62. He Gets Hurt A Little And You Help Him

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Liam: "Ow! Jeez,". You look up from doing your work at the sound of someone crying out, looking over and seeing Liam Payne staring down at his hand in concentration. "What's up Liam?" the photographer, your boss, shouts back, putting down his camera. "Papercut," Liam replies, dropping the newspaper he'd been using as a prop to his feet, "Who'd have thought a little tiny cut would have so much blood?". Zayn pushes his band mates arm away, who'd been jokingly pushing it towards his face, "Uh, thats gross Liam,". "(Y/N)," you look over at your boss as he speaks quietly to you, "You know where the first aid stuff is right? Go get a plaster or something for Mr Payne," you nod, walking away straight away, hearing him shout after you, "Make sure it's a flesh coloured one too, that will be easier to edit out!". When you return to Liam, you offer him the plaster at the same time as he holds out his hand to you, looking at you expectantly. You roll your eyes, securing the plaster to his skin, "There you are Mr Payne, all good,". He smiles warmly over at you, "Thanks. And it's Liam - I think since you just saved my life we should at least be on a first name service...?" he trails off. "(Y/N)," you finish for him before laughing slightly, "And I wouldn't exactly say it was a life threatening injury or anything,". You watch him shrug, "Well you never know," he joins in with your laughter, "Blood loss and all that,".

Louis: You were a runner backstage of One Directions tour, and had just dropped off the coffee one of the bosses wanted and making your way back towards the lounge area when a loud bang behind you made you spin around. You bite back a laugh at the sight of Louis spread-eagled on the floor, groaning as he clutches his head, a door swinging shut in front of him. You wander back over to him, offering him a hand to help him up which he gladly takes, and you tease, "There was a door there Louis,". "Yeah, I know," he scowls, rubbing his head still, "A bloody solid one too,". You roll your eyes, which then widen as he pulls his hand away, "God Louis, you must have ran into it hard, you're getting a bloody lump,". He groans, "I'm meant to be going on stage in an hour," he frowns down at his watch, as if that will somehow make the time change. "Come on," you roll your eyes, taking his wrist and dragging him through the canteen and into the kitchen area. "Here," you offer him a teatowel filled with ice to hold to his head. You laugh as he winces at the coldness, and he playfully sticks his tongue out at you, "You shouldn't be laughing, i'm in pain here (Y/N)!". You wince slightly at the sight of what was quickly becoming a bruise on his forehead, "Ugh, make-up are going to love you,". He winks, "They do already,".

Niall: "Ow ow ow," Niall whines, his face screwed up in pain. You look over at him, eyebrow raised, "Whats up with you mardy bum?". "Pins and needles in both my feet," he groans, wincing as he tries to move one of his legs, "Bloody hurts,". You laugh, ignoring the glare he sends your way, "When I was little I always used to get my brother to stand on my feet when I had pins and needles,". "What?" he looks over at you confused, "How is that meant to help?". You shrug, "No idea. Always worked for me though,". Niall smiles, "Come on then, come stand on me feet," you go to protest, but Niall holds out his hands to quieten you, reminding you, "You were the one who suggested it,". You take hold of both his hands, so as to keep your balance, looking up at him questionably, "Prepare to have your feet flattened,". He rolls his eyes, tugging at your hands slightly, "I think I can manage,". You step onto his feet, a blush spreading across your cheeks at how close the two of you were. "You were right," Niall whispers a few moments later, and you look up to find him looking right down at you, just centimetres away, "It does work,". "See," you grin, stepping back onto solid ground, laughing slightly, "I'm a magician,".

Harry: You'd decided to take your dog for a walk on the beach. It was completely abandoned except for a group of boys of a similar age to you not too far in front of you - it was in the evening after all. You're about to head home when you catch sight of one of the boys ahead fall on the floor, the other boys yelling over to you. "Whats happened?" you ask as you jog over, eyes widening as you get close enough to see who they were - One Direction. "He's been stung by a jellyfish," Liam replies, looking at his friend worriedly. "I uh, huh?" you're torn between confusion of the situation and nervousness because of their fame as you mutter, "But I... What do you want me to do about it?". "Can't you help?" Niall turns to look at you, puppy dog eyes in place. You hold your hands up in front of you helplessly, "I don't know what to do, what do you want me to do?". You look at Harry lying in the sand as he groans, "Some mouth to mouth would be good right now,". The boys around you start to laugh, and look at eachother cheekily, and you shake your head, laughing at Harry peeking at you from the corner of his eye. You take a step forward, "You know, i'm pretty sure you only have to give mouth to mouth when someones been drowning or something,". "Boys," he shouts suddenly, much louder than before, "Roll me into the sea!".

Zayn: You look up at the sound of the door opening, and eyes widen as you catch sight of Zayn, his nose bleeding, "What happened to you? Been getting into fights,". "Ha," he replies shortly, tilting his head back, and you jump up out of your seat. "No, you'e not meant to lean your head back, forward," you instruct, getting some tissues from the side, "And pinch your nose,". He looks over at you in annoyance, "But then it's going to go all over my clothes,". "Oh boo hoo," you tease, "It's not like you can't afford to get some more, or you know, you could just wash it,". As the flow of blood from his nose stops, you hand him a few more tissues to wipe around his face. "Thanks," he mutters with a small smile. "Your welcome," you grin, "How exactly did you end up in this state anyway?". Zayn instantly frowns, "Louis doesn't have a very good aim. Hit me straight in the face. Hey it's not funny, it hurt!" he scowls, hitting you playfully, but it only serves to worsen your laughter.

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