The four of us were all stretching in silence.

"Are you guys nervous?" I asked them.

"Nah," Dean said, rubbing my back, "There's no need to be nervous."

"There is for me," I muttered.

"Lets face it, Gabaru," Seth said, "As long as we're together, Evolution and Summer can't touch us."

I nodded, "Alright."

A producer came up, "Hey, you guys are up after this next match."

"Last match of the night," Roman said.

I couldn't grasp my head around that I would be in the main event of a pay per view.

"Lets do this," I said


Evolution and Summer were already waiting in the ring.

"The Shield are making them wait," JBL said with amusement.








I appeared at the ramp leading the way. I waved my arms up to signal the crowd to get louder.

"I've been waiting all week for this one, guys," Jerry said.

"This won't be a match," JBL said, "This is going to be a war."

I lept over the barricade with ease before the four of us all slid in the ring. I glared across the ring at Evolution, but more specifically Summer. I couldn't wait to rip that blonde hair right out of its roots.

Our music stopped as the crowd cheered loudly.

"Here we go, guys," Jerry said.

The ref rang the bell.

The moment I heard the bell I ran forward and knocked Summer to the ground and started slamming her with punches. The two of us ended up falling out of the ring.

I stood to my feet and grabbed Summer quickly before throwing her belly first into the barricade, causing her to go over the barricade. I lept over after her.

"Gabby looks like she wants to kill, Summer," Jerry commented as I got on top of the barricade and lept at her, causing her to fall off her feet.

"It looks like everyone has entered the crowd now," Cole said.

I looked up to see Dean dominating Randy on my right. To my back I saw Roman taking care of Batista. Seth and Triple H were going back and forth.

I quickly turned my head back around and grabbed Summer by the hair and threw her back over the barricade.

I was about to go after her, but Triple H grabbed me from behind by the hair. I kicked back, hitting him in the stomach. I went for a kick to the face but he grabbed my foot and yanked it down, causing me to land on my face.

I held my face in pain as Triple H grabbed me again. I tried elbowing him in the stomach, but instead he threw me over the barricade.

Great, I thought as Triple H climbed over to get me.

I need to create some space.

I started half crawling, half walking away from him, deeper into the crowd. I started climbing up some stairs.

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