73. You're Best Friends And Sleep In Same Bed

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Louis: Having changed into your pyjamas you walk into Louis' bedroom, finding it empty - he must be in the bathroom. You chuckle quietly to yourself as you walk over to the bed and pull back the covers on one side, climbing in. Moments later the bathroom door opens and Louis walks in rubbing his hair with a towel. His eyes narrow in amusement as he catches sight of you, and he raises an eyebrow questioningly, "Particular reason as to why you're in my bed?". You snuggle deeper down into the covers, knowing he wouldn't kick you out, "Comfier than guest bed,". He rolls his eyes, climbing in beside you, "Fine, but don't hog all the covers," he moans, yanking some more of the duvet off you and you stick out your tongue playfully.

Niall: "Niall," you whine, the bright bedroom lights blinding you as your best friend stumbles drunkenly into your room. "(Y/N)," he mimics back, flopping onto your bed. "Niall," you whine once more, feeling the room spin slightly in your intoxicated state as you push at your friends shoulder, "Why are you in here, i'm trying to sleep!" you wince at your own raised volume, "Do you want a hangover? I don't, nope,". "Your settee's poop," Niall moans, groaning in pain as you eventually manage to push him off the bed and onto the floor, "I'mma sleep here,". You scoff, switching the light off and pulling the covers over you, "Have fun on the floor,". Moments later you feel the expected weight on the bed beside you, above the covers. You roll over, smiling as you find Niall pressing a finger to his lips, "Shh," before closing his eyes to sleep.

Liam: "No it's fine," Liam insists as he grabs one of his pillows from his bed, moving to the cupboard where he stored blankets, "You're the guest, i'm not going to expect you to stop on the settee - it's bloody awful that thing,". You sigh, perching yourself on the edge of the bed, watching Liam as he moves around his bedroom, collecting whatever he'd need for the night - the two of you had spent the majority of the evening arguing over where people would sleep. Later that night, as you lie beneath your covers, you can hear the sound of Liam, restless on the uncomfortable leather settee and roll your eyes. You tip toe to the doorway, whispering, "Liam,". He sits up, turning around to look at you questioningly, "Can't you sleep?". You roll your eyes, gesturing for him to come into the bedroom, "Come on Liam, we'll both just sleep in here, it's not a big deal,". He looks wary for a moment as he asks, "You sure?". You roll your eyes once more, "Yeah, it's fine,".

Zayn: "The hotel only had one job to do," Zayn grumbles as you walk alongside of him, the two of you pulling a suitcase each behind you as you make your way down the long corridor, "We booked four rooms and they give us three,". You roll your eyes, poking your best friends arm playfully, "Hey, chill yourself, it's not that big of a deal. If sharing a room with me is that much of a problem i'll see if I can get another room...". "Don't be daft," Zayn laughs, coming to a stop in front of the hotel door, "It's not like we haven't shared before is it?". He pushes open the door, and as the two of you step in your gazes fall to the one double bed taking up most of the room. You laugh, shaking your head, "Typical,". Zayn joins in with your laughter, moving closer to the bed and sitting on the end looking over at you expectantly, "So you better be a left-sider or we might be having some problems,".

Harry: "How do you do it?" you ask through a yawn as you follow Harry into his apartment. You'd joined the boys on a day of promotion and studio work, as well as a show in the evening and you were beyond exhausted. Harry chuckles, "You get used to it - want to watch a film, or are you too out of it?" he teases lightly. "Can we watch in bed? I can sleep too then after," you ask, yawning once more. He laughs, and the two of you end up in his bedroom, lying on his bed with a film on. He wraps an arm around your shoulders, and you lean your head on his chest as he remarks, "It's ok if you want to sleep, there's the room next door you can -". He cuts off as you shake your head awkwardly against him, your eyes closing against your will as you sleepily mumble, "You're comfy,". His chest vibrates as he laughs, letting his arm rest round your back, "Or you can just stay here then,".

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