128. BMS You Think He Likes Your Twin More

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Harry, age 16: Today Harry has promised to go out with you, it was his only day he could. Most of the time he would be with (Y/T/N), after all, she was his favourite. At least that’s what you thought. After finishing getting dressed, you gleefully skipped downstairs to find (Y/T/N) and Harry lying down on the couch together, watching some random movie on TV, and you scoffed. “Harry?” You pressed, mad at him for forgetting. “Yeah? Hey, why are you all dressed up?” He pondered, staring at you intently, not even realising he had forgotten. “Are you serious right now, Harry?” You hissed, and he widened his eyes. “What?—What am I missing?” He questioned, balancing him self on his elbows, and (Y/T/N) watched you two go at it. “Erm H-Harry wasn’t it today you had to go out with her?” You twin shakily whispered, fitting the pieces in their places. “Oh.” He sighed, rubbing his hand down his face exasperatedly. “Yeah, ‘Oh’. Even (Y/T/N) remembered Harry.” You spat. “I can’t believe you, we’ll just go out another day!” He defended, and you glared at him, “No, Harry. We can’t. Because you’re always with her!” You shouted, and he shook his head. “Whatever,” he huffed, and you scoffed. “Fine. Then I’ll go out by myself.” You stood your ground, trying not to cry, you were on the verge of tears, and you stormed out, without a care in the world, not paying attention to anything. Which, is why you didn’t see the car coming, and you were tossed in the air like a butterfly, landing with a thud, and all you hear before you blacked out was a distressed Harry shouting your name.

Niall, age 15: You shuffled around in bed, hearing mumbling, and someone come into yours and (Y/T/N)’s room. You happily woke up, today it was both of yours birthdays. “Happy birthday (Y/T/N)!.. And (Y/N)..” He added at the end. You rolled your eyes, Niall was never fond of you, and neither was your twin, she always lied about you, stuff that you did, and Niall always constantly compared you two, making (Y/T/N) seem like the better person. You got up, scoffing at the fact they were sat on the bed together, while she held a tray, filled with a full English breakfast. “What?” (Y/T/N) hissed, glaring at you. You just shrugged, walking towards your closet, grabbing a simple outfit, you decided to go out with your best friend and she confirmed it yesterday. “Where are you going?” Niall questioned, staring at you intently, and you scoffed. “Why would you care anyway?” You snapped, grabbing your bag that was already prepped since yesterday. “Because you’re my sister?” He confusingly asked. “Oh, NOW I’m your sister,” you scoffed. “Oh, what-fucking-ever!” Moving towards the door, you swung it open, making your way down the hall leading outside, and you didn’t hear any footsteps behind you, so you figured Niall or (Y/T/N) didn’t care. You wiped the single tear away hastily, making your way down the street, when someone came up beside you, pushing you into the alley, and beating you thoroughly, and you blacked out, not hearing much after that, but you could see in a blurry vision that the man was now on the floor, meaning— someone had come to help you.

Liam, age 10: You sighed as you watched (Y/T/N) and Liam snuggle on the couch, while you sat on the floor, watching a film you’d seen over and over, but (Y/T/N) picked it, and whatever she says, goes. You huffed a bit, not too loud, your brother had already told you off for ‘disrupting’ them. “What now?” Liam hissed as he paused the movie, and (Y/T/N) snuggled closer to him, a blanket covering her. “Nothing.” “There must be something, you were huffing and puffing!” “Nothing, gosh!” “You’re so annoying! Why can’t you be more like (Y/T/N)?” He shouted, not even realising what he said, all in the heat of the moment, and you pushed yourself up off the ground, and your feet carried you quickly outside, and you started to run to Niall’s house, it was the closest. You pounded on the door, hoping he would be home. The door was slowly opened, and a tired Niall appeared. “Hey (Y/N). (Y/N)? What’re you doing here?” He asked groggily, and you shrugged, “I need a place to stay, I’ll explain when you let me in.” You persuaded, and he nodded, and shut the door behind him. “What happened then? Liam must be worried sick!” Niall panicked, and you scoffed. “I doubt it.” And began explaining what happened, when someone knocked on the door with great force, and you hid behind the couch, hoping it wouldn’t be Liam. “Is (Y/N) here?” A worried Liam stood at the door, trying to look past Niall, trying to find you. “Well..”

Louis, age 15: You wanted to go out, so you were going to ask Lou. You made your way into the living room, hoping he would say yes, or at least not be busy. “Louis?” You called for him, and he looked up at you. “What?” He snapped, and you widened you eyes. What was up his ass? “You wanna go out? We can get some Subway or something?” You proposed and he shook his head. “Sorry, can’t. I’m busy.” He fake smiled, and you frowned. Walking out of the room, you heard your twin Lottie talking to Lou. “Louis, you wanna go out? I’m bored and you don’t look busy!” “Sure, come on. I’ll get my wallet and we’ll leave.” You gasped in shock, but more in anger. “What the fuck is wrong with you?!” You yelled as you walked into the room Louis was in. “What?!” He hissed back, and you rolled your eyes at him. “So, when I ask you to go out, you’re busy. But when Lottie asks you, you have all the free time in the world, don’t you?” You shouted at him, “Don’t be jealous!” “Oh fuck no, I am not.” You defended. You never had problems with Lottie, but Louis never seemed to like you the way he likes Lottie. “You know what? Just forget it Louis.” You sighed, and made your way out of the door, walking onto the unknown places of the street, until you were lost, but you found a little park, and decided you wanted to stay there until you figured out what to do, and where to go.

Zayn, age 14: “So, are you okay now?” Your best friend asked over the phone. You were trying to get over a heartbreak, your now ex-boyfriend had dumped you over text, saying he found someone better. You sighed, “I guess so, I mean, so far? You’re the only one who’s comforted me.” “What about Zayn?” You scoffed, bitterly. “What about Zayn? He’s still the crappy brother he is. Still likes (Y/T/N) better.” “Alright, listen babes, I have to go. I’ll call you back.” You nodded, even though she couldn’t see you, and a dialling tone followed. You let out a frustrated scream, and your twin came running in, worried. After all, your problem was with Zayn, not (Y/T/N). “What’s wrong?!” She panicked, and you chuckled. “Douche bag of an ex.” She nodded understandingly. Soon, after you and (Y/T/N) were talking Zayn walked in the room. “Come on, (Y/T/N), we’re going out.” He smiled, pointing to the date on his phone. “Oh yeah… Zayn? Can we cancel today? I wanna stay with (Y/N).” (Y/T/N) smiled, and you smiled too, glad she cared. “Leave that brat, I wanna go out!” He whined, “Zayn! Yo-” you cut her off. “Zayn, if you want to go out, go by yourself!” You snapped. “I’m tired of your shit!” You finished. He grunted before walking up to you and punching your face. “Zayn!” (Y/T/N) gasped, running to your side, “My nose, oh my god,” you groaned, and Zayn stood still, too shocked to take in what just happened, you laid on the floor, as (Y/T/N) went to call your mum, and in less than a minute, you were headed to the hospital to check out your nose

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