Friday Night Smackdown(Continued):


I stood in the ring with the guys, preparing for their six man tag match against Daniel, Sheamus and Rey Mysterio. Their had been no divas matches(bummer), but their was always Monday.

I jumped in surprise when the Wyatts family intro sounded. I was not expecting the Wyatts to come out there. I felt my hand fly to Deans.

The lights came back on so it was just showed us in the ring. Bray appeared on the titantron along with his "family".

"I admire your courage, surely normal men wouldn't sleep at just the thought of having to dance with reepers. War and justice, that's y'all game. I dig it. War, that's my favorite," Bray laughed, sending shivers down my spine, "I smile just at the thought of your quivering hands waving those white flags."

Luke Harper spoke for the first time I think ever, "You reep what you sew. You four picked a beautiful hill to die on."

I squeezed Deans hand harder. I was probably squeezing the life out of it by now.

"You should be careful not to invite the devil into your backyard, because he might just decide to stay," Bray said, him and Luke walked away.

Erick walked forward with his sheep mask still on, "Run."

The lights came back. My eyes remained warily on the screen.

"Gabby!" I jumped in surprise when Seth called my name.

"Don't let him get in your head, ok?" Seth said.

I nodded.

"Babe," Dean muttered, "You're killing my hand."

"Sorry," I quickly pulled away, then took one more glance back at the screen.


The crowd cheered as Daniel got tagged in. I stared blankly ahead of me.

Daniel started taking control of Seth. He quickly tagged in Rey. Rey started going on a roll as he set Seth up for the 619, luckily, he was close enough for Dean to tag. We took control of Rey on our side.

My mind was completely off the match. I couldn't stop thinking about the Wyatts. Their message kept replaying in my brain.

"Gabby," I looked over to see Dean tapping my shoulder.

We had won the match and I hadn't even been paying attention.

I followed Dean over to stand by Seth and Roman at the barricade.

"The Wyatts better be watching," Cole said as we put our fists out.
Monday Night Raw:


I watched on at ringside as the guys took control of Rey. We were facing him, along with Big E and Kofi.

Big E got tagged in and started going after Roman. My hand flew to my mouth as Big E rammed into Roman, causing near his eye to bust open.

"There you go!" I cheered as Roman hit Big E with a superman punch. He prepared for the spear.

Dean got on the apron and tagged himself in. Roman gave an annoyed look as Dean ran in and hit dirty deeds, getting the win.

I slid in the ring as Dean and Roman started arguing. I got in between them, "Guys, don't!" I exclaimed.

Seth got next to me and helped me calm the two down. They were still fighting when the Wyatts appeared on the titantron.

"Shield, I know you more then you could ever comprehend. I have your blueprint stamped in my brain, you know what you are? Pawns," Bray grinned, "You move forward, never backward, you spend your whole life clawing with your aching hands to reach your big moment and then you sacrifice yourself for your king,"

I started feeling light headed. I put my hands on my head and closed my eyes.

"And here's a little info for you, your moment might be closer then you think," Bray laughed, "I will build my empire by the sea and watch as all my enemies drown."

Luke stepped forward, "Is it worth it? What you four have failed to realize is that he has been your king all along."

My ankles shook as I collapsed on a knee. What was wrong with me?

"Run," Erick Rowan said as the they disappeared from the screen and the lights came back on.

I kneeled in the middle of the ring, holding my head in my hands. Dean put his hand on my back and kneeled next to me, "Babe, you Ok?" he whispered so the camera couldn't catch it.

"Something's wrong with Gabby," JBL muttered as I slowly lifted my head and looked up at Dean.

I started shaking, "I.........Somethings wrong with me," I got out.

"Here, lets get her backstage," Seth said as he grabbed my arm and put it over his shoulder and started pulling me to my feet. Dean put his hand on my back for support. The guys helped me backstage.


"Here, sit here," Seth steadied me as I collapsed on a chair near the gorilla.

"I'll get some water," Roman said, walking off.

Dean kneeled next to me, "Listen, if this Wyatt stuff is to much for you, you don't have to come out with us until we're done with them, alright?"

"No," I stuttered, "I'm good......I just have a cold."

Dean and Seth exchanged glances, "It doesn't look like just a cold, you're shaking," Seth said.

Roman returned and handed me the water, "Here, you need to stay hydrated."

I opened the bottle and drank some, "Thank you," I said.

"Should I go get the doctor?" Seth asked the two.

"No, I'm good, you guys don't have to do that," I exclaimed.

"I think the Wyatts are just getting to her, that's all," Dean said to them, then looked at me, "The Wyatts are not going to hurt you, ok, I promise."

"Ok," I nodded as he kissed my forehead.

"Why don't we send the Wyatts a little message," Roman suggested.

"Lets do it," Dean kissed my forehead again, "I'll get someone to sit with you, stay here," the guys walked off.

Dean stopped, "I'll be right back."

"Ok," I nodded to him.

I sat their for about two minutes until I spotted Brie walk over. I smiled lightly at them.

"Are you OK, Gabby?" Brie asked.

"Yeah," I took another sip of water.

Brie nodded, "You better be because we're going to Cabo in two weeks, remember?"

Thank god for that. Hopefully I would get my mind off the Wyatts.

"Yeah, I'm fine Brie."


The Wyatts had just won their match. The guys appeared on the titantron.

"We're so scared of you, Bray Wyatt!" Dean said in a creepy voice into the camera, "Listen bonehead, we don't live in your fantasy world with monsters, evil spirits and sheep masks and haunted rocking chairs, so take that crap somewhere else!"

"Bray, you are a pigment of your own imagination. You are so delusional," Seth said, "and most delusional thing you've done is thinking that you can hang with the Shield."

"You're in the Shields yard now and we don't play games. Come Elimination Chamber, we will prove that. Believe that and Believe in the Shield," Roman said as the guys put their fists out.

Bray started laughing in the ring, "I welcome this war! Bring it! I welcome this war!"
Brays really getting in Gabbys head. Will Gabby reach her breaking point?

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