126. BSM You Miss Your Mom

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Niall, age 15: You let another sob escape your lips, today was the anniversary were, sadly, your mother passed away. “Don’t cry, love. I’m gonna start crying too,” your brother comforted you, patting your back in a soothing motion. “I just miss her is all,” you sighed, wiping your tears away. “Me too, but we can’t just mourn okay? We have to do what mum told us before she left. Try the best we can to stay happy.” He hugged you, and you nodded. “I miss you mum,” you whispered, clutching her necklace tightly, and following Niall into the living room, where you and him had the meal your mum always cooked, and dedicated the rest of the day to her.

Zayn, age 4: “Zaynieeee!” You shrieked, gaining his attention from his conversation with Louis. “Yes bug?” He smiled, and you sighed sadly. You were on tour with Zayn for a while now, and you were missing your mum, “Can we go see mummy?” You huffed, crossing your arms against you chest. “Alright, lemme say bye to Lou, alrighty?” He replied, turning back to Louis and giving him a man-hug, while you waved him a bye, and rushed to his bunk, where his laptop lay. “Were gonna see mummy!” You squealed, watching as he opened up Skype. The screen rang, and if a few seconds, your mum appeared on the screen. “Mummy!” You yelled, and Zayn chuckled beside you. For the most part of the night, you talked to her, until Zayn said you had to go bed because it was late.

Harry, age 3: Harry had to babysit you because your mum had to work overtime, and you were happy, you never minded your brother. But today you were extremely clingy, and you really needed you mum. “Want mummy!” You screamed, throwing a tantrum, while Harry gave you a stern look. “Stop screaming (Y/N) Styles!” He scolded, making you cry even more. His face softened, and he calmed you down. “We can call mummy, I promise. She’s probably on her way home, okay love?” You nodded, sniffing while he dialled your mum, just her voice making you melt into Harry’s arms, and he sighed happily, not having to deal with your tantrums anymore.

Louis, age 16: “I miss mum,” You sigh, sinking into your brothers arms. “Just a few more weeks,” your brother smiled, and you grinned at him. “How do you do this? I can barely stay days away from mum and you stay months!” You chirped and he nodded. “That’s true.” He smirked, and then continued. “Anyway, how about we call mum?” He suggested and you nodded. You had decided to come on your with Louis, and after just a few days you were already missing your mum, loads. “Hello?” Your mum called out from the phone, and you squealed in excitement. “Mum! I miss you so much!” You smiled, and continued to talk to your mum, while Louis say there just listening to you and your mum’s silly convos.

Liam, age 7: Your mum was in the hospital, she was unfortunately feeling very sick, and they found out she had the flu. Because your mum was feeling quite ill, and there weren’t a lot of people to look after her, they decided to keep her in hospital until she feels better. “Li? Can we go see mum today? I miss her so much!” You sighed, resting your chin on the palm of your hand. “Sure bug, you wanna go now? And we can get some flowers on the way.” He smiled, and you nodded, gladly. You made your way to the hospital with Liam, (getting the flowers first of course!) and going to see her. When you were finally there, you were very happy to see your mum, giving her her ‘get well soon’ bouquet, and a big hug, staying there for a while until visiting hours were over, before returning home with Liam.

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