9. You Meet His Family For The First Time

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HARRY:  Harry’s mother and stepfather had invited you and Harry down to the bungalow to spend a weekend getting to know one another.  You’d all been dying to meet each other, as you and Harry had been together for almost a year now, but time just hadn’t allowed.  Now that the moment has finally arrived, you’re completely anxious.  As Harry drives to the bungalow, you sit in the passenger’s seat, scrubbing your hands up and down your thighs in a bundle of nerves.  “Will you relax already?  They’re gonna love you.”  “And what if they don’t?” you argue.  “If they don’t then they aren’t as smart as I always thought they were.”  As you pull up to the house, his parents come to the door to greet you and welcome you in.  Your nerves settle a bit when his mom wraps her arms around you in a warm, accepting hug.  The four of you spend the weekend bonding and creating memories together, and never once do you feel as though you are not already considered a member of their family.

Liam:  Liam gives you an apologetic look across the dinner table.  His parent’s are seated at the heads of the table, each taking turns grilling you with questions.  You feel awkward and uncomfortable under their foreboding glares.  You can tell they aren’t pleased with Liam’s choice in a girlfriend.  Once you finally make it to the end of the meal and are free to finally say something to Liam, you ask, “Did I say something wrong?”  “No, no of course not.  I don’t know why they are acting like this,” he explains as he wraps his arms around you.  “Don’t worry about what they think of you right now.  They’ll come around once they see how truly happy you make me.  I promise,” he comforts you.  You nod into his embrace, just hoping that his words ring true over time.

Niall:  Niall is so excited to show off all of his favorite places while you are visiting his family in Ireland.  He hadn’t stopped talking about it for the whole flight over.  First, though, is the event that’s had your stomach fluttering with nervous butterflies: meeting his parents.  As you walk through the door of Niall’s childhood home, you grasp his hand for a bit of comfort.  “Don’t be nervous, they’re gonna love you,” Niall whispers as he opens the front door.  Oh, how true his words were…maybe even a little bit too true.  His brother hasn’t stopped making googley eyes at you for the last half an hour.  When you get up to help Niall’s mother get things ready for dinner, you hear Niall’s brother whisper to him, “You’ve definitely got a good looking lady on your hands! OW!”  You chuckle, knowing Niall had probably decked his brother for that remark.

Louis:  Louis is very eager to introduce you to his mom.  You hadn’t been dating long, but because you and he both knew this was leading into something more serious, he’d been very enthusiastic over the idea of introducing you to his family.  You sit at a table in a restaurant waiting for Louis’ mom and sisters to arrive.  Once they do, they all take to you almost immediately, his sisters even inviting you along on the big shopping trip they are planning for the following weekend.  As all you girls talk animatedly about all sorts of girly things, Louis sits back and observes, pleased that everyone is getting along so splendidly.

Zayn:  “Well, I made a fabulous first impression, didn’t I?” you ask Zayn sarcastically as you drive home from being at his parents’ house that day for a holiday cookout.  “It’s fine, quit worrying about it so much,” he tells you, placing a comforting hand on your knee as he drives.  “No, it’s not fine, Zayn!  I almost burned the entire deck off the house!”  Zayn lets out a small laugh at the memory.  “Baby, it’s not your fault the sparkler embers fell on the deck.”  You shoot him a nasty glare because it was, in fact, your fault that a small fire had erupted on the deck step.  He catches the look out of the corner of his eye.  “Hey, the bottom line is that they still loved you anyways, so obviously you did something right today.”  You give a half-shrug.  “Yeah, I guess you’re right.  But I’m never gonna be able to look them in the eye again,” you tell him.

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