Chapter 33: Taking One for the Team

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I blinked my eyes opened and sat up. I noticed that I was in a hotel room, but didn't look like the one me and Kaitlyn had shared for the weekend. For the first time I noticed my shirt was gone, Oh No.

I climbed out of bed and found my shirt right by the bed. I pulled it on and looked around the room. Needless to say, I remembered nothing from last night. This would be the last time I would ever drink like that again. Last I remembered was being at the bar with the guys.

I looked around the room. There was only a king size bed and no one was in sight. I ignored the pain in my head that caused me to be dizzy as I walked forward and spotted a guy bag. Maybe that could tell me who had brought me here.

I zipped open the nearest bag and jumped back in shock at what I saw, Please don't tell me I was with him last night, I yanked the United States title out of the bag.

I sighed nervously and put it back where I found it. I wiped my palms against my shirt. I laid down on the bed and covered my eyes. I couldn't believe it, why had I trusted myself to get drunk in front of them? Would Dean actually do that to me when he knew I didn't know what I was doing? For some reason, I could easily see him doing it. My phone was still in my pocket, so I yanked it out. I got about twenty texts from Kaitlyn.

'Gabby, are you coming to the room tonight?'
'Gabby Bryan where are you and why aren't you answering?'
'Is this a joke?'
'Did you die?'
'Call me when you get this.'

I really didn't feel like talking to her, so I put my phone in my pocket. If I was in Dean's room, I didn't want to talk to him about it. I went over to my shoes and pulled them on before walking to the door. I opened it and stopped aburtly when Dean was standing right next to the door.

We stared at each other for a few moments before he talked first, "Where ya going?" he glanced down the hall.

I tried to get around him, but he blocked me with his arm, "Where are you going?" he repeated.

"Just.......... away from here. Now move over please," I stepped forward, but he didn't budge.

"Why are you leaving so soon?" he raised his eyebrows at me. Oh no, now he thought he could do it whenever he wanted. I wanted to scream that it was a mistake, but instead I stayed silent.

He continued, "Can we talk first?"

I gave in, "Ok," I muttered and backed up. Dean closed the door and sat on the bed.

"Sit," he invited.

"I'd rather stand."

"Ok, fair enough," he said, "So, about last night....."

"It was a huge mistake!" I interrupted.

"I agree, you really shouldn't drink like that. I had to carry you back to the hotel," Dean agreed.

I looked at him anxiously, "Do you feel better?" he asks next, which surprises me.

I nod, "Yeah, just a little head ache," I mutter, deep down waiting for him to mention why I had no shirt on in his hotel room in bed.

He didn't bring it up, instead he took something out of his pocket, "Been meaning to give this back to you."

He handed me a beautiful diamond ring. I started rolling my engagement ring in my hand, "Thanks."

Dean nods and gets up, "There, that's all I wanted from you. You can go if you want."

I looked stunned at him, "Wait!" I call when he gets up and turns his back on me. He glanced back at me and waited for me to speak.

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