99. You Sing A One Direction Song And He Joins In

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Harry: You finally moved into your brand new flat. It was close to your boyfriend Harry flat, so you were thrilled to be there. All of your furniture was moved in, so you decided to turn on the stereo and start to decorate your bedroom. You had a stack of pictures that you wanted to hang up, so you put in the new One Direction CD and began to sing along to your boyfriend. You didn’t realize that you left the door unlocked. The music was blasting and you were engulfed in your pictures. Rock Me came on and you loved that song. It reminded you of you and Harry’s relationship. You began to sing loudly to the song when all of a sudden you heard someone moaning every beat. You turned around and saw Harry smiling at you. “I want you to Rock me.” You and Harry sang together. He jumped onto your bed and pulled you down with him. You giggled as he continued to sing. “Hit the pedal heavy metal show me you care.” Harry whispered in your ear. You giggled. “Love, I love the new place.” Harry said and kissed your lips. “And nice singing by the way.” Harry said and winked.

Liam: You were alone at your flat. You were nice and relaxed, so you decided to read a magazine. You had the radio turned on and you would casually hum along to the songs. You knew Liam would be home any minute, but when Live While We’re Young came on the radio, you didn’t care if Liam saw you. You loved the song so much. You loved to just dance along. You began to sing along with your boyfriend. “Hey girl I’m waiting on ya. I’m waiting on ya.” You began to sing obnoxiously as you began to jump and dance around the living room. You heard the door close and you saw Liam grinning. “Come on and let me sneak you out.” Liam sang. You smiled as Liam ran over to you and began to dance with you. You were both singing so loud that the neighbors probably heard you. You didn’t care because you were having so much fun with your boyfriend. “Let’s go crazy crazy crazy till we see the sun.” Liam yelled as he grabbed you and picked you up. The song was almost over and you two were laughing and singing along. Liam dropped you on the couch and sat next to you. The song finally finished and you were both out of breath. “Now that’s what I call fun.” Liam said and kissed you.

Niall:  You were taking a shower and had your iPod on shuffle. A song came up and it was Heart Attack from your boyfriend Niall’s band. You smiled because you loved this song for many reasons. You smiled as you began to sing along. Niall wasn’t home, so you decided to belt out the song. You were about to the get to the chorus when all of a sudden Niall walked in and sang “ow”. You laughed out loud as Niall sang the song with you. “Your all I ever wanted.” Niall screamed at the top of his lungs. “Thanks baby. That’s just what I needed when I’m in the shower.” You said and laughed. “Ow.” Niall yelled again and laughed. “You know I find that very hot.” You said. “Well I’m glad you do baby.” Niall said and left the bathroom. You smiled as he left the door halfway open. “Have a nice shower baby.” Niall said and closed the door. You smiled as you heard Niall continuing to sing the song.

Louis: Living with Louis was amazing, but Louis always left the house a mess. You decided that you were going to clean everything today. You grabbed the broom and turned on the stereo. You laughed because Louis left his newest CD in the stereo, so you decided to listen to the entire CD. As you continued to clean the house, your favorite song to dance to came on. C’mon C’mon began to play and you began to dance around with the broom. You used it as a microphone as you began to sing the first part of the song. Louis was out for the day, so you didn’t expect him to come back anytime soon. “C’mon c’mon.” You began to sing into the broom. “Ain’t no way you’re walking out.” Louis sang from behind you. You jumped out of your skin and laughed as Louis took the other broom and used it as his microphone. “Yeah I’ve been watching you all night.” You and Louis both yelled with each other. Louis threw down the broom and began to dance along to the song. You threw down yours and danced along with him. When the song finally finished, you were both in a fit of laughter. “Nice singing love.” Louis said and kissed your forehead. You laughed as you grabbed your broom and began to clean up again. “Just trying to clean the house love.” You said and smiled. Louis grabbed the broom and helped you.

Zayn: Since Zayn didn’t know how to drive, you decided to pick him up from the studio and let him stay at your flat for the rest of the day. You were stuck in traffic for most of the time, so you decided to sing along to Zayn’s newest album. I Would came on and you began to dance and sing along. You loved this song so much because it was so catchy. You pulled into the recording studio and you didn’t care if Zayn heard you or not. Zayn opened the car door and sat down. He let out a loud sigh as you turned to him and began to sing. ”It feels like I’m constantly playing.” You sang and smiled. Zayn let out a loud sigh. “Babe I’m not in the mood right now.” He said and sighed. You sang louder.  “He’s got 27 tattoos.” You smiled. “Would he say he’s in L-O-V-E? Well if it was me then I would.” Zayn sang with you. You laughed and sang back up to your boyfriend. You both sang the rest of the song with each other. As soon as it was over Zayn took your hand and kissed it. “Thanks babe I needed that.” Zayn said and smiled. “Anything for you.” You said and laughed. 

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