I sat backstage, taping my hands up nervously with black tape. With it I wore black shorts, a black sports bra with a brown sweat shirt that came down to the top of my stomach. I had on black boots and knee pads.

Dean sat next to me, "So, excited for your match?"

"Yep," I replied trying to keep my voice from shaking.

I got on the ground and started to stretch, "Did you see what Triple H did to Cody?" I asked.

"Yes I did," Dean replied.

"Pathetic," I said angrily, stretching out my arms.

Dean shock his head, "So, you want me to come out for your match?"

"No, I think I'll just do better on my own," I assured him, standing up.

"You don't really have a choice sweetheart."

I knew he would say that, "fine, but you cost me the match..."

Dean put his hands up in defense, "I'll just be a bystander."

"Alright, lets go," I said and walked to the door with Ambrose in toe.

The Shields entrance music hit as I walked onto the stage. Dean had decided we wouldn't go through the audience for some reason, but I suppose it really didn't make a difference. I stood at the center of the stage and put my hands out and spun around and started walking down the ramp, tagging the fans hands as I went. Dean walked beside me. I ran to the camera side of the ring and slid on my knees onto the apron so I was on the outside of the ropes. I put my hand up, making a peace sign and climbed into the ring.

"The following gauntlet match is scheduled for one fall, introducing first, being accompanied to the ring by the United States champion Dean Ambrose, from Aberdeen, Washington, Gabby Bryan!" Justin called.

I got on the second rope and started chanting yes as the crowd did it with me. Surprisingly, Dean didn't stop me. I jumped down just as the total divas theme started playing.

"Introducing next, she is apart of the cast of total divas, Eva Marie!" Justin called before getting out of the ring.

"Good luck," Dean whispered in my ear before getting out of the ring to stand at ringside.

Eva Marie turned and faced me. I sighed nervously. I had said all these things about Eva Marie not deserving to be in WWE and that I did, now it was time to back it up.

The bell rang as we circled each other. Gabby chants filled the arena, which I was surprised at. I smiled at the fans before locking up with Eva and putting her into a headlock and slamming her to the mat well still in the headlock. She wrapped her legs around my head, but I quickly pulled a Shawn Michaels and lept to my feet. I ran to her and did an arm drag before pulling her into an arm bar. I quickly put it into an arm bridge. Eva was able to squeeze out and she Irish whipped me to the corner and did a clothesline before I could react. She ran towards me to do a bulldog, but I ducked out of the way and started doing multiple clotheslines. I did a tilt a whirl headscissors, taking her down. I threw her against the ropes and raced forward, hitting her in the gut with my knees, just like Dean did.

"Who does that remind you of, King," JBL called as Dean looked on with an impressed experrison on his face.

I did a spinning heel kick to her before going for the pin, but only got a two.

I sighed in frustration and climbed to my feet, "Come on!" I called, trying to get the fans pumped as I got onto the top rope and waited for Eva to get up. She finally got to her feet and I front drop kicked her before going for the cover. Once again she kicked out at two. I grabbed her by her hair and pulled her to her feet. I got in front of her and put my arm around her neck. I put a arm up before jumping up and doing a full flip in the air, causing her to land on her back and me on my knees.

"Standing shirnai!" Jerry called as I pinned Eva for the one, two, three.

I was about to get up, but got knocked down from behind. Forearms started slamming me in the back. Once I got a little bit of breathing room, I crawled out of the ring and tried to recover.

"You ok?" Dean asked me, putting an arm around my shoulder.

"I'm fine," I muttered, pushing him away.

"I was only trying to help."

"I don't need your help!" I yelled, before turning around and getting knocked down by a clothesline. My legs flew back and almost nailed my face. Alicia grabbed me and threw me back in the ring. I kicked out as two as she put my arm behind her leg and started putting pressure on my head. After about 30 seconds I started elbowing her in the ribs. I was able to get an arm free and started elbowing her with both elbows. I just about got free until Alicia grabbed my hair and slammed me to the mat. I held my head as she went for another pin, but I kicked out before the ref. could even get to a one. Alicia started slamming my head multiple times on the mat and I quickly crawled over to the corner to recover, but Alicia put her boot under my chin and started applying pressure. I yelled in pain as the referee backed her away. As she was distracted, I kicked her in the knee, causing her to fall and slam her face againest my knee. I quickly got up and started stomping her. I got on the otherside of the ropes and jumped, aiming my knee right across her skull. As she fell, I grabbed her and got onto the ropes, pulling her along with me. I put my hand up and jumped, doing a perfect tornado DDT. I covered her for a three count as the crowd cheered. I scrambled to my feet and watched the entryway as Aj skipped out.

Aj skipped down the ramp, holding the title above her head. She smirked at me as she slid her title under the turnbuckle and climbed into the ring. Yes chants filled the arena as I stood face to face with her. I didn't understand why, but it seemed like alot of people wanted to see me and AJ fight. The referee rang the bell as we stood face to face.

Someone grabbed me from behind a second later and I got nailed in the face by a super kick. I held my chin in pain as the crowd erupted in boos. AJ and the other diva started unloading on me, before AJ put me in the black widow. I yelled in pain as she increased the pressure on my arm. She quickly broke free and rolled out of the ring. I spotted the other diva, Tamina.

I narrowed my eyes at them as Dean grabbed my shoulder, that must have been why they had been so quick to leave.

"You ok?" Dean asked, as I continued to hold my mouth.

I shook my head as I rested my head on my knees as AJ's laugh filled the arena.

Dean helped me backstage and as I was walking I saw Stephanie talking to some producers. I angrily walked over, cameras followed me.

Stephanie smiled at me, "How can I help you, Gabby?"

"You know damn well. Your husband just decides to put me in a gauntlet match, but that isn't enough, instead of just letting me and AJ fight you send them out to attack me," I yelled at her.

"I never told anyone to attack you."

I rolled my eyes, "Do you really think I'm that stupid. Everyone knows that you're queen bee around here. Well, their is soon to be a new top queen around here," I raised my hand to slap her, but Dean grabbed it as the crowd booed.

Stephanie smiled, "you were saying."

I smirked at her, "I would watch your back Steph, because when you least expect it, I'm going to beat you like a bitch."

The crowd cheered as I walked away from her.

Later on......

I sat backstage in the Shields locker room with Seth. Brie, Natalya and Naomi were currently competing in a triple threat match well AJ was on commentary.

"Stupid Barbie dolls," I muttered under my breath, just enough so Seth could hear.

"Did you just call your future sister in law a Barbie doll?" Seth asked.

"No, I'm mostly talking about Eva Marie," I admitted, keeping my eyes glued to the screen.

Seth chuckled, shaking his head.

"You can just tell she only got hired for her looks," I continued.

"I agree," Seth said.

I looked over and saw Seth on his phone, "Can I use that?"

Seth hid it, "For what reason?"

I sighed, "I'm not going to call anyone, I just want to use it to go on twitter."

"What do you say?"

"Please Cruella?" I asked, trying to hold in my laughter.

"You've been planning that for a whole, haven't you?"

"Ever since we met."

"Fine," Seth handed it to me, "But I'm watching you."

I got on my twitter and almost had a heart attack. I had 500,000 followers, before I didn't even have 500.

I tweeted: They think they can bring us down, but us Bryan's are strong then you think. #Bryanpower

Later on.......

I watched as Triple H got other people to beat up Bryan as usual. I rolled my eyes before packing.


I woke up early in the morning to see Dean up. He wore shorts and a T Shirt as well as tennis shoes. I sat up, "Where are you going?"

Dean looked over at me and smiled, "Just going to the gym with the guys."

"Can I come?" I asked, standing up.

Dean looked at me surprised, "You actually want to come?"

"Yeah, you know...... After this Monday I've been thinking of maybe getting back into wrestling."

"I'm glad you are," Dean said, then looked away, "If you want to come, hurry up and get changed, we'll meet you at the front door."

"Thanks," I muttered and grabbed my bag and walked to the bathroom. I pulled on black yoga pants, a yellow tank top and yellow tennis shoes. I pulled my red hair into a braid on the side of my head before joining the boys at the door.

As soon as we got their I went right to work. I started by stretching, then lifting weights. I did some leg exercises, then after a while went to the punching bag.

Dean walked over as my feet struck the bag, "Hey, I found a ring back their, you want to go roll around for a bit?"

I kept my eyes on the bag and continued hitting it, "It depends, I'm not sure you would take it serciously."

I spotted Dean out of the corner of my eye put his hand over his heart, "All we've been through and you don't trust me."

"That line was from Tangled," I said, before stopping and looking at him, "And I would not put anything like that past you."

Dean grinned, "Come on, Seth's doing crossfit and Romans lifting weights."

"Fine, but if you try anything, I know self defense," I said smiling as I followed him across the gym.

When we reached the ring, I crawled in first and stood facing him. We started circling each other and locked up. I quickly put him into a headlock. Dean pushed me towards the ropes with ease and knocked me over with a shoulder block before stepping back and crossing his arms.

I used the ropes to help me up, "Just warming up," I said.

We locked up again and this time Dean put me in a headlock. I kicked his knee and front drop kicked him. I didn't waste anytime in hitting him with forearms to the back. He quickly got out of the ring as I stood up. I sat on the second rope and waved for him to get in.

"Just warming up," Dean mocked as he got back in the ring.

We locked up again and Dean grabbed me and put me on his shoulder. I tried to get out as he started spinning me around.

"Dean, stop!" I laughed.

After a few moments, he put me down. I grabbed onto his shoulder trying to steady myself.

"Their you guys are!" Seth called as him and Roman walked over to us.

"We were going to go get something to eat, you guys want to come?" Roman asked.

"Yes, I'm starving," I said, sliding out of the ring with Dean following.

We ate at a restaurant back at the hotel.

"You guys should have been their and watched me give Gabs a ass whippin," Dean bragging.

"Oh no you didn't," I said.

"I don't know Dean, when I went over there it seemed like she was beating you," Roman said.

Dean shook his head, "One day, we will get in the ring again and I will defeat you Gabby Bryan," he pointed his finger at me.

"That's not likely," Seth said as we laughed.

Today made me feel like I wasn't being forced to stay with them.
Friday Night Smackdown

I tweet: Triple H wants all the superstars and divas to meet him on stage. I'm not technically a diva, but I guess he wants to see me their to. #whatdoyouwantnow

Triple H stood in the ring with Vickie Guerrero and Brad Maddox. The Shield stood at guard at ringside. I stood beside Big Show at the front of the stage.

"I want to inform everyone that as of Monday Night, Cody Rhodes is no longer a WWE superstar," Triple H said as the crowd booed.

"Now, we are all gathered here, because I think their has been some misunderstanding. Their is a microphone up their, so I want you to just stand up their and just say whats on your mind. Who's first?"

I looked at the microphone, it was tempting.

Instead, Damien stood up, "I for one fully agree with the decision of the termination of Cody Rhodes and for that, Hunter as our fearless leader, I commend you," Damien saluted him.

Triple H spoke again, "Look this isn't a thing where I want you to come and kiss my but like that. Does someone have something real to say."

I laughed at Damien as he walked by me.

Kofi walked up, "Listen Hunter, I think that ever since you fired Cody their has been a fear surrounding the locker room and I just don't see how that's best for business."

He nodded, "I see where your coming from...."

Heath Slater interrupted, "Nobody really cares about the answer to that question. What I'm concerned about is the resident giant that stands around and doesn't really do anything. That's my problem... And I also want to say that I like your management style and I think you're doing a great job."

"Ass kisser!" I yelled, not in the mic, but just loud enough so the audience could hear.

Hunter ignored me, "Thank you, Heath for surely emptying the entire content of your brain.... Anyone else?"

RVD stood forward, "Listen, Hunter you were the one that brought me back and I was under the impression that things had changed, but this vibe that we're feeling, not cool dude."

Triple H smiled, "Ok, I just want to say that since about 2000 I dreamed of having Rob Van Dam call me dude. Secondly, I assure you that I still have the same belief in you being here that I did a few months ago."

Ryback came next, "I'm sick of everyone calling the big guy a bully."

"You got a point their, it's not your fault that Dolph Ziggler was injured when you got to the ring, so I'm going to give you the opportunity to redeem yourself when you go one on one with Dolph Ziggler."

What the hell, yolo.

I stood up to the mic and the crowd cheered, "I've got a question."

Triple H glared at me as I continued, "I know Im Not technically under contract or anything but I'm mad at the fact that your wife sent a few divas to attack me, that's what my problem is."

"You know Gabby, personally I think your mad at the wrong person. I don't think your mad at Stephanie... Your mad at Tamina for taking your shot to take on the divas champion. So tonight, I'm going to let you go one no one with Tamina."

I looked at Tamina, who was on the otherwise of the stage.

"Now before we go any farther I would like to point out the absence of Daniel Bryan. You see, Daniels ego is out of control as of late and it's a shame because I wanted to tell him face to face what he's doing tonight. Daniel will get the opportunity to pick any one member of the shield to face in the ring tonight.

"I want to thank everyone who made this happened and I like to reward people, so Kofi, tonight you are going to get the opportunity to go one on one with the intercontinental champion, Curtis Axel and Rob you spoke up to and you are going to go one on one with the man I introduce now. He is the WWE champion and the face of the WWE, Randy Orton!"

Randy walked out and I completely ignored him, all I could do was glare at Tamina on the other side of the stage.


*Falls over* Finally!

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