51.He Cheats, Your Pregnant, He Leaves, You Run Into Him 5Years Later Part1

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Louis: He seemed so distant since he went to home to Doncaster to see his family. He never really mentioned how it went. Usually he is really excited to tell you about all the fun things he did with his sisters and places they went. All he said was “it was nice.” You had really exciting news to tell him, too. But, you wanted to wait a little longer to tell him that you were pregnant, not wanting to catch him at a bad time. Who knows how he would take the news? …A few days later you decided that you’d pop into his flat to surprise him with the news. You knew that he usually goes to the gym around eight in the evening, so you decide to brake into the flat a little after eight to surprise him with the great news by putting balloons all over the living room and a ‘Daddy-to-Be’ mug, just for him. …Once you unlocked the front door to his flat, you peep your head in making sure no one is there. But, you heard a strange moaning sound coming from his bedroom. “Lou! Louis! Are you alright?” you yell, dashing to his bedroom. You stand with your jaw dropped. Louis and another woman, naked in his bed. “What the fuck, Louis!?” Tears streaming down your face. “I-I can explain, [y/n]!” “No! Save it! Who do you think I am? What the hell?! Who is this slut?!” you point at the woman in his bed with him, speechless from your confrontation. You throw the ‘Daddy-to-Be’ mug at the wall, smashing it to pieces. “You are a piece of shit! You mind fuck!” You drop everything and run, run for blocks to your flat where you threw out everything of Louis’, going absolutely mental.


Five years has past since you last saw Louis. You were in the park playing with your son„ Noah. “Mommy, look at me! I can swing all by myself!” his little voice squeak out while pumping his legs on the swing. “Aw, I’m so proud of my little Noah! You are growing up so fast..” Your words trail off when you spot a familiar face from a distance. “No, it can’t be,” you say under your breath. You do a double-take."Oh, God." He’s approaching you. You freeze. You look down at your hands trying to ignore his presence. And then you feel a touch on your shoulder. "Hello love," he says with a smirk on his face. You don’t know why he is talking to you or why he is here. You are speechless. "Mum! Who’s that? Who is he? D’you know him?" Noah calls out from the swings. "One second hun, just keep practicing swinging," you encourage your son. Turning to Louis, you grit your teeth and say, "What gives you the right to talk to me.. after what you did?" your grudge obviously still burning within you. "I just, I. I saw what the mug said on it, and the balloons. And after what I did with that girl. I, er.. I was scared. I can’t handle being a dad, and you don’t deserve to be with someone who cheated on you.." Louis quickly confesses. "I don’t care, I’m never forgiving you. You didn’t just leave me, you left him," as you gestured to Noah, playing with no care in the world. "Wow, he has my eyes, and your smile.." Louis was in a trance, seeing his son for the first time. "And I have to look into those eyes everyday, reminding me of what you did to us," you hissed.

Liam: You hadn’t been feeling the best lately, so Liam suggested that you go visit a physician to be safe. When you arrived home from the doctor’s office you had some exciting news for Liam. It turned out that you had been pregnant for three weeks already! You weren’t sure how to tell him, or how he was going to take the news, but you had to tell him before someone else did.You push open the door to your flat and see Liam sitting on the counter, twiddling his thumbs. He looked nervous, a hint of worry in his puppy-dog eyes."Hey babe," you greet him warmly, "I have something to tell you." You try to conceal the smile that wants to creep onto your face."Me first," he says in a weak voice, "I have something to tell you as well." He doesn’t look up at you."Yeah, sure Li, go ahead," you didn’t have a clue what he was about to say."I don’t know how to say it in an easier way, but I’ve been cheating on you for the past few weeks," he stared at the floor, his shoulders sinking as he confessed."W-wha?" you gut wretches, and it wasn’t the baby causing your discomfort this time. "No, no, no," you sputtered out in disbelief."I’m sorry," he grabbed his jacket and walks out of the flat, not looking back. Silent tears roll down your cheeks as you stood in there with disbelief.

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