133.BSM His Girlfriend Babysits you.

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Harry:   (age 2) Being only two, you didn't understand your brother had to record stuff with the band, and so when it was time for him to leave, you couldn't help but throw a tantrum. "NO! Hazza bear! Stay!" You screamed. He scooped you up and calmed yo, explaining he would be back soon. Nodding you walked back into Taylor's arms. "Bye babe!" He kissed, her while you dug your head into her neck. "Bye kitten!" He waved. As soon as the door shut your eyes watered. Taylor noticed this. "Don't cry bug! Lets have fun yeah?" She smiled. You nodded and ran to your room to fetch you Barbies. "Barbies!" You squealed. She chuckled, taking a Barbie a playing along. Soon enough you were beginning to tire out so you walked into her arms, rubbing your eyes with your fists. "Sleepie?" You yawned, giving your tired status away. She picked you up, grabbing your binky and your favourite toy, and lied down on the couch with you. By the time Harry came back both of you had passed out on the couch while Peppa Pig was playing in the background. He took a picture, tweeting "my two favourite girls passed out x" attached with the picture.

Liam:   (age 3) "Now baby, Li has to go to the studio, and I'll pop back soon. But meanwhile can you stay with Sophia?" He asked. Your eyes widened. "Sophia?" You gasped, smiling quickly. He nodded. Sophia was an amazing babysitter and you loved her to bits. You missed Danielle, but Sophia was amazing too! As if it was magic (which of course you believed in) she walked in full of your stuffed toys in her hand. "Yay! Sophiaaaaaaa!" You squealed. You just waved at Liam, nearly shooing him away while you grabbed your toys. "Bye Li" she smiled, and they kissed. "Ewwww!" You squirmed, they laughed "Buh-bye!" You waved. Dragging her to your room, you took your tea set out. "Tea?" You asked. "Yes please! Now (YN) is it true that Mrs Teddy likes Mr teddy?!" She gossiped, and you giggled and nodded, setting the cookies on their plates. "They don't know that though!" You whispered. After a fun filled day, Liam arrived home and you forced him to get in a tutu, while Sophia snapped a pic, and had to tweet it! "Nice going (YN)! I wouldn't b able 2 do that!" Soon enough #Liamis(YN)sPrincess was trending and so was #MummyDirectioner. 

Louis:   (age 2) tour time.. Everyone had to keep a close eye on you, you were always a curious kid. So when it was time for Louis to perform, he had Eleanor stay with you. She carried backstage, into the room were they always kept you and Lux. She carried you in, to find Lux and Lou inside watching the boys from the screen. "Hi Luxie!" Eleanor waved, setting you down next to her. You and Lux made Lou and Eleanor play everything with you. You turned to the screen, exactly when Louis was waving and you yelped "BOOBEAR!" And El laughed and nodded. You crawled over to her, digging your head into her neck. "Time for bed, eh little one?" She smiled t you. Lux was nearly passed out. She scooped you up, resting your head on her arm, while she supported your legs. "Nu-night El-Bear" you smiled, "I wuv you" and with that you were fast asleep. She smiled and settled you in with Lux, in the crib. Little did Eleanor or you know, is that he was standing there when you said "I love you" and had cherished the moment. He walked up to her and said, "you know I love you right?"

Zayn:   (age 3)"Now, go get your bag sweetie, he'll be here soon!" Your mum smiled. You hadn't seem Zayn since tour, and so he decided you were gonna stay with him for the weekend. "Okay mummie!" you squealed, running upstairs to get your bag. While you heading downstairs, the door bell rang and you ran towards the door. Your mum was already standing there, but Zayn wasn't. Only perrie. "Hi Pez! Where Zaynie?" You asked. She smiled. "Well love, Zayn got a last minute call from management about a meeting, so you can stay with me until he comes right?" You nodded in reply. You waved bye and soon enough you were at her and your brother's shared flat. "Pez? Can we bake cupcakes?" You giggled, patting your tummy, "Have you been around uncle Ni too much?" She laughed. Throughout the whole time, you and Perrie were making a mess in the Kitchen, but in the end, the results was delicious cupcakes. "Thank you Perrie!" you giggled. She snapped a picture of you in a chefs hat, along with a cupcake in your hand, texting it to Zayn and tweeting "Been around uncle @Niall_Official too much! Had fun making delicious treats - Perrie x"

Niall:   (age 2) "Now be good, Horan!" Niall smiled as he dropped you off at Demi's flat, kissing her bye and pecking your forehead. "Buh bye Ni!" You waved. "Okay squirt! You hungry?" she smiled, you nodded. Being a Horan was hard, you were hungry nearly all the time! "Macaroni and cheese?" she queried. "Yes pweaseee!" you giggled. She smiled wading off to the kitchen, leaving you in the living room, with your toys and the TV with 'Mickey Mouse clubhouse' on reruns. Being the curious child you are, you started to explore the house. Soon enough you found Demi's room, and makeup. You gasped silently and ran over and started putting loads on. Finishing applying all the make up, you ward Demi scramble for you, "(YN)?? sweetie?" she shouted, worried. She ran into her room to find you. "Boo!" You squealed. She laughed, "why did you put all this make up on sugar?" You shrugged, "I wanted to be pretty like you!" her smile dropped. "Babe, you don't have to wear makeup to be pretty! You're gorgeous without it!" you smiled."so why do you wear it Dem?" "I dunno babe" "Then take it off and I'll take mine too!" when both of you finished, it was a nice meal and when Niall came to pick you up he was glad to find out that his little sister convinced his beautiful girlfriend to remove all the trash on he face.

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