30. One Of the Boys Interrupts An Intimate Moment

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HARRY:  You and Harry had escaped the company of your friends in search of a little alone time.  Liam and Niall are building a fire in the fire pit while Louis and Zayn toss around a Frisbee.  They hadn’t even seemed to notice your exit.  You cuddle up in the corner of the living room on an arm chair and Harry is soon kissing you.  Harry is well aware of the fact that you only have a bra underneath your zip up hoodie, and he wastes no time in unzipping it.  Just as he’s reaching around to unclasp your bra, Liam walks into the room.  You both stop what you’re doing to look at Liam, whose mouth is gaping open.  “Oh.  Uh.  Sorry.  Right then…” and with that he turns around and leaves the room.  You and Harry start laughing at your friend’s expense.  “He’s probably not gonna look us in the eye for a week,” Harry says with a chuckle before carrying on with what he’d been doing before the interruption.

LIAM:  You’re enjoying a romantic, snowy afternoon at home with Liam, sitting in front of a crackling fire with soft music playing to fill the air.  One thing leads to another and soon your clothes are shred from your bodies and strewn about the floor.  You both freeze when you hear your back door open.  Liam throws a large blanket around the two of you just as Niall walks into the room.  “Niall!  What are you doing here?” Liam tries to laugh off casually.  Niall takes one look at the two of you wrapped up in the blanket, Liam still covering your body with his own.  “Oh Jesus Christ…  I’m so sorry!  I should have called… I was just dropping off that thing you wanted and - oh my God.”  Niall puts whatever it was he had come to drop off down on the coffee table before turning on his heel and leaving the house.  You and Liam laugh.  “Did you see how red his face got?” you ask.  Liam nods, pressing his smiling mouth to yours.

NIALL:  You and Niall are engaged in some pretty forceful kissing, and a bit of groping is underway.  You’re so engrossed in one another that you don’t hear the door open.  You carry on for a moment or two longer before, “Might be easier if you just take her shirt off, you know,” Louis speaks, giving his not-so-helpful advice and causing you and Niall to stop what you’re doing.  You’re both a bit frozen in shock over being caught and it takes a second for Niall’s brain to register enough to tell him to pull his hand out from under your shirt.  You and Niall both just blush until Louis finally turns around and leaves the room shouting, “Hey, Harry!  Guess what our little Nialler and [Y/N] were just up to!” as he goes.  You and Niall laugh awkwardly as you get up to smooth yourselves out a bit before rejoining your friends to face the loving ridicule you know is about to come your way.

LOUIS: You and Louis hadn’t seen much of each other the whole time he’d been home in between traveling.  Harry’d had the group over to his house for a little party, hangout time.  You and Louis sneak off to finally get some time alone with just the two of you.  Louis leads you into Harry’s room and you both curl up on the bed.  You cuddle up close and take in the little bit of quality time together.  Zayn wanders in, looking for you two.  Upon Zayn’s entrance, Louis jumps on top of you and hams it up.  “Ohhh, [Y/N],” he moans playfully as you laugh and try to push him off of you.  He throws in a few little humps for good measure, causing Zayn to laugh too.  “You are so ridiculous.  Have fun with whatever you’re doing…” Zayn says, shaking his head in amusement as he leaves.

ZAYN: You’re visiting Zayn while he’s on tour and during a little bit of downtime, you take it upon yourselves to cram yourselves into his bunk for a little bit of hands-on fun.  You’re giggling, being flirty, kissing, and just generally being lovey-dovey.  Harry hears you and sneaks over to rip back the curtain of the bunk and catch you two getting handsy.  Harry is greeted by the sight of Zayn’s hand resting on your outter thigh but tucked up under your skirt.  “Cheeky!” Harry grins approvingly.  Zayn laughs and tugs the curtain closed again, turning his attention back to you as you hear Harry walking off laughing.

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