, don’t you think?”  You pause what you’re doing for a moment, trying to decipher what he’s getting at.  “Empty, how?” you ask, your mind racing to thoughts of all the clutter you seem to have accumulated in the last few years since first moving in together.  “I don’t know.  It just seems like there’s something missing.”  “Something, like what?” you ask cautiously, beginning to put the pieces together.  “Now, don’t freak out, love, but don’t you think it would be nice to have a baby running around the house?” and with that, your suspicions are confirmed.  You place your hands over his, still flattened against your tummy, and smile.  “Do you mean it?”  He turns you around to look you in the eye.  “Of course I mean it.  I’ve been thinking about it for a while now.”  “Alright, then let’s do it!” you agree happily.  Harry’s grin is wider than any you’ve seen before as he grabs your hand and begins pulling you towards your bedroom.  “I didn’t mean right this minute, Harry!” you try to resist through your laughter.  “Dinner can wait,” he replies cheekily, and you just give in to his desires.

LOUIS: You come home from the grocery store and walk into the house with armfuls of grocery bags.  You place the bags on the kitchen counter before turning around to check for the mail Louis usually leaves for you on the table.  Instead of mail, you see a baby bib.  You pick it up, confused.  “Louis?” you call out, but get no response.  You make your way into the living room to check for Louis.  Laying on the arm of the couch is a brand new baby outfit.  You scrunch up your face in complete confusion.  “Where are these things coming from?” you whisper to yourself.  You head for the stairs and on the railing is a baby blanket.  You shake your head, making your way upstairs so you can drop your purse and kick off your shoes in your bedroom.  Upon opening the door, you see Louis kneeling on one knee, a rubber pacifier in his hands.  He raises it towards you and before you have a moment to ask what’s going on, he says, “Will you let me put a baby in you?”  You can’t help but laugh at this; it’s so typical Louis.  He looks concerned by your reaction at first, but the look on his face soon turns to relief as you play along in accepting his “proposal” by saying, “I thought you would never ask.”

LIAM: You and Liam are spending a lazy Saturday afternoon at the mall. You’d just been window shopping, enjoying each other’s company, when you decide to stop by the food court for some ice cream.  While there, a frantic-looking mother and her two children are trying to get situated. The mother is holding a wailing baby in one arm, while tugging at a fit-throwing young child with the other.  “I want McDonald’s!” the young child is saying.  “We are not getting McDonald’s, we are getting Subway,” the clearly distressed mother insists.  You sigh and shake your head.  “I’m definitely not looking forward to that anytime soon” you say nonchalantly.  “No?” Liam asks, and you can tell by the look on his face that he had been thinking otherwise.  “Why?  Did you want a baby sometime soon?” you question.  “Well, the thought had crossed my mind. It might be nice, you know?” he explains.  The earnest look on his face makes your heart melt.  “I might be convinced to have one sooner rather than later…” you tease.  Liam’s face lights up a bit, “Yeah?”  You smile and nod, suddenly wanting nothing more than to have a baby with your incredible husband.

NIALL: He had been walking around humming or singing the chorus of Justin Bieber’s “Baby” for days.  It had been driving you nuts and finally enough was enough.  You snap your book shut and glare at him.  “There are billions of songs in the world, could you possibly sing another one now?”  “Huh?” he looks up at you confused.  “You’ve been singing ‘Baby’ for days!”  “Oh, I hadn’t realized,” he says with a shrug.  You, knowing your husband as well as you do, know that there’s something going on in that pretty little head of his.  He always hums or sings about whatever’s on his mind without realizing it.  “Niall,” you start slowly, “have you been thinking about maybe having a baby?”  “What?” he asks surprised.  “No, what makes you think that?” he says defensively.  You just smile knowingly.  He returns that smile, a slight blush coloring his cheeks, and asks, “How did you know?”  “Oh, you know, the same way I always know what you’re thinking.”  He chuckles.  “Is that so?  Well do you know what I’m thinking now?”  he asks, raising a suggestive eyebrow. “I might,” you say with a flirtatious smirk as you take him by the hand and lead him towards your bedroom.

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