Jerome Valeska One-Shots by Gingy484
Jerome Valeska One-Shotsby Gingy
Just one shots of our favorite little ginger maniac. Maybe some previews for my fanfic in the works, who knows. And if you ask nicely, I may even throw in an Eddy or two...
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Bondi Rescue ~ Imagines And Preferences Fanfic ~ REQUESTS OPEN~ by Kreid910
Bondi Rescue ~ Imagines And Kreid910
All of your fav Bondi Lifeguards imagines and preferences. I will try and do all of them. ~REQUESTS OPEN~
  • jesse
  • jake
  • reidy
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Imagines | Kylo Ren by girlfromcali
Imagines | Kylo Renby I love you and Kylo
Finally changed the title and cover, your welcome. Requests are apparently happening so yeah. Highest Rankings: #1 in Kylo Ren #4 in Star Wars #1 in Sith #1 in Star Wa...
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Kylo Ren Imagines and Preferences by Harley---Quinn
Kylo Ren Imagines and Preferencesby Heathen Harley
The dark side brought us to him. Kylo Ren imagines and Preferences! Credit to the lovely creators! <3
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ASTRO Preferences by AllisonAlliSalvatore
ASTRO Preferencesby AllisonAlliSalvatore
Preferences about ASTRO cuties ❤❤
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Far Cry 5 OneShots and Preferences by we_all_have_secrets_
Far Cry 5 OneShots and Preferencesby Daxton Winchester
The second book is up! Far Cry 5 OneShots and Preferences 2!!!! (I do not own any of these characters)
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dirty bts reactions by hazzapapi
dirty bts reactionsby kat
exactly what the title says, only dirty preferences & reactions for us filthy minded hoes. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK. all of these are my work, do not steal. thank you. ©ha...
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  • seokjin
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ℌalsey imagines {ɢɪʀʟxɢɪʀʟ} by LunaEngbjerg
ℌalsey imagines {ɢɪʀʟxɢɪʀʟ}by Romeo
Just a book of two girls having some fun (Contains: Smut, swearing, and some triggers) HIGHEST RANKING: #1 IN HALSEY
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Awesome Avengers Preferences (and requested Imagines) by AgentGranger
Awesome Avengers Preferences ( Izze
Fluffy, sweet, happy, smirk worthy, dirty minds assemble stories and preferences. This includes Tony, Steve, Bruce, Clint, Thor, Loki, Sam, and Pietro. Requests are tota...
  • thor
  • loki
  • hawkeye
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Magi Oneshots by Boring_Rhino
Magi Oneshotsby «Rhino»
[First Place Winner of #AFA2017 Magi Award for February and March!!] Magi and Magi: Sinbad no Bouken x reader --On Hiatus-- I do not own Magi ---- I made the cov...
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Some imagines for you about your favourite people?? Cover by @-VOUGEWILK
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Why Don't We Imagines  by ramenhead2013
Why Don't We Imagines by ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Imagines and au's about five talented boys :) (I do not own any pictures, all credit goes to owners) ~highest ranking #1 in aus~ ~highest ranking #1 in blurbs~ ~highest...
  • whydontwe
  • zachherron
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Why Don't We Imagines by authenticmiya
Why Don't We Imaginesby Imagines❄️
I've been into doing imagines, I couldn't resist a why don't we series.
  • whydontwepreference
  • danielseaveyimagine
  • jackaveryimagine
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Avengers Preferences by disneygurl23
Avengers Preferencesby Mrs. Steve Rogers
These preferences include Tony, Steve, Clint, Bucky, Thor, Bruce, Loki, Scott and soon enough Pietro! I will add more if requested. These preferences are not the normal...
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Marvel Gif Preferences ✔️ by -gamoras
Marvel Gif Preferences ✔️by -ˏˋalyˊˎ-
Ranked 78 in Random as of 03/31/17 Marvel Gif Preferences about your favorite Avengers and what not. Cover made by me
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Sons of Anarchy Preferences... There Could Be A Couple One-shots by Shasta1989
Sons of Anarchy Preferences... ILoveAmbrollins89
Reader/ SOA Characters
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  • soa
  • chibs
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Avengers Preferences by Andie_AmericanPsycho
Avengers Preferencesby Andie_AmericanPsycho
As creative of stories as I can muster for the Avengers
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  • hawkeye
  • loki
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One Direction Preferences by Summer143
One Direction Preferencesby Summer
I DO NOT OWN/MADE SOME OF THESE PREFERENCES I FIND THEM ON TUMBLR/WATTPAD I decided to find alot of preferences and put them in one big book
  • zayn
  • horan
  • direction
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Magcon Imagines & Preferences by mesmerizeddd
Magcon Imagines & Preferencesby mesmerizeddd
Magcon Imagines & Preferences, all written by me. Hope you enjoy! x
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