93. Victoria's Secret Photo Shoot

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Zayn: You had a photo shoot during Zayn’s day off. You would only be there for a couple hours, so Zayn decided to tag along. You got your hair and makeup done and got to work. You were posing in the lingeriethey had you in for the shoot. It was edgier and Zayn was mesmerized by you. When you were finishing up, Zayn started making funny faces. You couldn’t help but smile. The photographer loved you smiling instead of having such a serious face, and ends up using one where you’re laughing. When you’re done and put on your robe, Zayn gives you a huge kiss, “I’m so proud of you, you’re a great model.” “Thanks babe. Let me go get some clothes on and we can go out for a drink.” Zayn smiles as you walk into the changeroom. 

Harry: You weren’t sure about taking Harry to your photoshoot. I mean, you were confident, but you knew there were going to be at least four other girls there with you. Who wants to surround their boyfriend with Victoria’s Secret models? But he was excited to go, so you didn’t say anything. When you showed up, two other girls were already there. They immediately walked up to Harry and started flirting. You rolled your eyes and went in to change into the outfit they pulled for you. You slip on your robe and walk out. When you come out, one of the girls is getting her photo taken but the other one is still talking to Harry. You’re beginning to becoming annoyed, but you sit to get your hair and makeup done. Then you’re called to do your photos. You take off your robe and Harry’s eyes immediately glue to you. The girl continues to try and talk to you, but he just walks away to watch you. You pose and do your thing, and are done quickly because they have the shot. You throw your robe back on and before you’re even off the set, Harry is by your side. “Y/N, You look amazing. Do they let you keep that by any chance?” You laugh as you walk back to your dressing room, smirking at the girl before you close the door behind you and Harry.

Liam: Liam was done early at his own photo shoot, so he decided to swing by yours and surprise you. When he walked in, you had just finished getting ready. You had your photo shoot outfit on, and he walked right over to you and gave you a quick spin. “You look gorgeous, Y/N” he smiled. “Thanks Liam” you smiled back. Even though there were dozens of other women in the room, he was only looking at you. This boosted your confidence as your shoot started. Liam stood right by the camera and watched you intently. You smirked sexily towards the camera, and Liam, and posed. He kept giving you the thumbs up when he saw the pictures come up, and even mouthed ‘wow’ at a few of them. When you were done, you walked over to Liam who had your robe. He gave you a kiss on the forehead, “you’re incredible Y/N. Even the photographer was talking about how good you are.” You blushed and changed quickly so you could spend more time with your boyfriend. 

Niall: Rather than watching your photo shoot, Niall was actually in it. He was doing a promotional Victoria’s Secret shoot and they thought it would be great if you were in it with him. When you both arrived, you were immediately separated and you were in makeup and hair. You slipped into your outfit, then your robe and went out to meet Niall. He was in jeans with boxers showing. You slowly and seductively took of you robe and watched Niall’s jaw drop. “Wow,Y/N, you look…” he trailed off as he looked you up and down. The photographer called you both over and you started your shoot. At first the photos were cuter than anything. As time went on, though, the pictures got sexier. You laying on top of Niall, Niall pretending to undo your top. When you were done, you both gave each other a kiss. The photographer took a picture. “You did great, babe. Like an old pro” you giggled to Niall. “I had a great partner, princess” Niall said, giving you a kiss. You went to change then came back out to see the pictures. While they were all pretty good, you ended up asking them to print the picture of you kissing and hung it in your bedroom.

Louis: You had to do a photo shoot out of town, and Louis offered to take you. You drove for two hours before arriving at the beach. You were modeling Victoria’s Secret’s swimwear collection. Because you were one of their more popular models but unable to travel south with the rest of the girls because you were going on tour with Louis, they decided to hold a shoot closer to home. You changed into the swimsuit in a fabric change room and got your make up done quickly. It was cold, but you dealt with it. Louis whistled at you as you started posing near the water. You stuck your tongue out at him. As the shoot continued, Louis got sillier. He started taking pictures on his phone, mimicking the photographer. You were trying hard not to laugh so you didn’t ruin the picture. Then, Louis started laying in the sand and kicking it, trying to look sexy. That did it. You started laughing and the photographer got annoyed. “Listen, Y/N,” he started, letting the camera fall, “if you want to get this over with, you need to model and stop goofing around.” You apologized, as did Louis, and you got in a few more pictures before the photographer was satisfied. Louis ran over to you, scooped you up and ran down the beach with you, laughing the whole way. You eventually came back, changed, and went and got frozen yogurt. 

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