Monday Night Raw:


Bray was talking in the ring as I sat in catering, watching on. Dolph, Nattie, Paige and Tyson were sitting next to me. Tyson was completely distracted with his phone as the other three watched with me.

After Bray had talked for a while, Deans music came on.

"Here we go," I muttered as Dean came walking out and went right to the ring.

Bray and Dean started going after each other outside the ring. I leaned forward in my seat.

"What is Dean's obsession with beating people up?" Dolph asked.

"It's his favorite hobby," Paige said as Nattie laughed.

Dean grabbed a ladder from out of the ring and started setting it up. Bray was laid out on the announce table.

"Get out of their, Bray!" JBL shouted, "Who knows what this lunatic is going to do?"

Bray took JBL's advice and moved out of the way. Dean climbed off the ladder and started punching Bray in the face.

"Ok, that's enough Dean," I muttered.

Bray started racing away as Dean followed. The refs stopped Dean just in time. Dean got in the ring instead.

"And the refs save the day!" I exclaimed with a huge smile.

"I wouldn't speak so soon," Dolph muttered as Dean looked over at Brays chair.

My smile faded, "Do not...."

Dean walked over and grabbed Bray's chair. I covered my eyes.

"Yes!" Paige yelled as I stared into darkness, "Way to go Dean."

"I'm not sure if that's smart," Nattie muttered.

"Gabby, look!" Paige shook my shoulders, "Gabby!"

I peeked out of my hands to see Brays chair completely destroyed in the ring. Bray was being held back by some refs.

"Is he crying?" Nattie asked.

"I'm going to kill you!" Bray yelled at Dean as Dean continued mocking him.

I shook my head, "I don't like it."

"Come on, Gabby, don't be a lemon," Paige said, "That was brilliant! Deans finally getting under Brays skin! Awesome! Who else can say they've done that?"

I signed, "Well it's not funny. Bray isn't going to take that sitting down."

Monday Night:

Dean was in the bathroom as I was scrolling through some tweets on my phone. I didn't look up as he came back to sit next to me.

I only reacted when I felt him lick the side of my face.

"Dude, what the f*ck!" I exclaimed as Dean burst out laughing. I started wiping my face, "What the hell, who does that!"

Dean kept laughing, "I had to, you know I had to."

"God," I said as I wiped my cheek again, "Thank you for that."

"Anytime," Dean said.

"Ok, I need to be serious for a second here," I said.

Dean sat up, "Yeah?"

"Why you doing that to Bray?" I asked with a serious experrison.

"What? You mean breaking his chair?" Dean questioned.

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