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101. He's Marrying Someone Else Part 5

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Harry - you watched him take it, shaking curls till they knocked into damp strands. He threw it over his head to rub the nape of his neck before he handed it back to you, “cheers…” he smiled, and you took it. His fingers fiddled with the hem of his t-shirt as he eased the fabric, peeling it up from his torso. He shook as he handed it to you, “thanks…” you felt his hand again, freezing. 

"Harry, you’re shivering," you gasped, looking anywhere but his bare front. You dropped the t-shirt and towel, palming him to hold some lazy warmth against his skin, teeth chattering. He had to peer down, uneasy smile at you, "I’m fine," he tried.

"No, you’re not," you scowled, "come on," you took his hand and helped him down the hallway, into your bedroom. Elbow nudging the light on, you crossed the room to your ensuite. He undid his belt buckle, zipper down and you turned back as he eased soaking skinny jeans down his legs. He managed to kick them off, adjusting the hem of black boxers around hips slung low. You swallowed a breath and turned away, reaching for another towel, warm from the rack. "Does, um, does Emily know you’re here?" You murmured quietly, walking to hand it to him. 

He took it cautiously, “no,” he choked the word out, still shaking a little. 

"Oh," your lips rounded the word out softly. You leant another palm up to press his chest, over his heart, "your, um, your hearts beating really fast, Harry…" you murmured, laughing out another shaky breath. You gulped, glancing up. He rested his eyes, the corners of them damp still, like dewy drops perching on his eyelashes. 

"I know," he whispered, and amongst it, you didn’t know what was happening. He leant down to your lips and kissed them, carefully, for as long as he could keep his breath, resting them there, "you have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do that," he murmured against them when he pulled away. 

"I thought you never would," you breathed, and crinkled eyes shutting tightly, you wrapped one arm around his neck, hugging him close with lips placing, holding, fastening as you gasped your mouth open, warm breath spilling when it could. His tongue slipped by yours, and you stumbled back a few steps, till he was knocking you down to the bed, resting weight on top of you, "I can’t believe we’re actually doing this…" he breathed, cascading warm air that made you shiver down your neck. His hands rolled your hips up to him, grinding down. He helped you further onto the bed, and out of your clothes, hurried kisses like he was too hungry for you, down bare skin, growling when he could, hoisting you up. 

"Hang on," you fumbled, "just a second…" you stretched an arm out lazily, stilling him, so you could reach by your alarm clock for the "emergency" condom nestled there. You brought it back, tug between your teeth and the foil ripped open. 

"Should I be asking why you keep that there?" Harry chuckled, throatily and all warm breath, down to your eyes when you surveyed him, peering up almost hesitant. 

"Shut up," you groaned, and you helped his boxers down. He bit his own lip, chancing eyes shut when you held his length, already hard for you. A tinny like groan came out as he figured out your hips, and you rolled the condom onto him. His lips quivered by your neck, taking the lobe of your ear, trailing down as he positioned himself by your entrance. He cupped your cheek with one hand, strong biceps holding him over you. 

"You’re beautiful," he murmured once, threading his fingers with you, hands held above your head as he pushed in, thrusting, grinding down into you with a gasp out that tangled your breath, warm and balmy. He gasped when he felt you, body tight and the limbs you held tensing under palms already sweating. He rolled his hips, closing in. You tightened around him and bucked up. He found your lips and kissed again, hands still bound with his above you, his forehead down, he pressed into yours, and shut his eyes tightly, "fuck, babe…" he groaned, moaning to you. 

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