122. BMS He Babies You

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Niall, age 15: Niall was at an after party tonight, and since it was Saturday, you decided to stay up. It was now 11pm, and surprisingly, Niall was home early. “Hey princess, what’re you doing up so late?” He asked you, hanging his coat up on the hanger. “Niall, I’m 15, not 5.” You reasoned, and he raised an eyebrow at you. He walked towards you, hair changing direction as he walked. “So? You’re usually at bed at 9pm,” He shrugged, and you retaliated. “Hey— that’s on a school night.” He smirked at you, knowing you were getting defensive. “Anyway, I think it’s best you go to bed now.” “But-” “No buts, up you go,” Niall laughed, watching as you frowned, getting up from your previous position on the couch, and flipping him off as you go upstairs. “Hey!” “I’m fifteen, need I remind you?” You called out to him, laughing from upstairs, finding you phone and starting to scroll through Tumblr.

Harry, age 16: You and Harry were out in the shopping mall, and now you were headed back home. You were about to cross the street, when Harry stopped you. “Hey, where d’ya think you’re going?” He asked you. “To the other side of the street- Harry, what the heck?” You raised your eyebrow at him, watching as he enveloped his own hand around yours. His green eyes shining as he looked smiled brightly at you. “You have to hold my hand, it’s not safe,” he explained, and you laughed. “Fine Harry, but just to let you know, I’m not a baby anymore.” You grinned at him and he shrugged lightly at you. “You’re my baby, now and ever.” He warmly said, and you cooed at him, now on the other side of the street, thank goodness. “You big softie!” You teased.

Louis, age 16: “Thanks mum,” you smiled, taking the plate from her hand and going to serve yourself. “No! Lemme do it, you’ll drop the plate and hurt yourself.” Louis exaggerated, and you raised an eyebrow at it, but nonetheless let the Doncaster lad serve the plate for you. “There you are,” he proudly grinned, handing you the plate. You turned to go to the table, and sat down. “Anybody know what’s with Louis today?” You asked, receiving laughs from your sisters. “(YN), darling!” Your brother dramatically called out, rushing to sit beside you. “I have to feed you, you’re not old enough to do this by yourself.” “Louis I’m sixte-” you were cut off by a spoon of food being shoved into your mouth. “Eat up!” He smirked and you gulped it down. “Louis, I’m sixteen. Plus, you have four other sisters, baby them, not me!”

Liam, age 15: You couldn’t sleep, you were tossing and turning all night. So you decided to go to Liam’s room. “Li?” You asked, noticing he was still up, watching TV. “Yeah? Did you have a nightmare babe? Is my little baby sister okay?” He cooed, letting you walk up to him and lie down on his bed. “I’m fine. I can’t sleep,” you groaned, watching him smirk. “So you came here. Awh, my little baby!” He teased, pinching your cheeks. “Stop it Li, I am super tired.” You whinged, and he chuckled at you. “Fine, let’s cuddle and you can go to bed here.” Liam grinned at you, cuddling you into him. And much like a baby, when you were finally asleep, Liam carried you back to your bedroom, settling you down in bed.

Zayn, age 16: You squealed, watching as your favourite TV show came on. It was now midnight, Zayn was at an after party still, and you were waiting up for him. To your surprise, halfway through your show, Zayn came in. “Hello babes,” he waved, not a bit surprised to find you up at this late hour. But he took YOU by surprise, demanding you go to bed, now. “Why? I’m always up late.” You snapped back. “We have places to go tomorrow, and you’re coming with me.” He reasoned, and you rolled your eyes. “Fine,” “I worry about you is all.” “You idiot, I know that.” “I just don’t want you to grow up. Why can’t you be my baby forever? I remember picking you up in my arms..” “You were four Zayn, you don’t remember shit,” you laughed. “Fine, I know, but don’t grow up.” “You dipshit, I have to.” “Really? Are we gonna carry on with the sarcastic comments?”

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