57. How You Sleep

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Louis: *last night* Louis was out of town for a week and you missed him terribly. He promised to call you when he would come back but he still didn’t. Last night, you we’re cuddled up in one of his hoodies on the couch, watching tv with the volume pretty loud. Your favorite tv show was on and you didn’t hear the door of your flat open. Suddenly, your eyes are covered by the familiar hands of Lou. “Guess who!”he said. “Who?”you giggled “It’s me! LOU!” You jumped off the couch and jumped into his arms. You hugged him tightly and you two shared a passionate kiss. You were pretty tired so he led you to the bedroom. As both of you undressed, he talked about how much he missed you and what he did while he was gone. Both of you got into bed, cuddled and you fell asleep in each others arms. 

Zayn: The only thing you two love better than each other: SLEEP.*the day before* He had a very busy day at the studio and you had a stressful day at school/work. You both came home at the same time as everyday and you two took a relaxing bath together. Then you dried yourselves and went directly to bed. You snuggled close together and both of you fell into a peaceful, deep sleep~ until the freaking alarm clock ruined the moment and woke you up. Then you greeted each other with kisses and got on with your busy day.

Liam: Management agreed to you coming on tour with the band. You and Liam we’re more than happy about it. You were jumping and hopping the whole day because you couldn’t keep your excitement inside. On the tour bus, you started to drift off to sleep. You laid your head on Liam’s lap as he stroked your hair. That made you more tired so you closed your eyes and took a nap. Liam got tired as well and fell asleep.

Harry: When he got home from the studio, he took you to a romantic date at the beach. You two laid on the sand, holding hands, and just looking in each others eyes with the sound of calm waves slightly crashing in the background. The stars in the sky shone brightly and the moon was full. You began drifting to sleep as he carried you bridal styles with your head at the crook of his neck. Your eyes were closed and he brought you home. He tucked you in, kissed your neck and snuggled in next to you with his forehead on yours. “Goodnight, beautiful. Sweet dreams” He whispered and ran his fingers through your hair. You woke up with a huge smile on your face the next morning. 

Niall: You and Niall came home from a large dinner party yours and his parents threw in celebration of his second album coming out. You two, being the people who could eat absolutely everything, ate as much as you can. You we’re so full, you couldn’t even stand up. You were still at your parents house, so you and Niall crashed put on the couch and went into a food coma. It was kinda hard to sleep with the light of the living room still shining so you covered both of your eyes with your arm. He hummed until both of you guys fell asleep. The next morning, you woke up with empty stomachs and ate almost all of the leftovers from lat night. Woah. FOOOD<33

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