107. You Fall Out Of Bed

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Harry - half-caught in a dream you weren’t fond of, you didn’t feel too much of his six-foot frame knocking legs against yours, shuffling beside you before resting still. You knocked to the other side, twitching limbs against your own nightmare, rolling one more time and yelping out as you gasped awake, falling out of bed and onto the floor. “Babe? Babe?” Harry’s voice boomed and he rolled over seconds later, out of the bed and scooping you into his arms, “babe? What the hell?”

"I…" you searched around yourself for your arm, still asleep, "I fell…" you looked up into his eyes, all knotted and worried, "out of bed…" you finished lamely. 

"Don’t," he shook out the single word, "do that to me again. You scared the hell outta me…" he waited for your smile, the one he knew was coming, tugging the corners of his own mouth like your shoulders shrugging up, "you really are a goof, aren’t you?"

Liam - you rolled over the wrong way, thinking it might’ve been a dream before you collided with the floor and squealed out, knocking your elbow all shaken awake, flipping your hair out of your face after some modicum of vision in the dark. Liam blurred a little groaning up and feeling for you around the sheets, “whoa, babe… (Y/N)?”

"Yep, down here…" you groaned, tucking your legs up and rubbing your elbow, "I kind of fell… out of bed…"

"What?" Liam threw back the covers and stalked the outline of the bed to get to you, topless in a pair of sweats, he bent down and took your elbow in his hands, "are you okay?"

"Yeah, I just… hit my elbow," you smiled at your stupidity. 

"Hang on," he leapt up, "I’ll grab a bandaid," he crossed the room into the ensuite, flicking the light switch, "and some iodine, do you need a pain killer as well?"

"Liam, I’m fine, I…"

"I’ll get you some balm to rub on there as well, just let me find that measuring cup…"

"Liam, really, I’m…"

"And I might call the doctor, are they open this late? I think so… I’ll call…"

Louis - one arm already slumped over the edge of the bed, wrist bent and fingertips grazing the floor, you shook a little when your dream turned you inside out, and you flipped, enough that the sheets couldn’t catch you and you snapped awake in time to hit the floor hard, screaming out as you fell from the edge of the bed, your body slumping. “(Y/N)!” Louis snapped up in bed, blind eyes searching for you, until he could leap the distance and crouch down to pick you up in his arms, cradled to his chest, “babe, are you okay? What happened?”

"I’m fine," you patted one hand to your forehead, "just fell out of bed, don’t worry, I’m okay… being an idiot as usual…"

"Babe," he took one cheek and held it, easing you up until he could lay you down on the mattress again, in the middle so you couldn’t roll too hard, "I love you and your idiot-ness, it’s adorable…"

Zayn - you couldn’t sleep and for whatever reason shifted around the mattress down, Zayn all soundless beside you on his stomach with lips a little parted and every exhale peaceful, your own hands flitting by the blankets, lifting them up and down to try and pacify the temperature of your body. You felt one section resistant and tugged with scrunched fists a little too hard, flying back when it came loose, a yelp escaping out of you when you felt one hand on your arm, keeping you from falling down the bed too hard. Zayn tugged you back with his arm outstretched, body barely moved as he helped you settle back into place. “Babe,” he mumbled out, still on his front, cheek pressed to the pillow.

"Yeah?" You managed as you settled a little more. 

"Don’t fall out of the bed again, okay? Superman needs to sleep…"

Niall - too deep in a dream you couldn’t shake, you kicked a little under the covers and tore your arms around, like you were running but you didn’t know it, knocking further and further until you shuttered awake, falling out of bed before you could catch the covers and keep yourself there, “ah, Ni!”

"Whoa…" you heard Niall a little startled in the dark, waking up, "babe, where are you?" He almost laughed at the words. 

"Down here," you mumbled, easing up until you could tack your chin on the edge of the bed, and huff a sigh, finding his eyes when he leant in and kissed your forehead. 

"What are you doin’ down there, babe?" He teased, knocking the tip of his nose against yours. 

"Shut up," you grumbled, and let him help you back up onto the bed, "I swear, if you laugh at me for this…"

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