Avengers Preferences. by JordanblackXD
Avengers Jordan Taylor 🍃
A book of Avengers Preferences. Including: Tony Stark Steve Rogers Thor Odinson Bruce Banner Loki Laufeyson Natasha Romanoff Clint Barton Bucky Barnes Pietro Max...
  • scarlet
  • america
  • panther
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BTS Imagines by gummysmiledsuga
BTS Imaginesby 🍁 // niki
Imagines, preferences, snapchat imagine, text imagines, FaceTime imagines and oneshots about Bangtan Sonyeondan •Jungkook • Taehyung • Jimin • Hoseok • Namjoon • Yoongi...
  • btsboys
  • btsjhope
  • hoseok
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One Direction Pregnancy Series by NARRY9493
One Direction Pregnancy Seriesby NARRY9493
One Direction Pregnancy Series
  • tomlinson
  • onedirectionpregnancyseries
  • niallhoran
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TVD imagines/preferences by tates_smile
TVD imagines/preferencesby -nobody
REQUESTS CLOSED~ A collection of preferences and imagines involving the reader and characters from 'The Vampire Diaries'. All are written by yours truly :) Preference ch...
  • theoriginals
  • werewolf
  • damonsalvatore
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Bts preferences/ Reactions ~Requests Open~ by kego_san
Bts preferences/ Reactions Addisyn
another preference story by me ×~× hope you enjoy goodbye my lovlies 💀~아디 신~💀 started 9/17/17
  • bts
  • suga
  • reactions
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BNHA Scenarios  by Bakuhoe_Bitches
BNHA Scenarios by Tyler/Leila
Just another preference book on bnha boy characters. And I'll do mixed preferences but if you want certain ones you can request for them. enjoy the book guys
  • kirishima
  • iida
  • myheroacademia
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Far Cry 5 OneShots and Preferences by we_all_have_secrets_
Far Cry 5 OneShots and Preferencesby Daxton Winchester
The second book is up! Far Cry 5 OneShots and Preferences 2!!!! (I do not own any of these characters)
  • seedsiblings
  • jacob
  • farcry5
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Shawn Mendes Imagines by lonihorxn
Shawn Mendes Imaginesby Leonie
This is a book full of imagines of our favorite canadian boy. Read and enjoy xx Requests are always open!!!
  • shawnmendesfanfiction
  • mendes
  • mercy
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Why Dont We All Imagines by love_marais
Why Dont We All Imaginesby Ara Aurelia 🌹
Here all of Why Don't We imagines. There would be cute, sad, funny, smut, boyxboy, and more
  • jackavery
  • corbynbesson
  • fanfic
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нarry poттer preғerenceѕ/ one ѕнoтѕ  by IvyMollyWeasley
нarry poттer preғerenceѕ/ one ѕнoт ινу ωєαѕℓєу
ι ωιℓℓ ∂σ вιℓℓ ¢нαяℓιє ρєя¢у fяє∂ gєσяgє яσи gιииу нαяяу ∂яα¢σ ∂єαи тнє мαяαυ∂єяѕ мαяℓєиє ℓιℓу ѕиαρє яєgυℓυѕ тσикѕ αи∂ мσяє
  • emo
  • percyweasley
  • gay
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The Vampire Diaries Preferences & Imagines by Gerlithequeen
The Vampire Diaries Gerli
Damon Stefan Klaus Kol Elijah Jeremy Kai I don't own TVD or the pics i'll put in
  • elijah
  • diaries
  • klaus
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Justice League - Preferences & Imagines by DameSilence
Justice League - Preferences & La Dame
Title, basically. I take requests! Please look inside for more informations ^-^
  • boyfriend
  • superman
  • arthurcurry
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Marvel Imagines & Preferences by fefesalert
Marvel Imagines & Preferencesby fefesalert
It's all in the title :) Requests open!! *i do not own any characters. All rights belong to marvel, obvi :)*
  • fanfiction
  • imagines
  • preferences
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Supernatural Preferences by Dreamescape101
Supernatural Preferencesby Dreamescape101
Supernatural Preferences (Some Imagines Included!) Requests Closed (For Now) I DO NOT OWN SUPERNATURAL OR ITS CHARACTERS Characters: Dean Winchester Sam Winchester C...
  • fanfiction
  • preferences
  • samwhichester
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Avengers Imagines/One shots/Preferences (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) by Marvelled_Marvel
Avengers Imagines/One shots/ ☽ღ✧ʟɪʟɪ
Fluffs & Smuts Including: ~Tony Stark(Iron Man) ~Steve Rogers(Captain America) ~Bruce Banner(Hulk) ~Bucky Barnes(Winter Solider) ~Peter Parker(Spiderman) ~Clint Barton(H...
  • wintersoldier
  • pietromaximoff
  • peterparker
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Dolan Twins Imagines by -userisunknown-
Dolan Twins Imaginesby -userisunknown-
It says it all in the title + Comment or message me for suggestion
  • viners
  • imagines
  • grayson
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Harry Styles Imagines by hazdimple
Harry Styles Imaginesby hazdimple
All the imagines to get you all warm and fuzzy inside
  • harry
  • romance
  • hazza
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Martinez twins imagines and preferences  by eviemay1414
Martinez twins imagines and eviemay1414
What it says in the title (duhhh)
  • tessa
  • erika
  • cute
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BTS AmBw Imagines  by Jimin-Got-Jams21
BTS AmBw Imagines by Zzzzzzz1234
You already know what's up? A book of little scenarios for all those fellow ARMY's of color. This for y'all, mah dudes. I'm open for requests; either message me or comme...
  • seokjin
  • preferences
  • suga
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BTS reactions and scenarios  by Midnight_Gypsy
BTS reactions and scenarios by Midnight_Gypsy
This book contains reactions and scenarios of the seven amazing boys that practically ruined our lives. -Reactions -Scenarios -Individual Scenarios -Series Enjoy :D
  • rm
  • prefernces
  • namjoon
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