15. You Introduce Him To Thanksgiving

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NIALL: “You mean you have an entire day dedicated to eating?!” Niall asks you in absolute disbelief. You laugh and nod your head in confirmation. “Ireland should really have one of those! That’s got to be the best holiday ever invented!” You laugh again before asking, “So do you wanna come to dinner, or…” “Of course I do! Thanksgiving is my new favorite holiday and I haven’t even had one yet! Can’t go wrong with an entire day set aside for eating until you explode and then watching football until you fall asleep.” “You were definitely born in the wrong country,” you muse.

HARRY: “So why is it you celebrate Thanksgiving, exactly?” Harry asks you on the drive over to your parents’ house for dinner. “It’s to celebrate the friendship that the first settlers had with the Native Americans after they fled from…you know what? Nevermind. It’s not that important,” you finish quickly. “Sheesh…Thanksgiving, Fourth of July… America sure has a lot of anti-England holidays. Is it really safe for you to be dating an Englishman? I wouldn’t want them to stone you in the town square or anything,” he teases. You laugh and shove his shoulder playfully. “Shut up.” He laughs too before adding, “Just making sure!”

LOUIS: “A guy could get used to this,” Louis says through a contended sigh, leaning back in the recliner and pillowing the back of his head in his palms. “Yeah? Why’s that?” you question, climbing into his lap and curling up against him. “I played soccer with your little cousins all morning, then ate until it hurt, spent all evening watching football and sleeping, and now I get to cozy up with my girl all night. And you know what you did? Cooked and cleaned for me,” he finishes with a huge smirk on his face. You roll your eyes and bat at his chest lightly. He chuckles and wraps his arms around you, pulling you in closer to him.

LIAM: “Need any help, love?” Liam asks, coming up behind you as you and your mom bicker with your aunt and your grandmother over who was supposed to be in charge of the sweet potatoes. “Stir that,” you bark distractedly, pointing at a pot on the stove. Liam does as instructed. Once the hen fight dies down, you turn your attention back to your boyfriend. “Sorry about that,” you apologize. He just smiles at you. “Nothing to worry about. Looks like Thanksgiving is basically the same thing as Christmas. Just without the bonus of presents.” You chuckle at his observation. “You pretty much hit the nail on the head with that one.”

ZAYN: “What exactly do people wear for Thanksgiving?” Zayn asks, pulling things out of the closet. “Whatever you want really. My family is really casual about it – jeans and a t-shirt is perfectly fine.” Zayn nods and considers this. “What are you so worked up about?” you press after watching him for a minute longer. “This is my first American holiday – I don’t want to mess it up!” You laugh and get up from your position on the bed to join him by the closet. “You won’t mess it up, you nut!” you tell him affectionately as you wrap your arms around his waist and peer into the closet to help him find your favorite shirt of his.

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