78. You Catch Your Child Having Sex

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Louis: He carried groceries in from the car as you closed the trunk, locking placing the alarm on. “Hey we’re home!” Louis calls, letting the groceries down on the counter, a few cans spilling from the bag, rolling into the floor. “I said we’re home!” He yells again, waiting for your son to come do his job, a weekly chore that have him the money to take his girlfriend out, putting the groceries away and then taking the trash out. “He’s probably listening to his music, I’ll go get him.” You say smiling softly at him. You pad up the steps and pause at the door hearing girlish giggles, and the sound of skin being sucked. Knocking you peek into the slightly opened door, seeing him perched over a skinny frame, lips connected, hips working in circular motions. Quickly you jump away from the door and cover your mouth then your ears trying to make the vision go away while staying quiet. Stumbling downstairs, you start to put the groceries away as Lou’s frowns. “Where is he?” He asks as you shake your head rapidly. “He and his girlfriend are a bit busy.” You say as he realizes wheat you were trying to say. “Ten lets head back out.” He takes your hand, walking outside, leaving the house for your son alone.

Zayn: The anniversary party your daughter had thrown for your 30 year anniversary was going smooth. Both of your kids with their families, wives, husbands and grandchildren all frolicking and mingling through the house as music played in the background, friends telling old stories to entertain. Heading to the bathroom, you open the door, not seeing the light on, assuming no one was in there until a shriek of terror from your daughter who was perched on the sink as her husband pounded into her. Immediately, your face spreads to shock as he stops, and looks in a panicked daze from her to you. “M- mum, I-” he eyes close as she pants “It’s not what it looks like.” As you shake your head, starting to close the door, “I don’t want to know, I didn’t see anything.” You say closing the door, shaking your head clear. Heading back to the party you keep an eye out for them and when they finally do come back she looks apologetic, but you shake your head and mumble to her “How do you think you were made?”

Harry: "What if he’s still asleep." you whisper to Harry as he held a tray with all of your son’s favorite breakfast foods. It was his birthday today and even though he said he didn’t want to do anything, that didn’t stop Harry or yourself from wanting to. "So we’ll wake him up. It’s not that big of a deal." he shrugs, stepping on the last step, as you go to knock on his door. Harry quickly shakes his head and smirks "Come on it’s a surprise, just open it." you nod and open his door, say "Happy Birthday!" as there’s a quick movement in attempt for him to hide himself. There was no one else in the room, but that hadn’t stopped him from giving himself an early birthday present. "Oh man!" Harry says quickly setting the tray down, as you frown, not having seen anything. As you try to question, Harry quickly takes your hand and pulls you from the room. "W- what? Why did we leave?" you frown as Harry walks downstairs quickly. "You know how I get off when we’re fighting, or you’re tired?" he asks, sitting at a stool in front of the island in the kitchen. "Yeah…" you say, not connecting the dots at first, until he raises an eyebrow, your face turning from confusion to realization. "Oh. Ew." you cringe as Harry laughs weakly. "Just giving himself an early birthday present." he shrugs leaving the subject alone until your son comes down a bit later where there were jokes galore.

Niall: You heard the suppressed moans and groans coming from the coat closet, and immediately you looked for your daughter. She was a newlywed, and you were shocked that even after coming back from their honeymoon, he was making passes at her. Although you bit your tongue, you still saw the teasing under the table, the look of pleasure in her eyes, NIall hadn’t seen, he was too busy talking with your new son in law about sports as she writhed in need. You had been there yourself, Niall doing the same at dinner parties, award shows, anything that could get you both caught he tried. It shocked you that they had been arroused enough to try something like this at your parents house, but tgen agsin yku had been tgere before too. Quickly tapping Niall’s shoulder you mumble your discovery. Quietly knocking on the door, he asks “Uhh I don’t mean to.inturrupt but could you come out here please?” There was a shifting and zipping of zippers from her dress and his pants. A moment later, the door opened as your daughter tried to fix the mess that had become her hair. “What are you doing?!!” He scolds as she looks down to her black flats. “At your grandparents house, you should be ashamed.” Her husband speaks up quietly, “Its not what it seems.” He begins before Niall can cut him off he starts again “She’s ovulating. We aren’t just messkng around, we’re trying to get pregnant.” He smiles softly holding her close to him. “I- hum well then I suppose you two should get out of here before your grandma has a heart attack when she hears you.” You say as he smiles and takes your daughrers hand. “Thanks.” He says pulling her outside as Niall sighs softly “Well looks like we cant leave early now.” He chuckles as you hit his chest. “Oh shut it babe, or you’re not getting lucky tonight.”

Liam: He had just gotten home from a long tour, and he had missed you, seemingly a bit more each time he left. As you stumble into the house, lips connected his fingers tangled on your hair he mumbles, “Where is she?” She being your 15 year old daughter. “U- upstairs.” You moan as the back of your knees hit the frame of the couch, Liam’s lips sucking harshly on your own. “Give me two minutes to sag hello then I’ll send her to the mall and we can move this go ghd bedroom. Okay?” He asks gently pulling his lips from yours as you groan at the loss of contact. He quickly takes the stairs up, taking two at a time. Quickly knocking on the door he enters without waiting for a response. A second later his voice ks booming “Get the hell away from her!” Quickly you run ul to the bedroom panic spreading through you quickly. “Babe?!” You ask scared until you see why he had grown so angry. He had probably seen more than you had, but before you was your daughter and a boy struggling to pull his pants up, Liam’s face red and angry. “You are grounded forever.” He says pointing a long finger to her as she cowered under her blanket trying to cover herself. “And you, I don’t wan to see you here again.” He says rage taking his mind over. The boy nods and quickly shuffles out of her room as Liam scolds “What are you even thinking? You’re 15 not 20 or even 18. Now you’re going to get dressed and we’re going to have a serious talk.” He quickly walks down the stairs as you sigh flowing him, trying to calm him, “Li, they’re teenagers you know what we were like when we were.” You say finger playing with the bottom of his shirt, his eyes softening a bit. “I guess, but still she’s too young.” You nod in agreement. “But lets try not to embarrass her too much, okay?” “Okay.” He says kissing your head. “So I guess this postpones our activities?” He asks as you giggle “Definitely does babe, definitely does.”

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