76. He Brings Home A Sex Toy

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Liam: A bit shy, he hands you the bag. “What’s this?” you question opening it, feeling around, fingers fastening around a cylindrical object. “Is this what I think it is??” you question, pulling a large purple vibrator from the bag. His cheeks a deep red, you bite your lip, walking closer to him. Nibbling on his ear, you whisper “Something special you have in mind for this Mr. Payne?” his breathing becoming a bit uneven. Pulling him by the collar of his shirt, you lay him on the bed, where he shows you his special plan for the toy.

Zayn: “Baby, I think that part goes over there.” he murmurs, anxious to put this together. He had splurged for your anniversary for a sex swing, something he had always wanted to try. “I dunno, doesn’t it make more sense for this piece to go here, I mean that way I swing like this?” you ask, moving your hips forward. He bites his lip hard, and nods “Guess it does love.” You nod, and he drops the piece, scooping you in his arms, pushing his lips to yours. “I thought you wanted to use it babe.” you mumble and he smirks :Maybe for round two babe.”

Niall: “I dunno baby.” you say, a bit nervous. NIall had gone out for a guy’s night, and had come back with a nipple clamp. “Come on, it’s just like my fingers, except now I can use my fingers elsewhere.” he teases, and you practically melt into him, crashing your lips to his. Proud of himself, he makes quick work, pushing you to the bed, ripping your shirt off. Using the device turned out to be a great pleasure, and after you say that you wouldn’t mind using it more often.

Harry: “Really?” you ask, as he smiles at a pink pair of furry hand cuffs. “That’s a bit cliche Haz, I’m disappointed.” He smirks and spins them in his fingers “You say that now babe, but you won’t say that in a few minutes. Sending shivers up your spine he walks towards the bedroom, and your feet move you without thinking, excited and curious to see hoe he could make the cuffs exciting.

Louis: “It’s going to hurt.” you whine, and he shakes his head “It’s going to feel good, I promise you.” he says, slapping the wooden paddle to his hand. You shake your head and protest a bit more “You’re going to hurt me, and I won’t be able to walk for days. Gruffly, and harshly he grunts “I would have fucked you so hard that that would have happened anyways.” You breathe deeply, trying to gain yourself back, but you end up giving in, using it on him a bit too.

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