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121. BMS He Tickles You

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Harry, age 15: “Cheer up babes, she’s coming back.” Harry shrugged. Your best friend went away for camp for a while, and it would be a few weeks until she came back. “But then I’ll be bored, I won’t have anything to do! There’s no one I want to do anything with!” You whine, and you watch Harry smirk, his dimples indenting his cheek deeply. “You have me.” He grins. “Yeah, but you’re— you.” You giggle, and Harry raises his eyebrows. “Oh really?” Harry teases, and his fingers trail up to your side, tickling you as you giggle and scream. “Stop!”

Niall, age 3: “Say it!” Niall pins you down again, tickling you. “No! Never!” You squeal, kicking your legs about in desperation to stop Niall tickling. “Say it and I’ll stop!” “Niall is the best big brother ever!” You shriek, and he stops. You gasp and giggle for air. “Ye tired?” Niall asks, watching you breath heavily. “I take back.” You slyly smirk. “Take back what, princess?” “What me said.” You giggle and run away, faster as you hear his footsteps prod loudly against the creaking floorboards. “I’ll get ye for that!” He calls you, still running.

Louis, age 18: “Talk to me. Talk to me.” Louis begged again, poking your cheek repetitively. You were mad at Lou because he promised he would pick you up after your ballet lesson, but he wasn’t there. So, you walked home in the rain. “Pleeeaseeee..” He pleaded again. You stayed silent. “Fine.” He grumbled. The next thing you know, you’re being tickled by Lou, tummy hurting from laughing so hard, “Lou! Stop! I’ll talk to you!” You squeak. “That’s what I wanna hear.”

Liam, age 5: “I’m gonna get you!” Liam laughed, chased after you as you ran through the arena. For a little girl, you had plenty of energy, and it was good to be wasting it. “No!” You squeal as he pick you up and spins you around, pinning you down on the ground and tickling you. “Li! Stop!” You shrieked, giggling like crazy. “What do you say?” He teases, continuing to tickle you, smiling brightly as the crinkles near his eyes subsided. “I love you! Stop Li, please!”

Zayn, age 2: “Zaynie! Please!” You squealed. “Leave the poor girl alone, Z.” Perrie laughs, watching Zayn tickle you, “Yeah!” You giggled again, squirming and kicking as he tickled you- he knew every tickly place you had, from the least tickliest to the most. “Then say, I love Zayn and he’s the better Malik!” Zayn chuckles. “She’s two!” “I wanna hear her say it!” Zayn sticks his tongue out, and you giggle as he stops. “Not saying it!” You squirm out of his grip and run away, only hearing Perrie teasing Zayn and him getting up to run after you.

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