100. Sexual Truth Or Dare

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Liam: The boys and I had all had a few at this point and we were all seated on the floor of the huge kitchen in Liam’s flat with an empty beer bottle in the middle. The game had quickly gone sexual, everyone spilling their drunken truths about their sex lives.

Louis wound up a spin before it began whipping around in the circle. It circled a few more times before settling right on me. Louis grinned up at me before smiling.

"Dare." I said before he could ask. 

I was feeling daring, wanting to let loose a little bit, and I knew Louis would give me the best dare of the whole group. 

"I dare you to give Liam a kiss on your favorite part of his body." Louis challenged. Your mouth fell open because Louis knew exactly where your favorite part of Liam’s body was, and it was tucked into a pair of tight jeans. 

You nervously shuffled over in front of the handsome boy in front of you. All of their eyes were on you, slowly sipping their beers as they anticipated the inevitable of your kiss. You reached forward and unbuckled Liam’s pants before pulling the fly down. Your cheeks stung as you pulled down his boxers just far enough so his length was peaking out of them. 

The room was dead silent, everyone staring right at you, and your eyes glued to Liam. You slowly leaned forward, pressing your lips to the swelling head and moved away, blushing madly. 

When you looked up, you were met with the hungry gazes of the five boys, but none of them compared to the ones directly across from you.

Niall: The bottle was spinning, all the eyes watching it, fearing the mind of the spinner who’d choose their fate for this round. It slowly landed on Niall, who looked at Zayn with worry in his eyes. Zayn, however, looked happily between you and Niall before asking Niall.

"Dare." Niall said, feigning confidence in knowing he was probably to lose.

"I dare you to eat whipped cream off of Y/N’s navel." Zayn said. 

Niall was handed the cream and you were instructed to take off your pants, and by popular demand, your panties too. You had your legs tightly shut, covering yourself as Zayn sprayed the cream below your hips and just above your slit.

"Y/N, you’re going to have to relax for this if you want Niall to be able to do the dare properly." Louis scolded as Niall sat up on his knees in front of you. 

You slowly let go, and let Niall lay before you, his face right above your heat. His tongue slowly lapped up the cream, making the V-line down to where you were already dripping wet. He paused at the very top of you, a tiny bit of cream left over. 

His blue eyes stared into yours as he leaned down, pulling your thighs closer to him and licking straight up your slit to the very last bit of cream. You let a long moan, grabbing onto his hair as he moved back down, his lips wrapping around your clit and sucking hard. You wrapped your legs around his head as his tongue delved in between your lips, licking your clit before sliding down further to enter you with his tongue. 

You had your hands firmly gripping his blonde locks as he slowly brought you to an orgasm, your body shaking, toes curling as he licked you clean, coming up after and giving you a wink.

Zayn: "Y/N, I dare you to reenact your favorite porn scene with Zayn," Harry said, eyes glimmering with mischief. 

You gasped, and shook your head, “No! I can’t,” You said nervously.

"What? Too dirty for you?" Zayn taunted, his eyebrows wiggling.

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