38. Your Nightly Routines

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HARRY:  “Please put your clothes on; I’m begging you,” you plea as Harry kicks his underwear across the room.  “Not gonna happen,” he tells you with a smirk.  You groan and lean against your pillows.  He positions the covers over his lap and settles against the headboard, just looking at you.  You glare back, silently hoping it causes him to slide his boxers back on.  He just laughs at this.  “When will you ever learn?  We go through this every night…nothing is gonna change.”  You smile at this and simply say, “Good.”

NIALL:  “Ugh!  Will you ever stop eating in bed?  This is the third time this week that I’ve been greeted by cookie crumbs all over my legs,” you grumble as you brush the sheets as clean as possible.  “Sorry,” he manages to say around a mouthful of cookie, causing more crumbs to come tumbling out.  “Niall!” you reprimand.  He swallows and laughs.  “Oh come on, it’s kind of tradition at this point, don’t you think?”  You can’t help but smile at this.  “I guess you’re right…  But I still don’t care much for all the crumbs.”  Niall just laughs and pulls you down onto the bed with him.

LIAM:  You stumble to the side a bit, laughing as you regain your balance.  You swing your hip out to hipcheck Liam in payback for him just nudging you aside just now.  He dodges your attack and starts laughing about it.  As he laughs, his foamy toothpaste drool rolls down his chin, causing you to break out in a fit of hysterics due to his reaction.  You spit your own mouthful of toothpaste into the sink before saying, “Serves you right.  You shouldn’t push me while I’m brushing my teeth; I could choke on my own spit.”  Liam chuckles, dropping his toothbrush into its holder before playfully shuffling you off to the bedroom.

ZAYN:  You close your book and place it on the nightstand.  “How was that chapter?” Zayn asks, prompting you to launch into a summary of the pages you’d just read.  When you finish, it’s Zayn’s turn to paraphrase what he’d read in his own book.  It’s your nightly routine to each read a chapter in a book and then reiterate it for one another.  “Sounds like your book is getting really interesting…finally,” you add as a final jab.  “It’s been interesting, you just haven’t appreciated it until now,” Zayn argues.  “If you say so,” you state goodnaturedly before leaning in to place a kiss to his cheek.

LOUIS:  “Cannonball!” Louis shouts and takes a running leap onto the bed.  “You know, one of these days you’re gonna break the bed,” you notify him.  “And I’ll just tell everybody that we broke the bed,” he retaliates, throwing in a wink for good measure.  “You go right ahead and do that.  But once everyone hears the truth, they won’t doubt a word of it.”  “Yeah, you’re probably right,” he agrees with a laugh.  He gets to his feet and begins jumping on the bed like a small child.  It’s only when you hear something snap that he finally stops.  His eyes grow wide as you scold him, “There’s a reason I tell you every single night not to do that - now look what you’ve done!”  He simply smiles sheepishly and crawls into bed next to you to settle in for the night.

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